The AdWords Toolbox All the tools you need to make your ad run more efficiently!

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Text of The AdWords Toolbox All the tools you need to make your ad run more efficiently!

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  • The AdWords Toolbox All the tools you need to make your ad run more efficiently!
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  • TOOLS, TOOLS, TOOLS Need more keywords? Learn to use this tool to * find and add new keywords to your ad groups * refine your keyword list * find negative keywords, and * see additional keywords that can also trigger your ads (expanded matches).
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  • Site and Category Exclusion Tool the Site and Category Exclusion Tool can prevent your ads from appearing on sites as well as groups of sites related to specific categories.
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  • Campaign Optimizer The tool automatically analyzes your campaign (including your budget, keywords, ad text, and landing page) and generates a proposal to improve your campaign's performance. You can then review the proposed changes and accept the ones you want to apply.
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  • Campaign Optimizer Budget analysis. We assess your campaign history to determine whether you've missed ad impressions due to a low budget. If we find this is the case, you'll see a summary of the clicks and impressions you could be getting, along with a budget proposal. Keywords. We automatically analyze your landing page and the current performance of your keywords to determine what is or isn't working well for your campaign. Ad text.
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  • Campaign Negatives Negative keywords prevent your ads from appearing whenever a user includes a certain term in his or her search query. The Edit Campaign Negative Keywords tool lets you add those negative keywords to any campaign.
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  • The Traffic Estimator The Traffic Estimator provides traffic and cost estimates for new keywords before you add them to your campaign. You can also review estimates for current keywords already running in an ad group.
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  • My Change History Tool The My Change History tool allows you to view all changes for a particular time period or to filter the results by the type of change (such as budget adjustments or keyword edits).
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  • Ads Diagnostic Tool Reports whether an ad is appearing on the first page of Google search results Identifies why a particular ad or group of ads may not be showing Determines why a particular keyword may not be triggering ads to appear Provides recommendations for increasing ad rank or ad display
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  • Ad Preview Page The ad preview page is a companion to the Ads Diagnostic Tool. It lets you perform a test search to see how your ads and search results would appear on a regular Google search results page without accruing extra impressions.
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  • Disapproved Ads Tool The Disapproved Ads Tool shows all ads in your account that have been disapproved. You can view the disapproved ad, its location, the reason for disapproval, suggestions for improving your ad, and the date your ad was disapproved.
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  • AdWords Editor AdWords Editor is a free, downloadable desktop application for managing your AdWords campaigns. If you have a large number of campaigns or keywords, or if you manage multiple accounts, AdWords Editor can save you time and help streamline your workflow.
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