TERMS OF REFERENCE CONSULTING ENGINEERING terms of reference consulting engineering services for the design, construction and environmental assessments (as required) for: a. speedvale

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    The City of Guelph Engineering Services Division is seeking submissions from the pre-qualified Engineering Consultants from contract # 12-161 to provide engineering services for three separate consulting assignments:

    Speedvale Avenue Reconstruction from Manhattan Court to Woolwich Street, including a replacement of the bridge over the Speed River Stevenson Street from Elizabeth Street to Eramosa Road, including a proposed stormwater detention facility in Green Meadows Park Niska Road improvements from Downey Road to the City limits, including a replacement of the bridge over the Speed River.

    The consultant(s) are to confirm and provide engineering services for (a) Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for undertaking improvements to Speedvale Avenue Bridge replacement, Green Meadows Park SWM Facility and Niska Road improvements and Bridge replacement; (b) the design and construction of improvements identified through the EA; (c) the design and construction of off-site road/intersection/watermain/sewermain improvements such as identified in the scope of works, which are not part of the EA; and (d) providing information to appropriate agencies and authorities, and obtaining all necessary reviews and approvals for the project. BACKGROUND Stevenson Street Stevenson Street from Elizabeth Street to Eramosa Road is a 4 lane arterial road with sidewalks on both sides of the street. The underground infrastructure along Stevenson Street from Elizabeth Street to Cassino Avenue includes 300mm or smaller sewers, a 100mm to 150mm local distribution watermain and a 600mm transmission watermain. The transmission watermain runs the length of this project, will not be replaced and MUST be protected during

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    construction as it is the main water feed to the north end of the City. The underground infrastructure from Cassino Avenue to Bennett Avenue includes a larger 1650mm storm sewer and the same watermains and sanitary sewer as the Elizabeth Street to Cassino Avenue section. The Bennett Avenue to Eramosa Avenue section includes a 975mm storm sewer and the same watermains and sanitary sewer as the Elizabeth Street to Cassino Avenue section. The distribution watermains range in size from 100mm to 250mm. City staff will model the local distribution watermain to determine the proposed sizing and this information will be forwarded to the consultant. The storm and sanitary sewer systems have several locations where the existing pipes cut across private property and in some cases under privately owned dwellings. The City will be interested in reviewing options for re-routing the pipe network around the private property. The existing storm sewer from the intersection of Skov Crescent and Eramosa Road extends under the mall at 297 Eramosa Road to Erin Avenue. The City would like to review options for extending the storm sewer along Stevenson Street and Eramosa Road to the Skov Crescent intersection to divert this flow around the private property. The other two addresses where the sewers cross private property are 248 Stevenson Street and 111 Stevenson Street. The existing conditions are shown on the drawings included in the details on the Citys Bids & Tenders web page. In 2011, the City completed a Stormwater Management Master Plan (Master Plan) (http://www.guelph.ca/living.cfm?itemid=76969&smocid=2078) to develop a long-term plan for the safe and effective management of stormwater runoff from urban areas while improving the ecosystem health and ecological sustainability of the Eramosa and Speed Rivers and their tributaries. The Master Plan recommended a number of stormwater management projects that address water quality, protection of the natural environment and areas of the City prone to frequent flooding. Among the list of recommended projects, the Green Meadows Flood Protection Facility was identified in the Citys Master Plan as a high priority project to deal with flooding within the drainage area. The location of the proposed Green Meadows Facility is presented on Drawing J3 (see Stormwater Management Master Plan). Green Meadow Flood Protection Facility The Green Meadows Flood Protection Facility is proposed to be located within the Green Meadows Park on Stevenson Street south on Eramosa Road. In order to minimize upgrades to existing downstream trunk storm sewers between Green Meadows Park and Grange Street, peak flows would need to be attenuated by a new facility. In addition, without upstream flow attenuation, further upgrades would be required downstream of Grange Street, which would also do nothing to limit flows to flood-prone areas downstream. As such, the implementation of a flood protection facility in Green Meadows Park is considered fundamental to the upgrade strategy within the network. The preliminary concept design is presented in Drawing L12. (see Stormwater Management Master Plan).

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    The preliminary design involves placing a restrictor within the storm sewer system along Stevenson Street, with an overflow to direct higher flows towards the proposed surface facility. Controlled outflow from the facility would then combine with flow through the restrictor into the existing trunk sewer downstream along Stevenson Street. Shallow storm sewer grades along Stevenson Street complicate the design, which causes the need for the restrictor, as well as a height offset for the inlet pipe. This allows for sufficient grade through the facility, and also ensures that flow within the trunk sewer on Stevenson Street does not backflow into the proposed facility via the facilitys outlet pipe. The concept for the surface water storage area has been based on realistic grading, and incorporating buffers from adjacent properties, the proposed relocation playground area and a vehicle access route/trailway, while providing sufficient storage to attenuate the 5 year event at depths below Ministry of Environment (MOE) recommended values. The potential also exists to use portions of the remaining areas of the park for storage under more formative storm events (such as the 100 year event), however this would need to be assessed further and confirmed. Speedvale Avenue Speedvale Avenue from Manhattan Court to Woolwich Street is a narrow 4 lane arterial road with sidewalk on both sides of the street. There are also hydro poles close to the back of curb on both the north and south sides of Speedvale Avenue. This section of Speedvale Avenue will be widened to match the sections of Speedvale Avenue east of Stevenson Street, i.e. 4 lanes with bicycle lanes and sidewalks on either side of the road. To allow for the widening, Guelph Hydro will be required to relocate their plant prior to construction and the consultant should allow one construction season for Hydro to perform this work. The storm sewer from Manhattan Court to the Speed River is a 1500mm to 1650mm sewer. The storm sewer was installed in 1969 and the City does not have any records of the condition of this sewer. The existing watermain is a local distribution main and is 150mm in size. The existing sanitary sewer is 300mm in size. The consultant will need to review the recommendations of the Citys Water and Wastewater Servicing Master Plan to determine what upgrades are required to the existing watermain and sanitary sewer main systems. The existing intersections at Metcalfe Street and Delhi Street do not have left turn lanes on Speedvale Avenue. City staff will review the traffic data to determine if left turn lanes are required and forward this information to the consultant. The existing Speedvale Avenue bridge is a rigid frame bridge that was constructed in 1950 and widened in 1974. The bridge has a 300mm asbestos cement sanitary sewer attached to the deck and the existing watermain crosses the river at this location, however, the location of the watermain is not known. There is an existing gas main attached to the north side of the bridge. Niska Road Niska Road is a collector road that runs east-west from the City limits to Downey Road, with a posted speed limit of 50 km/hr. It has a rural cross-section with one travel lane in each direction and narrow gravel shoulders.

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    Niska Road crosses the Speed River just west of the City limits. The existing bridge is an old Bailey bridge that was erected in 1974. The bridge is a single lane bridge accommodating two directions of traffic and operating under a 5-tonne load restriction. The bridge needs replacement and the proposed new bridge will be a two-lane bridge with one travel lane in each direction. Cross-section will include sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides. The study scope will also include improvements to the intersection of Downey Road and Niska Road. SCOPE OF CONSULTING ASSIGNMENT A) Municipal Class EA Stevenson Street To conduct a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) for the proposed construction of the Green Meadows Flood Protection Facility. It is expected that a Schedule B Environmental Assessment process is required for this undertaking. Given that the proposed facility is located in a public park, and adjacent to residential properties, public input would be highly important and necessary in ensuring that any facility design adequately addresses all concerns. In addition, consultation with the City of Guelphs Park Planning & Development Group is of key importance in order to balance stormwater management requirements with any potent