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Page 1: Tentative Conference Program
Page 2: Tentative Conference Program

Day 01 – Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Inauguration Ceremony

Auditorium – Main Hall Program Schedule

Activity Name Affiliation & Designation

Registration of the Participants/Delegates - - Guests to be seated - -

Recitation from the Holy Quran Hafiz XYZ - Welcome Address Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan

EESD'16 Overview Prof. Dr. Khanji Harijan Conference Chairman

Global Footprint of EESD'16 Dr. Jonathan Daniel Nixon University of Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Guest of Honor Prof. Dr. Corrado Clini Former Minister for Environment Land & Sea, Italy

Address by the Chief Guest Mr. Syed Wamiq Bokhari Managing Director, Pakistan Petroleum Limited Shield and Souvenir Presentation to the Honourable Guests

Vote of Thanks Dr. Pervez Hameed Shaikh Conference Secretary

High Tea (10:30 AM to 11:00 AM)

Plenary Session (11:00 AM to 01:00 PM) Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Corrado Clini Session Secretary: Dr. Naeem Mahato

Plenary Talk 1 Prof. Dr. Corrado Clini Former Minister for Environment Land & Sea, Italy

Plenary Talk 2 Prof. Ir. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul

Rahman Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Malaya, 50603, Kuala

Lumpur, MALAYSIA Plenary Talk 3 Engr. Amjad Ali Awan Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Pakistan Plenary Talk 4 Dr. Jonathan Daniel Nixon University of Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom Plenary Talk 5 Prof. Dr. Wazeer Mustafa Deputy Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Plenary Talk 6 Dr. Leonardo P. Chamorro Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering, Department of Aerospace

Engineering (Affiliate), Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Affiliate), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

Lunch & Prayer Break (1:00 PM to 2:00 PM)

Page 3: Tentative Conference Program

1st Technical Session (2:00 PM to 03:45 PM)

Technical Session-IA-S (Hall-1 Main Auditorium)

Technical Session-IA (Hall-2 Robing Room)

Technical Session-IB (Hall-3 Central Library)

Technical Session-IC (Hall-4 Central


Technical Session-ID (Hall-5 Central Library)

Technical Session-IE (Hall-6 ORIC Building)

Energy & Environment Biomass Resource

Utilization Energy Conversion & Management

Energy Conversion & Management

Energy Policy & Planning Water & Waste Water


Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Guangren Yu

Session Secretary: Dr. Rashid Abro

Session Chair: Dr. Jonathan Daniel Nixon

Session Secretary: Dr. Abdul Rehman Memon

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Abdul Sattar Larik

Session Secretary: Prof. Dr. Mukhtiar Mahar

Session Chair: Dr. Muhammad Sultan

Session Secretary: Engr. Javed Rehman


Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Tauseef Aized

Session Secretary: Dr. Faheemullah Shaikh

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar

Session Secretary: Dr. Sheeraz Ahmed Memon

Keynote Talk Dr. Rashid Abro


Keynote Talk Dr. Malik Inayatullah Jan


Keynote Talk Dr. Muhammad Saleem

(Saudi Arab)

Keynote Talk Dr. Muhammad Sultan


Keynote Talk Dr. Tauseef Aized


Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar


Desulferization of Gasoline using ionic liquid

Social acceptance of energy efficient cooking technology in

Pakistan: Challenges and Oppertunities

292-Sustainable Energy Measures in Saudi Arabia Based on Renewable Energy Sources:

Present Actions and Future Plans

Maisotsenko Cycle: An innovative source of

Renewable Energy from Air

Energy Planning based on Renewable Resources: A Critical Analysis

Prevalence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in water and wastewater

and their removal mechanism

313-Contamination and Legislative Measures for

Sustainable Growth of Business of Tanneries in Pakistan

223-The impact ofusing Hydrogen to upgrade pyrolysis oil

11-Advanced Variable Frequency Drive to Drive Three Phase Induction Motor

159-Implementation of Condition Based Maintenance

At Alnoor Medium Density Fiber (MDF) Company

18-Pragmatic study of Fiscal Growth and Environmental Issues

140-COD and TOC Removal Assessment in Effluent From

Anaerobic Bioreactor and Effluent From Cyclic Ozonation-Biotreatment

in a Pulp Factory Wastewater Treatment

Mehvish Batool, Muhammad Naseem, Tariq Kamal, Samraiz

Hafeez and Syed Zulqadar Hassan (Pakistan)

Diana N. Vienescu, Jian Wang, Adam Le Greslely and Jonathan D.

Nixon (UK)

Saad Ullah, Afsa Itba, Mehr Gul and Usama Shabbir


Asad Laghari, Rizwan Memon and Hassan Durrani


Muzzammil Hussain, Jawad Khan, Ghulam Mustafa Mir and Muhammad

Arslan Sarwar (Pakistan)

Mr. Amir Hajiali (Iran)

40-Sustainable Energy Path and Future of Carbon Market - A

Perspective of Turkey

160-Correlation and Optimization Studies of different parameters

for biogas production from Sugarcane Molasses - a Sugar Mill


55-Lighting Ergonomics (A Case Study towards Energy Conservation)

257-A novel water-heating system for utilizing waste heat contained in cooling water of

a steam plant condenser

28-Business Model for Dissemination of TERI Cook stoves in Kenya

25-Purification Of Copper Ion Contaminated Industrial Water By Activated Carbon Prepared From

Scrap Rubber Tyres

Hasret Sahin, Gordhan Das Valsai (Pakistan)

Javed Iqbal, Nadia Jamil, Tayyaba Aftab, Khalid Iqbal, Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Rauf Ahmed Khan


Atif Iqbal (Pakistan)

Aamir Khowaja, Abdul Ghafoor Memon, Abdul

Hannan Rajput and Muhammad Usama Khan

Rajput (Pakistan)

Rahul Hiremath,Bimlesh Kumar, Syed Shah and Sheelratan Bansode


Muhammad Ashfaq Sajjid and Sylvia Benjamin (Pakistan)

163-Novel Application of Moth Flame Optimization Algorithm for solving Economic Load Dispatch

Problems with Emission and Valve Point Loading Effect

167-Effective use of tree leaves with Pakistani coal through co-


19-Power Sharing through Droop Control for Parallel Inverters with Line impedance Effect

278-Internet of Things (IoT) a+D31nd Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) Based

Smart Catastrophe Monitoring System for Factories

110-Health & Environmental Impacts Of Slaughter Houses’ Condition On

Society – A Case Study Of Hyderabad City

204-Quantitative ground water assessment of Lahore for

sustainable water management

Babar Sattar Khan, Mohammad Iftikhar Khan and Muhammad Asif

Zahoor Raja (Pakistan)

Siddique Mohammad, Suhail Ahmed Soomroand Abdul Sattar

Jatoi (Pakistan)

Akhtar Hussain Javed, Muhammad Asim Amin, Taosif Iqbal and Nauman Ali


Ghulam Fiza Mirza, Uzair Uddin, Sobia Rasheed, Tooba

Israr and Attique Rehman (Pakistan)

Ammara Kaynat, Irfan Ahmed Memon, Ali Raza Khoso and Dr.

Ashfaque Memon (Pakistan)

Jaweria Shamshad, Zaib-Un Nisa, Sana Bashir, Jawayria Najeeb, Aneela

Altaf, Nimra Nasir, Iftikhar Ahmad, Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Abdul

Qayyum Aslam, (Pakistan) 5-A47Design Analysis of Formula

SAE Electric Vehicle Integrated with Battery Management and

Protection Systems

175-Biofuels Production Through Agrowaste Pyrolysis

74-LV Three-Phase Automatic Load Balancing System

275-Power generation by foot step

152-A Review On Major Environment Impacts Of Petroleum Industry In


208-A Holistic Approach to Preserve Sustainability of Haleji Lake by

Using Eco-Tourism Theory

Muhammad Mansoor, Muzammil Kashan and Muhammad Ihsan Ul

Soniya Munir,Anam Khalid, Dr Nadia Jamil,Munazza Bashir,Dr.

Syed Ali Jaffar, Muhammad Osama Bin Shakeel, Muhammad Faheem Ali and S.Sajjad

Ali Muhammad Jakhrani, Asif Ali Brohi and Sumera Bibi

Prem Salhani, Imran Ali and Dr. Abdul Razaque Sahito

Umat Uz Zohra Abbasi and Mushk Bughio

Page 4: Tentative Conference Program

Haq (Pakistan)

Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Junaid Ali Asad


Zaidi (Pakistan)

(Pakistan) (Pakistan) (Pakistan)

80-Solar Cells – Recent Developments and Trends

226-Future prospects of biogas in Pakistan

293-Cloud Computing Demand Response and Plug-in Electric Vehicles as Energy Management Tool for Smart Grid

193-A Hybrid Solution For Self-Sustaining Green Energy

161-Experiences of Displaced and Host Communities Undergoing

Sustainable Development Project: A Case Study of Chashma Barrage


121-Hydrology of Upper Indus Basin

Muhammad Noman, Asma Shamim, Hira Rehman, Saim Saher

and Adnan Daud Khan (Pakistan)

Yasir Abbas, Muhammad Mubeen and Ahmed Hassan


Umair Younas,Bilal Khan,Sahibzada Muhammad Ali,Tariq Kamal andAlfredo

Vaccaro (Italy)

Muhammad Tahir Qadri (Pakistan)

Muhammad Uzair, Muhammad Zubair, Sadaf Yahya and Hafiz

Muhammad Ateeq Ashraf (Pakistan)

Daniyal Hassan, Rakhshinda Bano, Mansoor Ali, Muhammad Nauman

and Kamran Ansari (Pakistan)

280-Hydrotalcite Based Cobalt Catalyst for Synthesis of

Hydrocarbons from Syngas

235-Comparative Study of Diesel and Bi-fuel Water Pumping


295-Optimal Planning and Design of Hybrid Energy System for UET Taxila

182-Comparative engine performance analysis using

diesel fuel and Biodiesel derived from waste cooking


13-Usability Evaluation of Facebook Privacy and Security

310-Rainfall impact on Ground Water Quality in Mirpur Sakro,

District Thatta

Muhammad Faizan Sharif, Muhammad Arslan and Dr.

Naseem Iqbal (Pakistan)

Rafay Rushail, Khanji Harijan and Sohail Soomro


H.R. Habib (Pakistan)

Waseem Ahmed, Dr. Liaquat Ali Memon and Dr. Khanji

Harijan (Pakistan)

Bushra Ansari, Ghushmira Anjum, Fatima Ali and Sehrish Fatima


Fida Abbasi, Azizullah Channa, Sheeraz Memon and Gordhan Das

Valasai (Pakistan)

301-Prediction of pseudo-retrograde hydrate phenomenon

for ternary systems Ethane (C2H6) + propane (C3H8) + water

(H2O) and Ethane (C2H6) + i-butane (i-C4H10) + water (H2O)

in hydrate-forming region

242-Production of Biofuel by Hydrothermal Liquefaction of

date palm seeds

126-Dyeing of Nanofibers Using Ultrasonic Energy

192-Long Term Electricity Planning for Sindh Province (Pakistan): An Application of

Long-range Energy Alternative Planning Model

225-Transmutation Study of Minor Actinides in PWR - Nuclear Waste


312-Analysis and Treatment of Washoff Water from Vehicular Service Centres in Hyderabad

Khan Muhammad Qureshi and Saima Khan (Malaysia)

Muhammad Azam Usto, Ahmed Husain, Abdul Hameed Memon

and Abdul Sattar (Pakistan)

Muzamil Khatri, Abdulwahab Jatoi, Farooq Arain, Zeeshan Khatri and Icksoo Kim


Saleem Raza Magsi, Nayyar Hussain Mirjat, Arsalan

Hussain Qureshi, Aashir Ali Shah, Ali Azhar Soomro, Anil Kumar Karmani and Muneer

Ahmed Janjhi (Pakistan)

Muhammad Sohail, Mudasir Hussain and Junaid Sarwar


Shoaib Bhatti, Muhammad Ali Memon, Zuhaib Siddiqui, Sheeraz Memon and Gordhan Das Valasai


332-Effects of septic tank discharge on ground water

328-An-aerobic Co-digestion as an optimized technique for the

production of Biogas from Poultry Manure and Buffalo Dung

94-Utilization Of Biofuel Cell Technology For Power Generation In Pakistan

143-Prediction of grid parameters by applying only set of dates externally to the

trained Neural Network

329-Electoral Politics, Energy E41and Environmentally Sustainable

Development: How Do Political Parties in Pakistan Reflect Energy and

Environmentally Sustainable Development Indicators in Electoral


284-Purification of Copper Ion Contaminated Industrial Water By Activated Carbon Prepared From

Scrap Rubber Tyres

Ahmeduddin Jamali, Sheeraz Memon and Rasool Bux Mahar


Arshad Iqbal (Pakistan)

Danish Qamar Syed and Maria Sohail (Pakistan)

Abdul Rauf Bhatti, Abdul Ghafoor Bhatti, Irfan Ahmed, Sajid Hussain Qazi and Raja

Masood Larik (Malaysia)

Muhammad Shakeel Ahmad (Pakistan)

Sylvia E. Benjamin and Muhammad Ashfaq Sajjid


330-Production Of Microbial Cell Mass By Potential Indigenous

Strain Kluyveromyces Marxianus Using Sugarcane Molasses Under

Optimized Fermentation Conditions

82-Degradation of agriculture residues by Penicillium

chrysogenum: Bio-perspective of enzyme industry

179-Under Voltage Load Shedding Scheme To Provide Voltage Stability

335-CO2 capture through oxidation of blended

Piperazine and Diethanolamine- Degradation

kinetics study

93-The Wind Energy and Its Economics in Pakistan

327-The Impact of Water Resources on Urban & Peri-Urban Agriculture -

The Case Study of Karachi

Abdul Qadeer Laghari, Shaheen Aziz Sheikh and Farman Ali Shah


Sadia Ullah and Eliane Noronha (Pakistan)

Raja Masood Larik,Mohd.Wazir Mustafa, Sajid Hussain Qazi,Nayyar Hussain Mirjat, Shariq

Shaikh and Abdul Rauf Bhatti (Malaysia)

Shaukat A. Mazari, Saadia Athar, Humer Baloch and Sajid

Riaz (Pakistan)

Anam Azam, Muhammad Rafique (Pakistan)

Anila Kausar and Jamil Kazmi (Pakistan)

Tea Break (3:45 PM to 4:15 PM)

Page 5: Tentative Conference Program

2nd Technical Session (4:15 PM to 06:00 PM) Technical Session-II A-S

(Hall - 1 Main Auditorium)

Technical Session-IIA (Hall - 2 Robing Room)

Technical Session-II B (Hall - 3 Central Library)

Technical Session-II C (Hall - 4 Central


Technical Session-II D (Hall - 5 Central Library)

Energy & Environment Biomass Resource

Utilization Renewable and Emerging

Technologies Analysis and

Performance Testing Sustainable Development

Session Chair: Dr. Kittichai

Lavangnananda Session Secretary:

Prof. Dr. Rizwan A. Memon

Session Chair: Dr. Abdul Waheed Bhutto

Session Secretary: Dr. Abdul Razzaq Sahito

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah Session Secretary: Mr. Anwar A. Sahito

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Liaquat A

Memon Session Secretary:

Engr. M. Jurial Sanghi

Session Chair: Dr. M. Afzal Ghauri Session Secretary:

Prof. Dr. Abdul Haque Tunio

Keynote Talk Dr. Kittichai

Lavangnananda (Thailand)

Keynote Talk Dr. Abdul Waheed Bhutto


Keynote Talk Dr. Rizwan Raza


Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Liaquat A

Memon (Pakistan)

Keynote Talk Dr. M. Afzal Ghauri


47-Determination of Factors and Characteristics of Change of Profession Attitude Among Mekong Region Population

Pontential to Utilize linocellulosic Feedstock for the Production of

Eathanol Fuel in Pakistan

Fuel Cell Technology Prospects and Challenges

Impact of Biodiesel Fuel on Engine Parts

Biodesulferiztion of Coal: An Eco-Friendly Approach

281-Promoted Hydrotalcite Based Cobalt Catalyst for Fischer

Tropsch Synthesis Application

325-Biodesulphurization of Coa+A51l: An Eco-Friendly


303-Synchronization of Hydrogen Energy with Diesel Engine for Distributed Generation


52-Thermodynamic Assessment Of Solar Chimney

Based Air-Conditioning System For Agricultural And

Livestock Applications

31-Socioeconomics impacts of land valuation and infrastructural development in Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan

Muhammad Arslan, Muhammad Faizan Sharif and Dr.Naseem Iqbal


Nasrin Akhtar, Kalsoom Akhtar and Muhammad A. Ghauri


Syed Zulqadar Hassan, Hui Li, Umair Younas, Tariq Kamal and Qasim Awais


Muhammad Sultan, Takahiko Miyazaki, Hassan Niaz, Faizan Shabir, Sahrish Ashraf, Zahid

Mahmood Khan, M. Hamid Mahmood and H. M. Umar

Raza (Pakistan)

Moula Bux Peerzado, Habibullah Magsi, Tehmina Mangan and Muhammad Javed Sheikh


197-Inorganic-Organic Nano Composite Hybrid Membrane

Based on Titania and Polystyrene for High Temperature PEM Fuel


259-Investigation of CI engine performance and emission

characteristics using biodiesel blends with low level addition of


17-Designing and Strategic Cost estimation of stand alone hybrid renewable energy system

315-Design Refinement and Performance Analysis of Outer Rotor Permanent Magnet Flux

Switching Machine for Downhole Application

156-Evaluating Site Suitability For Intercity Bus Terminal At Hyderabad Sindh, Pakistan

Muhammad Raza Shah, Muzammal

Zulfqar and Zuhair S. Khan (Pakistan)

Pirbux-Urf-Waqas Mughal, Liaquat Ali Memon, Latif

Maganhar, Ramzan Luhur and Akhtar Hussain


Sanaullah Ahmad, Muhammad Aamir Aman and Khalid Mahmood


Rajesh Kumar, Erwan Sulaiman, Mahyuzie Jenal, Aqeel Ahmed Bhutto and

Danish Ali Memon (Pakistan)

Sania Rehman Memon, Furqan Javed, Uzma Arisar and Muhammad Masood (Pakistan)

199-Investigations on Gadolinium doped Ceria (GDC) electrolyte

prepared via sol-gel and co-precipitation routes for

intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (IT-SOFC)


299-Towards Microalgae-Based Biodiesel Production: A Review

113-Bioclimatic House Design Approaches In Rural Area Of Mirpurkhas Sindh

125-Transmission Of Dera Bugti, Baluchistan Gas

Condensate Through Pipelines Economically

191-Inverse Relationship between Poverty and Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Environment2

Muzammal Zulfqar,Muhammad Raza Shah and Zuhair S Khan


Ghulam Mujtaba, Shazia Rehman, Muhammad Rizwan and Sheeraz

Memon (Pakistan)

Rubab Khanzada, Raheela Laghari, Ali Raza Khoso and Fida Hussain Siddiqui


Abdul Ghaffar Bugti and Suhail Ahmed

Soomro (Pakistan)

Shah Muhammad Kamran, Fan Hongzhong, Israr Ahmad and Shafie Moiz Hali


21-Probing the Oxygen Equilibrium Kinetics of

300-Trans-Esterification Of Poultry Skin And Fat To Produce

146-Thermo Active Building Systems; Technology, Application and Energy Efficiency

249-Revival of Courtyard in Residences for Improved

243-Urbanization in Pakistan: Challenges and Way Forward (Options) For Sustainable Urban Development

Page 6: Tentative Conference Program

La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3 as a Function of Grain Size Using

Electrical Conductivity Relaxation

Biodiesel for Buildings in Pakistan. Thermal Performance

Saim Saher,Ayesha Samreen,Shafi Ur Rehman,Abdul

Basit,Muhammad Noman, Rizwan Mehmood Gul andAffaq Qamar


Anees Rehman Bughio, Syed Farman Ali Shah,Aziza Bano

Aftaband Zeenat M. Ali (Pakistan)

Inamullah Khan and Dr. Amjad Naseer (Pakistan)

Ishrat Hameed Alvi (Pakistan)

Waqar Ahmed Khan Jatoo, Jingfu Chen, Wimonsiri Saengkrod and Abdul Ghaffar Mastoi


57-Dramatically Improved Oxygen surface exchange kinetics

of mixed conducting SOFC Cathode by Electorlite Coating

314-Biodiesel Production By Jatropha Curcas: Design & Process


22-Occurrences of geothermal resources and geochemical characteristics of thermal water

of Southern Indus Basin, Pakistan.

231-Techno-Economic Analysis Of Solar Pv Water

Pumps In Tharparkar, Pakistan

318-Colorimetric Sensor Based Determination of Anti-Cancer Drug Using Gold Nanoparticles

Saim Saher,Ayesha Samreen,Shafi Ur Rehman,Abdul

Basit,Muhammad Noman, Rizwan Mehmood Gul andAffaq Qamar


Bilal Khan (Pakistan)

Yasmin Raza (Pakistan)

Rajesh Kumar, Mohammad Aslam Uqaili and Khanji

Harijan (Pakistan)

Safia Sanam Memon (Pakistan)

304-Teaching of New narrative for Sustainable Renewable Energy

Development in Pakistan

321-Cooking and Heating Energy Need Assessment of Kalkani

Village of Kohlu District, Balochistan, Pakistan.

108-Analysis of Energy loss due to compression of thermal insulation in HVAC


155-Review on aerodynamic design optimization of small horizontal axis wind turbine

54-Recycling of Human Scalp Hair as Environment Friendly Material in Cement Concrete

Muhammad Naseem, Tariq Kamal, Samraiz Hafeez and Mehvish

Batool (Pakistan)

Muhammad Ayub Khetran, Jonathan Nixon, Khanji Harijan andMuhammad Aslam

Uqaili (UK)

Dileep Kumar, Rizwan Ahmed Memon and Abdul Ghafoor Memon


Intizar Ali, Dur Muhammad, Wali Muhammad and Kishore

Kumar (Pakistan)

Shanker Lal Meghwar, Ghous Bux Khaskheli, Aneel Kumar and Rasool Bux Mahar


285-Investigations on Gadolinium doped Ceria (GDC) electrolyte prepared via sol-gel and co-precipitation routes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell (IT-SOFC)


273-Design of Solar Coal Hybrid Power Plant: Techno-

economic Analysis 106-Analysis of Power System Dynamics using PSSE

Muzammal Zulfqar, Muhammad Raza Shah

and Zuhair S. Khan (Pakistan)

Noor Habib Khan, Raheela Jamal, Waseem Qaiser Awan and Muhammad Asif Zahoor

Raja (Pakistan)

Maria Irshad, Moattar Siddiqui, Owais Fauzi and Abdullah Munir (Pakistan)

Cultural Evening and Conference Dinner (07:30 PM to 09:30 PM)

Page 7: Tentative Conference Program

Day 02 – Wednesday, November 02, 2016 3rd Technical Session (09:00 AM to 11:00 AM)

Technical Session-IIIA (Hall - 2 Robing Room)

Technical Session-III B (Hall - 3 Central Library)

Technical Session-III C (Hall - 4 Central Library)

Technical Session-III D (Hall - 5 Central


Technical Session-III E (Hall - 6 ORIC Building)

Energy Conversion & Management

Renewable & Emerging Technologies

Renewable and Emerging Technologies

Sustainable Development

Environmental Pollution & Control

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Farman Ali Shah

Session Secretary: Dr. Zeenat M. Ali

Session Chair: Engr. Irfan Ahmad

Session Secretary: Dr. Irfan A. Halephoto

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Dur Mohd Pathan

Session Secretary: Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Memon

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Syed Zafar

Ilyas Session Secretary:

Prof. Dr. Shaheen Aziz

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Bakhshal Khan Lashari

Session Secretary: Mr. Awais Chandio

Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Khadija Qureshi


Keynote Talk Engr. Tahir Saleem


Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Suhail A. Soomro


Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Syed Zafar

Ilyas (Pakistan)

Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Abdul Khalique Ansari


Modified Date Palm Wood as Heat Insulating Material

Motor Oversizing

Investigation of Polyvinyle Alcohol and Potato Additives for the Improvement of Rheological

Properties of Water Based Drilling Mud System

Role of Fosil Fuels in Environmental Damages

Photocatalytic Degradation of the Organic Dyes by using Metal/Metal Oxide Nano Particles

129-Building The Green

248-Comparison of thin film versus crystalline PV modules for

utility-scale electric power production in Pakistan

99-Modelling and Simulation of diffuser augmented wind turbine

265-Dynamics Of Karachi As A Megapolis: Issues And

Challanges 23-Biological Impacts of Ecotourism Development on Biodiversity

Jazib Jamil, Syed Zubair and Zoha Akram


Ijaz Husnain, Warda Mushtaq and Zuhair S Khan


Bilal Ahmed Soomro, Ateeque Ahmed and Prof. Dr. Ahmad Hussain


Amber Afshan, Sumbul Mujeeb and Kamran Akram Gill


Mansoureh Sadat Hosseini


95-Clear Sky Models Applied for PV Production Assessment from

Solar Irradiance

290-Intelligent MPPT Design of DC-DC Converter for PV in a PV/SC Hybrid Power System

100-design and development of prototype wind concentrator turbine.

122-Urbanization And Secondary Cities Of Sindh Province: Towards More Effective And Sustainable


53-Potential of Volunteered Geographic Information for Adaptation of Climate Change Effects in Pakistan

Muhammad Aleem Zahid, Dr Farrukh Kamran and Muhammad

Waseem (Pakistan)

Tariq Kamal, Mithulananthan Nadarajah, Umair Younas, Syed

Zulqadar Hassan, Hina Gohar and Alfredo Vaccaro

(Italy/ China)

Daniya Khan and Muhammad Shahzad Jamil (Pakistan)

Saima Kalwar, Dr. Melasutra Md Dali, Dr. Norhaslina

Hassan, Noman Sahito and Irfan Ahmed Memon


Munir Ahmad, Asmat Ali and Malik Sikander Hayat Khiyal (Pakistan)

269-Municipal Solid Waste to Energy in Pakistan: A case study

of Haripur District (Pakistan)

20-Simplified and accurate Photovoltaic module parameter

estimation method based on single diode model

131-Parametric study of three blade Vertical Axis Micro Hydro Turbines (VAMHT) by

changing blade characteristics

181-Electricity from Solid Waste; Make city Green

60-Intensity of Noise Pollution from the Industries at S.I.T.E Area Kotri

Junaid Khan, Khanji Harijan, Mohammad Aslam Uqaili, Gavin

Gillmore and Jonathan Nixon (UK/Pakistan)

Mohammad Affan (Pakistan)

Intizar Ali, Tanweer Hussain, Hosh Muhammad and Saad Sami Al-Khfaji


Syed Irfan Shah, Khan Muhammad Khoso, Um-E

Batool and Zeeshan Anjum (Pakistan)

Aqeel Ahmed Bhutto, Dr Md Saidin Bin Wahab Saidin Bin Wahab,Zubair Ahmed Zubair Ahmed and Muhammad Rizwan Rizwan


150-Research on Operation Optimization of Boiler Based on

Improved Association Rule

292-Sustainable Energy Measures in Saudi Arabia Based on

Renewable Energy Sources: Present Actions and Future Plans

255-Experimental investigations of hybrid vertical axis wind turbine

195-Challenges of water scaracity and sustainable

agricuture in Rural Karachi 134-Emissions from diesel engine and exhaust after treatment technologies

Ben Wang and Fengqi Si (China)

Muhammad Saleem and Mehmood Ali (Sauid Arab)

Alishan Siddiqui, Abdul Hameed Memon, Syed Nadeem Mian, Rabia Haider, Madiha Kamran

and Hamna Shaikh (Pakistan)

Lubna Ghazal, Salman Zubair, Jamil Kazmi (Pakistan)

Ali Azam, Shoukat Ali and Adnan Iqbal (Pakistan)

Page 8: Tentative Conference Program

88-Shale Reserves; A Key Source To Overcome Energy Crisis.

323-Enhanced Solar PV MPPT System for 12V Battery Charger

128-Efficiency Improvement+ of Mini Hydro Pump Storage Power Plant Using Archimedes


196-Ameliorating infrasctructure and need of sustainable development in


162-Study on the Accidental Release of Toxic Gases and its Consequences Using ALOHA Technique

Inam Ullah, Abdul Qayoom, Dr.Abdul Razaque Sahito and

Faisal Hussain Memon (Pakistan)

Shoaib Ahmed Siddique, Kashif Ishaque, Hooma Amjad and

Mubashir Irshad (Pakistan)

Asad Ahmad, M.Asim Amin, Akhtar Hussain Javed and M.Talib Faiz


Salman Zubair, Lubna Ghazal, Jamil Kazmi (Pakistan)

Naeem Abbas, Nadia Jamil, Sheikh Asad Imran, Sajid Rashid Ahmad, Muhammad Tahir Butt, Farah Deeba, Rauf Ahmad Khan and Naqi Hussain


151-Comparative Power Quality Analysis of Voltage Source

Inverter Topologies (Pakistan)

35-Investigating the voltage control capabilities of PV power

plants (Pakistan)

46-Mechanical Testing and Failure Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules


27-Extension Workers Perception on Health &

Environmental Harzards Posed By Urban Livestock

Keeping In Makarfi Local Govt Area Kaduna State of Nigeria:

Implication For Climate Change Mitigation


149-Solid Waste Management-Incineration of Solid Waste of Karachi

Aneel Kumar Maheshwari, Abdul Sattar Larik, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar, Pervez Hameed Shaikh

and Ghulam Shabir Memon (Pakistan)

Abdul Basit, Faheem Ali, Saad Rashid, Muhammad

Waseem, Muhammad Ishaqand Saim Saher


Rizwan M. Gul, Humera Ahsan, Fahd Ullah Zafar, M. Saad Rehan and M Asif


Dr Lawal Mohammad Anka and Dr Kamleshwer Lohana


Danish Asrar, Shafaq Asrar, Faraz Sufyan and Ghufran Alam (Pakistan)

220-GUI-based Simulation Platform for Energy and Visual

Comfort Management in Buildings

164-Computational studies on the effects of employing water filled

bags and glass as a chimney’s material on performance of solar

chimney power plant

178-Computational Analysis And Protein Structure Modeling Of Zinc And Iron-

Dependent Alcohol Dehydogenases For Maximum Bioethanol Yield In Thermophiles

212-Green and Sustainable Building and Material

333-Environmentally Sustainable Natural Dyeing of Cotton Fabrics Using Ultrasonic Technology

Ashfaque Ahmed Baloch, Pervez Hameed Shaikh,Zubair Ahmed

Memon, Shayan Ahmed,Muhammad Awais

Arain andFaheemullah Shaikh (Pakistan)

Aakash Hassan, Majid Ali and Adeel Waqas


Mariam Zameer,Zunaira Jabeen,Anam Khalid, Sajid Rashid Ahmad,Nadia

Jamil andAbdul Qadir (Pakistan)

Beena Ahmed, Anum Fatima and Aqsa Jawaid


Urooj Baig, Awais Khatri and Shamshad Ali (Pakistan)

189-Building Energy Management System by Using Hybrid

Technology Microcontroller Based Occupancy Sensor

277-Domestic Fixed Dome biogas Plant

183-Study to investigate the effects of temperature on performance of

thermotolerant Klyueromyces Marxianus during the production of ethanol from

molasses to evaluate the Monod kinetic parameters

324-Repair of RCC Beams with Locally Available

Polymer Modified Cementous Mortar and Ordinary Portland


29-Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Exploitation (Pakistan)

Muhammad Awais Arain, Shayan Ahmed, Ashfaque Ahmed Baloch,

Pervez Hameed, Faheemullah Shaikh and Asif Raza Solangi


Najeebullah Channa, Dost Ali Abbasi and Abdul Razaque Sahito


Abdul Sattar Jatoi,Abdul Waheed Bhutto and Shaukat A. Mazari


Gohar Nadeem,Ghous Bux Khaskheli,Mohibullah Khanand Shanker Lal

Meghwar (Pakistan)

Zeeshan Ali Lashari, Tahir Soomro and Asadullah Memon (Pakistan)

244-Solar Powered Building Automation System by Using

Passive Infrared Sensor and Lead Acid Battery Backup

174-Study of Incremental Conductance Maximum Power Point Technique Under Non-

Uniform Solar Irradiations Conditions for Solar PV system

170-Development of Standalone Hybrid Solar Wind Power Generation Model for Remote

Areas of Pakistan

336-CO2 capture through oxidation of blended

Piperazine and Diethanolamine- Degradation

kinetics study

334-Ultra-fast Catalytic Degradation of 4-Nitrophenol by Silver Nano Particles for Improving Water Quality

Shayan Ahmed, Muhammad Awais Arain, Ashfaque Ahmed Baloch, Pervez Hameed Shaikh, Zeeshan Anjum Memon and Faheemullah

Shaikh (Pakistan)

Muhammad Zuhaib, Asghar Ali, Amjad Ali andZahid Ali


Shah Rukh Gul, Lala Rukh Memon, Pervez Hameed Shaikh, Zohaib Hussain Leghari,

Danesh Kumar and Furqan Ali Memon (Pakistan)

Shaukat A. Mazari, Saadia Athar, Humair Ahmed Baloch

and Sajjid Riaz (Pakistan)

Syeda Sara Hassan (Pakistan)

337-Thermal degradation of Morpholine for Carbon capture: A

Kinetic study

302-Voltage Stability Improvement Using FACTS Device

Static VAR Compensator (SVC)

92-Optimization of Dye Sensitized Solar Module for High Hydrogen Production from

Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting

132-Influence of Natural Environment on Resin Coated

Mortar 168-Design of Solar-Coal Hybrid Power Plant: Techno-economic Analysis

Page 9: Tentative Conference Program

Shaukat Mazari, Abdul Waheed Bhutto and Humair Baloch


Bilawal Abro, Parkash Gujar and Muharram Ali


Mehboob Khatani and Norani Muti Mohamed (Pakistan)

Zain Ul Abdin, Sarmad Zaman Rajper, Hans De Backer and

Pieter De Winne (Pakistan)

Noor Habib Khan, Raheela Jamal, Wasim Qaiser Awan and Muhammad Asif Zahoor Raja (Pakistan)

77-Tidal Energy is Suitable Source for the Power Generation in

Coastal Areas of Pakistan

322-Performance Evaluation and Model Development of Solar

Photovoltaic System: A Case Study for Hyderabad

194-Scope of renewable energy resources for fulfilling the energy gap in foreseeable future

of Pakistan’s power sector

169-Environmental Impacts of Thar Coal Mining

56-Concentration of Gas Emissions of Waste Burning in Incinerator at Different Temperature

Sharafat Ali, Imran Ali and Wajid Ali


Talib Hussain Ghoto, Majid Ali Wassan, Abdul Ahad Noohani and

Awais Junejo (Pakistan)

Agha Zafarullah Pathan, Irfan Ahmed Bajkani, Mir Sajjad Talpur and Shakir Ali Soomro


Saba Rao, Abdul Razaque Sahitoand Iqra Panhhwar


Shafeeque Ur Rehman Laghari and Ali Murtaza Phull (Pakistan)

12-Design and Analysis of Cross-flow Impulse Turbine for Water stream near Trapi village KPK


251-Efficient catalytic C-Pt@Au core-shall bimetallic

nanoparticles for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)

241-Selective Heterogeneous Catalytic Hydrogenation of Ketone (C=O) to Alcohol

(OH) by Magnetite Nanoparticles

331-Building Energy Systems Operation Optimization with

Ice Storage – A Real Time Approach

72-Study on Environmental Degradation and its Effect on the Property Devaluation in Hyderabad City.

Muhammad Umar Farooq, Muhammad Imran, Abdul Rafai


Samia Siddiqui, Siraj Uddin and Farah Talpur


Muhammad Tariq Shah, Aamna Balouch, Kausar Rajar and Siraj Uddin


Babak Soltan and Brian Robyns


Afrae Zunaira, Deepak Kumar and Noman Sahito (Pakistan)

138-Speed breaker Power Generator

188-Regulation of Bus Voltage for Renewable Energy Based Direct

Current Micro Grid

252-Gas Cycling and Energy Development Studies of Gas Condensate Reservoir

246-The Technical Aspects of Unconventional Reserves.

148-Impact of Air Pollution from the Industries S.I.T.E Area Kotri

Ali Azam, Muhammad Aqeel Aslam, Shoukat Ali and Fazli

Qayyum Yousaf-Zai (Pakistan)

Asif Raza Solangi, Tariqullah Jan, Nayyar Hussain Mirjat, Zohaib

Hussain Leghari, Anwer Ali Sahito and Pervez Hameed Shaikh


Bilal Shams, Jun Yao, Kai Zhang, Asadullah Memon and Hafeez-Ur-Rahman Memon


Abdul Basit Balouch, Inamullah Haneef Meo and

Asad Ahmed Memon (Pakistan)

Aqeel Ahmed Bhutto, Dr M. Saidin Bin Wahab Saidin, Zubair Ahmed Zubair Ahmed and Rizwan Ahmed Rizwan


Tea Break (11:00 AM to 11:30 AM) 4th Technical Session (11:30 AM to 02:00 PM)

Technical Session-IV A (Hall - 2 Robing Room)

Technical Session-IV B (Hall - 3 Central Library)

Technical Session-IV C (Hall - 4 Central Library)

Technical Session-IV D (Hall - 5 Central


Technical Session-IV E (Hall - 6 ORIC Building)

Energy Conversion & Storage

Energy Transmission, Distribution and


Process Development and Optimization

Energy Conversion & Management

Environmental Pollution & Control

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Abdul Fattah

Abbasi Session Secretary:

Dr. Zeeshan A Memon

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Ali Asghar Memon

Session Secretary: Dr. Aamir Mahmood


Session Chair: Dr. Farrukh Hassan Session Secretary:

Dr. Aziza Aftab

Session Chair: Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Leghari Session Secretary: Prof. Dr. Uzma Syed

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Kamran Ansari

Session Secretary: Ms. Uzma Imran

Keynote Talk Prof. Dr. Shaheen Aziz


Keynote Talk Dr. Faheemullah Shaikh


Keynote Talk Dr. Farrukh Hassan


Keynote Talk Dr. Abdul Hafeez

Leghari (Pakistan)

Keynote Talk Dr. Kishan Chand


Gasification of Agricultural Waste For Renewable Source of Energy

Using Fixed Bed Gasifier

Economic and Energy Challenges Under CPEC Project

Intigrated Use of Biofertilizers and Chemical Fertilizers

Solar Energy Prospectus and Challenges in Pakistan

The Environmental and Social Impacts of Thar Coal Project: Mitigation Measures and Sustainable Development

3-Water And Energy Conservation At Source Through Improved

Surface Irrigation Techniques: A Case Study Of Bahawalpur



36-Experimental Study Of Oil Based Mud For Minimize Impact On Environment By Using

Different Vegetable Oils

96-Environmental Management Practice and

Firm Financial Performance

272-Pakistan On The Achievement Of Sustainable Development Goals And Role Of Social Attitude Towards Climate Change And Challenges

Muhammad Arfan, Ghulam Nabi Mahnoor Aslam Muhammad Sunder Sham Jeswani, Khalil Rehman Memon, Muzzammil Hussain, Rana Ameer Abro

Page 10: Tentative Conference Program

and Arif Makhdum (Pakistan)

Aslam, Shahnoor Aslam Muhammad Aslam and Faique

Shah Bukhari (Pakistan)

Aftab Ahmed Mahesar, Abdul Samad Shaikh and Sohail Ahmed Shaikh


Muhammad Waseem and Faisal Iqbal (Pakistan)


210-Analysis of Seepage From Elevated Saline Disposal Channels

of LBOD-1 Nawabshah Component

205-Voltage Profile Improvement Of An Eht Line By Upfc – Case


63-Characteristic Analysis of Hazardous Activities Associated with Oil and Gas Rig

Assembling Operation: A Proportional Approach

103-Fuel Optimization in Power Plant Based on Its

Parameters Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)

43-Precipitation Trend Analysis in Pakistan using TRMM 3B42 Product (2001-2015)

Shafi Muhammad Kori, Nisar Ahmed Memon and Bakhshal

Khan Lashari (Pakistan)

Ali Raza Khan, Abdullah Munir, Hamza Saleem, Irtiza Hussain, Muhammad Taha Siddiqui and

Aitashan Nadeem (Pakistan)

Muhammad Mujtaba Asad,Razali Hassan, Qadir Mehmood Soomro, Fahad Sherwani and

Gordhan Das Valasai (Pakistan)

Syed Subhan Ahsen, Abdullah Munir, Nauman Mustafa, Syed Muhammad Zain and Hassaan

Siddiqui (Pakistan)

Zohaib Nizamani, Kaleemullah Shaikh, Farhan Wahid, Shoaib Ahmed, Sultan Shaikh and Hafeez Khoharo


222-Economic and Technical study of Hybrid system (Wind-Photovoltaic) Electrification for

rural area of Tharparkar district, Sindh using HOMER software

270-Analyzing Distributed Generation Impact on the

Reliability of Electric Distribution Network

68-Recognition of Potential Risk Factors with Suitable Hazard Reduction Measures for Well Control Operation for On and Offshore Oil and

Gas Drilling: A Qualitative Risk Assessment Accession

187-Challenges Of Unconventional Reservoir: It’S

Time To Overcome Them

158-A Supply Chain Network Design and Decision Approach and Minimizing Carbon Monoxide Emission to the Environment

Nadeem Ahmed Tunio, Zulfiqar Ali,Mouzam Ali,Assadullah

Soomroand Touqeer Ahmed (Pakistan)

Sanaullah Ahmad,Sana Sardar andBabar Noor


Muhammad Mujtaba Asad,Razali Hassan,Qadir Mehmood Soomro, Fahad

Sherwani and Muhammad Zubair Hingoro (Pakistan)

Asad Memon,Inam Meo andBasit Balouch


Raza Ullah (Pakistan)

39-The Implication of Methane Hydrate for the Carbon dioxide

Sequestration & Energy Production; A Molecular

Simulation Study

232-Novel Energy Management approach in Smart Grids

85-Filtration of wastewater by using plastic bottle as media

283-Challenges of Unconventional Reservoir: It’s

Time to Overcome Them

236-Methods for Treatment of PAH Contaminated Soils; Review and Comparison

Usama Khand and Yannick Agbor (Pakistan)

Sahar Raheem and Rizwan Maqsood


Ahsan Morai, Faria Uqaili, Fida Siddiqui, Waheed Ali and Khan Muhammad Brohi


Asad Memon,Inam Meo, Basit Balouch andNabeel Shaikh


Saeid Gitipour, Soroush Ghasemi and Reza Gasemzade (Pakistan)

250-Technology Foresight Scenarios For Solar Photovoltaic

(Pv) In India

271-Rehabilitation Of Distribution Network For Energy

Management In Pakistan

90-Application Of Saline Water Reduces Growth And Development Of Jatropha

(Jatropha Curcas, L.) Seedlings

286-The Technical Aspects of Unconventional Reserves

135-Emissions control unit for diesel engine exhaust

Deepak Singh (India)

Ali Muhammad Jakhrani, Asif Ali Brohi and Sumera Bibi


Muneer Ahmed Memon, Inayatullah Rajper, Abdul Qudoos Abbasi and Fozia Naz Memon


Abdul Basit Balouch, Asad Ahmed Memon, Inamullah Haneef and Nabeel Shaikh


Ali Azam, Shoukat Ali, Adnan Iqbal and Abdul Bari (Pakistan)

172-Performance Prediction of Free Space Optical Link in

Presence of the Rain using Bit Error Rate Parameter


237-Compatibility Issues Of Hho Cell With Internal Combustion Engine

291-The Interactions between Economic Growth and

Dominant Sectors in Final Energy Consumption in

Pakistan: An Input-Output Approach

253-Impact of Natural Climate on Socio-Economic Life of People of District Tharparker, Sindh.

Umair Ahmed Korai, Zulfiqar Arain, Qasim Ali Arain, Badar Muneer and Bhawani Shankar

Chowdhry (Pakistan)

Iqra Panhwar, Saba Rao and Abdul Razaque Sahito


Kishore Kumar, Zeeshan Ali and Javed Rahman Larik


Yousaf Ali andMemoona Awan (Pakistan)

Shabana Tunio and Niaz Ahmed Bhutto (Pakistan)

234-Power Quality Comparison of Three Phase Bridge Inverter

Based Induction Motor

153-Rehabilitation Of Distribution Network For Energy

Management In Pakistan

256-Effect Of Blending Ratio Of Cow Dung Manure With Distillery Waste Water For Power Generation In Microbial Fuel Cell

296-MicroalgaeAs A Tool For Heavy Metal Bioremediation

201-Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) landfill site modeling using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA): Case

study of Sukkur city, Pakistan Ghulam Shabir Memon, Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar, Abdul Sattar Larik,

Anwar Ali Sahito and Aneel Kumar Maheshwari


Ali Muhammad Jakhrani, Nadeem Ahmed Tunio, Asif Ali Brohi and

Sumera Bibi (Pakistan)

Abdul Sattar, Shaukat Mazari, Humair Ahmed Baloch and Sajid Riaz


Muhammad Rizwan, Ghulam Mujtaba, Alia Naz, Abdullah Khan, Sheeraz Memon and

Shazia Rehman (Pakistan)

Imtiaz Ahmed Chandio, Mir Aftab Hussain Talpur and Mir Ali Naqi Talpur (Pakistan)

141-Foot Step Power Generation System

219-Construction of Marx generator and simulated Impulse

320-Biological Removal Of Sulfur From Coal Through Use Of Microorganism. A Review

297-Biohydrogen through D116Electrohydrogenesis– A

298-Impacts of vulnerable weather pattern in Sindh Province, Pakistan

Page 11: Tentative Conference Program

voltage of the Marx generator boon to the green economy Ali Muhammad Jakhrani, Sumera Bibi, Asif Ali Brohi and Zeeshan

Anjum (Pakistan)

Imdad Ali Bangwar, Ali Adnan Bhutto and Mahnoor Hayat

Katbar (Pakistan)

Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Shaheen Aziz and Suhail Ahmed Soomro


Shazia Rehman, Sheeraz Memon, Ghulam Mujtaba and

Muhammad Rizwan (Pakistan)

Sheeraz Memon, Shazia Rehman, Muhammad Rizwan, Ghulam Mujtaba and Gordhan Das Valasai


289-Solarize the Sensitive Load of Electrical Department

186-Modular Mult+B118ilevel Converters - An Emerging Trend

in Advanced HVDC Systems

319-Effect Of Air Flowrate On Ethanol Fermentation Using Numerical Technique

305-Transmutation Study of Minor Actinides in PWR -

Nuclear Waste Management

326-Assessment of Occupational Health, Safety and Environment in Brick Kiln Industries at Tando Hyder, Pakistan

Sadam Hussain,Ghullam Mustafa Mangrio andMohsin Ali


Nusrat Husain and Ashraf Yahya (Pakistan)

Abdul Sattar Jatoi, Shaheen Aziz, Suhail Ahmed Soomro and Mohammad Siddqui


Muhammad Sohail, Mudasir Hussain and Junaid Sarwar


Ahmed Ali Jamali,Azizullah Channa,Prof Dr Khan Muhammad Brohiand Gordhan Das Valasai

(Pakistan) 306-Inrush Current Minimization For Single Phase Induction Motor

Based On Calculations By Negative Temperature Co-Efficient (NTC) Thermistor.

287-Line Protection With Distance Relays

254-Miniature Microcontroller Based Treatment Of Odontalgia Via Micro Electrode


307-Process Uncertainty Quantification and Parametric Optimization for Minimizing

Exergy Losses in Naphtha Reforming Process

67-Identification of Potential Occupational Hazards with Relative Controls for Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Chemical Operation during Oil and Gas

Drilling Activity

Adil Ahmed,Huzaifa Mazharand Umair Ahmed


Mahnoor Aslam Muhammad Aslam, Shahnoor Aslam

Muhammad Aslam and Faique Shah Bukhari


Muhammad Tahir Qadri (Pakistan)

Asad Ullah Akram and Iftikhar Ahmad


Muhammad Mujtaba Asad,Razali Hassan, Qadir Mehmood Soomro, Fahad Sherwani and Muhammad Zubair Hingoro


Lunch & Prayer Break (2:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

Keynote Session (03:00 PM to 04:15 PM) Auditorium – Main Hall

Session Chair: Prof. Dr. Khadija Qureshi Session Secretary: Ms. Diana N. Vienescu

Keynote Talk 1 Prof. Dr. Guangren Yu University of Chemical Technology, Chemical Engineering College, Beijing, China

Keynote Talk 2 Engr. Irfan Ahmad Consultant & Technical Advisor (K-Electric, Hydro China Dawood Power), Pakistan

Keynote Talk 3 Dr. Zeeshan Khatri Department of Textile Engineering, Mehran UET Jamshoro, Pakistan

Keynote Talk 3 Prof. Dr. Bilash Kanti Bala Agro Product Processing Technology, Jessore University of Science and Technology.

Jessre, Bangladesh

Keynote Talk 4 Dr. Egemen Sulukan Turkish Naval Academy, Tuzla, Istanbul 34942, Turkey

Keynote Talk 5 Dr. Mohammad Younas University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar, Pakistan

Keynote Talk 6 Prof. Dr. Ayşenur Uğurlu Hacettepe University Environmental, Engineering Department, Turkey

Keynote Talk 7 Dr. Gabrial Anandarajah Energy System Modelling. UCL Energy Institute, University College London, United


Keynote Talk 8 Prof. Dr. Norani Muti Mohamed Fundamental & Applied Sciences Department, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Centre of

Innovative Nanostructures & Nanodevices (COINN), Malaysia

Page 12: Tentative Conference Program

Closing Ceremony (04:15 PM to 05:30 PM)

Program Schedule Activity Name Affiliation & Designation

Guests to be seated - Recitation (Holy Quran) Hafiz

Conference Recommendations Prof. Dr. Rasool Bux Mahar US Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water (USPCAS-W) Address by Chief Guest Mr. Shamsuddin Shaikh CEO at Engro Powergen and Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company

Concluding Speech Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Uqaili Vice Chancellor, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology, Jamshoro, Pakistan Shield and Souvenir Presentation to the Honourable Guests

Vote of Thanks Prof. Dr. Hafeez-ur-Rehman Memon Dean Faculty of Engineering, Mehran University of Engineering & Technology

Jamshoro, Pakistan

Closure of Closing Ceremony/Tea (5.30 PM to 6:00 PM)

Day 03 – Thursday, November 03, 2016

Field Visit & Site Seeing Activity

Departure from MUET Auditorium (09:00 AM) Arrival at Keenjhar Lake (Ramsar Site) (10: 15 AM)

Refereshment (10:30 AM) Lunch (01:00 PM)

Departure to Shah Jehan Mosque at Thatta (01:30 PM) Arraival at Shah Jehan Mosque at Thatta (02:00 PM)

Departure to Makli World Heritage (03:00 PM) Arrival at Makli World Heritage (03:45 PM)

Departure to MUET Jamshoro / Karachi (04:30 PM) Arrival at MUET Jamshoro (06:00 PM) Closing of the Conference (06:00 PM)

Page 13: Tentative Conference Program

Organized by

Energy and Environmental Engineering Research Group (EEERG)

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering

Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

In collaboration with

USPCASW - US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Water, Mehran UET, Jamshoro;

Coventry University, UK

HEC-British Council funded Knowledge Economy Partnership (KEP) Program Project