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<ul><li><p>TENNESSEE FARM BUREAU FEDERATION </p><p>October 6, 20 14 </p><p>TO : Dr. Donald Sudbrink, Austin Peay State University Dr. Warren Gill, Middle Tennessee State University Dr. Liz Mullens, Tennessee Technological University Dr. John Hall, Tennessee State University Dr. Caula Ann Beyl, University of Tennessee at Knoxville Dr. Todd Winters, University of Tennessee at Martin </p><p>Dear Friends: </p><p>The Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation announces summer internship opportunities. The TFBF Summer Intern Program is available to Juniors and Seniors enrolled in one of the fo llowing universities: The University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Tennessee State University, Tennessee Techno logical University, Midd le Tennessee State University, The University of Tennessee at Martin and Austin Peay State University. </p><p>Interns will be working in one of the fo llowing intern program areas: Public Policy - The Public Pol icy intern 's work will include legislative research, tracking agricultural issues and assisting in developing talking points on agricultural issues. </p><p>Communications - The Communications intern should be a Communications or Journalism Major. He/She wi ll be writi ng agricultural-related articles and researching news items. They will be assisting other Fann Bureau staff at various conferences and events as needed. </p><p>Special Programs - The Special Program intern will assist with the Agriculture in the Classroom program including writing lesson plans involving agriculture. They will assist with the Young Fanner's program and the Farm Bureau Women's program. </p><p>Tennessee Livestock Producers - The Tennessee Livestock Producers intern wi ll participate hands-on with marketing and sales ofli vestock through sale barns, video sales and other avenues. This candidate must have a working knowledge of livestock and be able to work around animals. </p><p>This is a twelve-week Summer Intern position established by the TFBF. The intern will be paid $4,000 for the 12 weeks work plus travel expenses incurred when traveling for Fann Bureau. Some long days, evening and weekend work wi ll be required . This is not an 8:00a.m. to 5:00 p.m. position, but a position working with staff until the j ob is completed. </p><p>***Interested students are to apply to our office no later than January 30, 2015. Intern applications should include the following: ( I) the student's resume, (2) up to three letters of recommendation including one from his/her uni versity advisor, (3) college transcript, and (4) a cover letter from the applicant indicating program area of interest and telling why he/she wants to work for Tennessee Fann Bureau this summer.*** </p><p>147 Bear Creek Pike, Columbia, T N 38401 P.O. Box 313, Columbia, T N 38402-0313 Phone 931-388-7872 Fax 931-388-5818 </p><p>sjohn130Highlight</p><p>sjohn130Highlight</p><p>sjohn130Highlight</p><p>sjohn130Highlight</p><p>sjohn130Line</p><p>sjohn130Line</p></li><li><p>PAGE2 </p><p>If you or any student has questions, please give us a call. Our office will contact applicants to schedule an interview appointment in Columbia for February. </p><p>The universities' cooperation to provide academic credit through the Farm Bureau Summer Intern Program in past years is appreciated. We are glad to work with each university as needed to establish credit for those completing the program. Please let us know if the university and student wish to establish this intern program as a credit course. </p><p>Posters are enclosed to help each university promote this educational and rewarding internship opportunity. Thank you for your help in promoting the Farm Bureau Intern Program. </p><p>Sinc~relx, </p><p>!:L~ Director of Special Programs </p><p>DS:sc </p><p>Enclosure: ( 1 0 Posters) </p><p>cc: Lacy Upchurch Joe Pearson Dr. Tony Johnston, MTSU Dr. CliffRicketts, MTSU </p><p>Dr. Tim Cross, UTK Dr. Neal Schrick, UTK Dr. Carrie Stephens, UTK Dr. James Larson, UTK Emily Gray, UTK </p><p>Dr. Michael Best, TTU Dr. Bruce Greene, TTU Dr. Nathan Conner, TTU </p><p>Dr. Joey Mehlhorn, UTM Marvin Flatt, UTM </p></li></ul>