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TEKNIK ANIMASI Apa ...?FilmAnimasiFilm Animasi+=Animasi KomputerTeknik AnimasiVisualisasi Apa itu Film, Animasi, Film Animasi?Film hidup Dunia Fotografi Foto Kamera, seni peran, seni dekorasi (latar, pencahayaan) Merekam suatu keadaan atau mengemukakan sesuatu.Kamus ... Purwadarminta, 1984: Barang tipis seperti selaput yang dibuat dari seluloid tempat gambar potret negatif (yang akan dibuat potret atau yang dimainkan dalam bioskop)Lakon (cerita) gambar hidup Apa itu Film, Animasi, Film Animasi?Animasi Dunia Grafis Gambar ilustrasi desain grafis (desain komunikasi visual)Encyclopedia Americana vol. VI, 1976:Animated, a motion picture consisting of a series of individual hand-drawn sketches, in which the positions or gestures of the figures are varied slightly from one sketch to another. Generally, the series is film end, when projected on screen, suggest that figures are moving

Film(Kamera)Non AnimasiAnimasi(Gambar)Berdasarkan Materi Pembuatan:Dwi-Matra (2D)Animasi Sel (Cel Animation)Animasi Potongan (Cut-out Animation)Animasi Bayangan (Silhoutte Animation)Animasi Kolase (Collage Animation)Gambar langsung pada filmTri-Matra (3D)Animasi BonekaAnimasi ModelAnimasi PixilasiBerdasarkan proses produksi:Animasi KlasikAnimasi Stop-MotionAnimasi Komputer/Digital

Apa itu Animasi Komputer?Pembuatan gambar-gambar/citra bergerak melalui penggunaan komputer Sub Bidang garfika komputer (computer graphics) Aplikasi-aplikasi :Filmprogram TVComputer gamesWeb contentsAplikasi Simulasi Pemodelan Teknik Animasi?Cara/Metode/Rekayasa didalam Pembuatan Animasi agar produktif, efektif, dan efisien

Topics of computer animationCharacter animation (3D animation)Keyframe animation, motion captureRigging, facial animationMotion planning, motion editingCrowd simulation Physically-based animationRigid objectsCloth, strands, deformable objectsFluids (fire, water, smoke)2D Cell Animation

Character AnimationControlling characters humans / cartoon characters / animals Using real human movementsManually creating the movements

Motion capture Digitizing the human movements Tracking the movements of the markersApply them to virtual characters

RiggingNeed to decide how the surface deforms according to the movements of the skeleton

Motion EditingMaking use of the captured motions for different scenes Adjust the movements so that they satisfy constraints

Motion PlanningHow to switch from one posture to another without colliding with other objects / characters How to control characters so that they behave smartly

Crowd simulationSimulating the pedestrians in the streetsHow does one's movement affect those of the others

Facial animation Animating the face by Motion capture dataUsing musculoskeletal models

Physically-based animation: Rigid ObjectsSimulating rigid objects flying, colliding, and bouncingTechnical issuesCollision detectionDeciding the initial conditions and adding virtual forces so that the scene appears in the way like you

Physically-based animation: Cloth simulationSimulating the movements of clothes when the body movesHow the wind affects the shape

Physically-based animation: HairHow the hair moves when the wind blowsNeed to take into account the physical properties of the hair,Collisions between the hair The lighting effects

Physically-based animation: FluidsSimulating liquid, mud, fire, bubblesHow to efficiently simulate the motion of the fluidsHow to control the fluids so that the animator can get what s/he wants

Wrecks/Crashes/DestructionSimulate how / where the destruction starts and expands

2D Cell animation For a 30 minute cartoon, 3000 cell pictures are neededThis requires a month labour of 50 professional drawers How to create 2D Cell animation efficientlyUsing 3D graphics and render in a 2D cell animation fashionlighting, shadows, deformation

What is visualisation?Application of interactive 3D computer graphics to the understanding of data.interactive viewing, understanding and reasoning processConversion of numbers imageshumans are generally poor at raw numerical data analysishuman visual reasoning allows robust analysis of visual stimuli convert numerical analysis into visual analysisSimple Example : Maps

Numbers represent height on a 2D map so what is the shape of this famous mountain?

Simple Example : Maps

with 3D graphics we can represent the shape of the mountain directly - we can improve the visualisation of this height data by viewing it in 3DBen Nevis Fly Through: http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Ben Nevis visualisation of 3D satellite data http://earth.google.com

Visual Data Analysispresenting data in a convenient and efficient visual form for human visual analysisCombining multi-dimensional data into a single image so that it is easy to understandExtracting important features and emphasizing themExtracting important surface data from volume dataColoring it in various ways so that it is easy to understandComputer VisualisationStrengths of computing as a visualisation tool:3D computer graphics multi-dimensional datatemporal data (suitable for animation)human computer interactionvisualisation is an interactive processData storage / processinglarge amounts of data (fast, random access)data transformationThis course: data representation & transformation for visualisation

Features of Visualisation : 1Multi-dimensional Datadata with 3 or more dimensions (N, N >= 3)

We use computer graphics to produce an image from the high dimensional data

Features of Visualisation : 2Interactionuser driven processuser does analysiscomputer does visualisation

Unlike numerical analysis of statistics the user does the analysishttp://www.paraview.org/

Features of Visualisation : 3Data transformationdata is repeatedly created and modified to enhance meaning to the user202.0000000000 -221.0050048828 -170.1450042725 202.5000000000 -220.5050048828 -169.8619995117 202.5000000000 -221.0050048828 -169.7920074463209.0000000000 -296.5029907227 -165.5749969482 .....

Raw 3D points from a range scanner Projected 3D point cloudTriangulated 3D surface + associated depth colouringFeatures of Visualisation : 4Flow of datae.g. weather, financial prices, air flowtime varying (temporal) datavisualisation of flowCan use animationVector fields (many flows)

http://www.paraview.org/Information VisualizationVisualization of abstract data Book contentsGraphs, Networks (social networks, train routes)Transaction data

Gambaran Proyek Animasi

Multiplayer realtime animation system (develop a game)Development of a simulated character Character animation from editing motion capture High-level behavior: path planning, herding, traffic simulations Procedural animations: fractals for natural phenomena, algorithmic plants, guided evolution, morphing Simulation of flexible objects Facial animation Natural phenomena modeling Animation tools: intelligent camera motion, sound generation Animation for education: engineering, visualization

Sumber :Computer Animation and VisualisationTaku Komura(http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/tkomura/cav/)

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