Teddy ROosevelt

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Teddy ROosevelt. The 26 th President. Goals. Wall of Fame Review Progressivism Connect ideas from previous lesson. Roosevelt Revives the Presidency. Became President at age 42 What is the youngest age to become President? International ideas Social Darwinism Domestic ideas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Teddy ROosevelt

Teddy RooseveltThe 26th PresidentRoosevelt Revives the PresidencyBecame President at age 42What is the youngest age to become President?International ideasSocial DarwinismSurvival of the FittestDomestic ideasProgressivism Finding a balance amongst Groups of PeopleSquare DealNo more, no less

Roosevelt takes on the TrustsTakes on J.P MorganRailroad Holding companyWants to Break up the Sale of the Railroad to one CompanyTook the Case to the Supreme CourtNorthern Securities v. United StatesThe Company was found Guilty of Breaking the Sherman ANti-Trust ActRoosevelt became known as a Trust Buster

The Coal Strike of 1902United Mine Workers (UMW)150,000 workers walked out WantedBetter PayReduced Work HoursUnion RecognitionDrove up the Price of CoalCreated ArbitrationSettlement negotiated by an outside party

Regulating Big BusinessCreation of the Department of Commerce and LaborBig corporations negotiated a deal the made changes to their business plans privately to not have to pay finesHelped the economy without breaking up trusts

Big BusinessHepburn ActCreated the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)Helped Regulated Railroad ratesCreated Standard RatesConsumer ProtectionTook potions when sickPotions Contained Dangerous SubstancesWater, alcohol, sugarCaffeine, opium, cocaine, and other compoundsUpton Sinclair- The JungleMeat Inspection ActPure Food and Drug ActFood has label

ConservationEnvironmental ConservationismTrying to find a balance between using materials and putting resources back to the landMaterials were being used very quickly Create the Forest service