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2. WANT TO HELP SOMEONE? SHUT UP AND LISTEN!Dr. Ernesto Sirolli 3. Traditionally when a person wants to help a colleague,they approach them with thoughtful ideas. Ernesto Sirolliexplains why the best way to help someone is to embraceand help the growth of their own ideas, and keep yourideas to yourself. Simply, shut up and listen. 4. I think Dr. Sirolli did a great job gaining attention from theaudience by taking advantage of his accent with his graspingspeaking voice. I found his Italian accent very catchy. He also had very good body language. 5. The art of story telling was one of his strongest points. Healso drew attention by making the audience laugh and alsohad some more serious parts. 6. During his video, Dr. Sirolli used the 6thcommandment to explain the topic. 7. COMMANDMENT VI Thou shalt not flaunt thine ego. Bethou vulnerable. Speak of thy failureas well as thy success. 8. I rate Dr. Sirollis Want to help someone? Shut up andlisten. 9. WHY A 5?I thought that Dr. Sirolli was a very clever speaker. Hisvideo was full of energy, very persuasive and kept my fullattention. He made me laugh and also brought seriousissues to my attention. He made me think and realize thathelping someone is as easy as being quiet and listeningto their needs. 10. Humor and storytelling are some of the main concepts used byDr. Sirolli that were recommended by speakers Garr Reynoldsand Nancy Duarte. 11. Some things that I have learned from Dr. Ernesto Sirolli as a speaker is thattelling short stories and anecdotes and adding some humor can help go along way. The stories help brings a better connection to the audience andhumor makes the audience feel comfortable when listening. 12. I believe that Dr. Sirollis powerful body languageand catchy accent gave him a edge over Sir KenRobinson 13. However, both Dr. Sirolli and Sir Ken Robinson hadgreat stories and showed great humor witch mademe want to listen even more. 14. TIPS FOR MY CLASSMATES Tell stories to connect with the audience. Use your best speaking voice. Humor the audience to help them feel comfortablelistening to you. 15. CITATIONSTed logo http://blog.ted.com/2012/08/21/the-20-most-watched-ted-talks-to-date/ Ernesto 1http://www.ted.com/speakers/ernesto_sirolli.html Ernesto 2 http://ernestosirolli.eventbrite.com/ Ernesto 3 http://pinterest.com/turabia/i-say-u-say-v-say/ Shut Up http://www.helpyourselfgetlucky.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/01/shut_up1.png Ted stage https://www.facebook.com/TED?rf=106059612768223 Ken Robinson http://unclutteredwhitespaces.com/2010/07/sir-ken-robinson-on-creating-an-education-system-that-nurtures-creativity/