Techniques of answering English language SPM

Techniques of Answering SPM

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English language SPM

PAPER 1Why do we need to score in Paper 1? Marks 85Writing test It tests your ability to write good English Apply your knowledge in delivering the topics/ contents

Directed writingNothing impossible, just unfamiliar saying - Chinese




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Informal letter Report Article Talk Informal letter

Encouraging cousin to take up National Service The lack of interest in sports among students Write about a friend who was chosen as the best student Science reference book that is useful for secondary students Give reasons to friend why he/she would make a good Head Prefect Tell friend about your three-day outdoor activity camp experience


Informal letter


Discipline problems Students co-curricular activities Current issue Campaign in school Experience of students Environmental problems Health Science & technologyThings revolve among students

PeopleMoral or aesthetic values

SPM 2009Write a report for the Principal on the lack of interest in sports among students in school.

Format - report Address the principal Title Reported by (f1-f3)

Format (f1 & f2)30th July 2011

To: The Principle, SM Seri Jenan. Ref: Reasons for students not interesting in Sports

30th July 2011

To: The Principal, SM Seri Jenan. Ref: Reasons for the Lack of Interest in Sports among Students

IntroductionI am conducted a survey to get reasons for the lack of interest in sports among student in the school. There were 40 students interview in the survey. The findings of the survey show there were 3 mains reaons for the lack of interest given.

I had conducted (past perfect) survey to identify (vocabulary) reasons for the lack of interest in sports among students (PLURAL) in the school. There were 40 students interviewed (passive)in the survey. The findings of the survey show there are (present T) three mains reasons (Sp) for the lack of interest shown (voca.)

Reason 1 (c1)


- attitude -lack of time

The first reason was the (c1) student attitude in sports. They said that it was a wasted time. If they take too much attention in sports, they will lack of time to study. Elaboration?

Your answer

Your answer

SuggestionThe problems mentioned by students can solved with this following suggestion. Firstly, teacher should told students about the benefits/ importance of taking part in sports. Teachers need to stress that sports make our body strong and health. If we are health we study better.

The second reason is their parent. Most of students parents emphasizes on academic performance especially in public examinations. Parents would send their children t0 tuition classes rather to the school field. However, they said that their parents want them to concentrate on their studies. Taking part in sports will not give them good job.

Can you identify the mistakes in the paragraph?

The third reason the students gave is related to sports facilities and equipment. First, there is not enough equipment for everyone. Students have to take turns to use the racquet or hockey sticks which waste a lot of their time. Many get bored waiting while some lose interest and eventually do not attend practice at all. Second, students stated that the field and courts were not maintained well. They could not practise well or enjoy themselves

The problems identified through the survey can be overcome with the following suggestions. First, teachers could talk to their students about the benefits of getting involved in sports such as keeping the mind and body fit and healthy and learning essential values such as teamwork. Teachers should also talk to parents to help them understand the importance of sports in helping to create well-rounded students.

Second, the school could allocate more funds to help improve the facilities and buy more equipment so everyone can have opportunity to participate. It will also be good idea employ qualified to employ qualified trainers or coaches to help students to enjoy each game better. Third the school could organised more competition to get students interested in participating in sports. Competitions are always fun so this would be a good way to encourage students to take an interest in sports. In addition, the school could offer attractive prizes to encourage participation and reward students for their performance.

ConclusionI believe the suggestions are good measures to encourage students to take part in sports. I hope the students will realize the importance of taking part in sports .

Closing :

Thank you.Prepared by, (f3)

What did you see? Robbery A fire An accident

Section B 1. Describe an unforgettable incident that you saw on your way home from school. (descriptive writing)

You are a reporter and you happen to be at the scene of a road accident. By expanding on the notes given below and adding relevant details. Write a report of the accident for the local English daily. When writing the report, remember to set out the report correctly. Include any other information which you consider relevant. -a passenger alighted from a bus -a motorcyclist overtook the bus from left - the motorcyclist rammed into the passenger - a man hurt while motorcyclist escaped from the scene - someone telephoned for the ambulance

Retired teacher victim of hit-and-run BATU PAHAT, Wed A passenger who alighted from a bus was hit by a motorcycle in a hit-run accident which occurred along Jalan Permata earlier today. Mr Tan Kim Tee, a retired school teacher, was on his way to the bank to cash a cheque when he was struck and thrown ten metres. He never reached his destination. According to eyewitnesses, Mr Tan has just stepped off when the motorcycle, a racing model, overtook the stationary bus illegally from the left and hit him. The motorcyclist did not even pause to look as Mr Tan was flung to the side of the road.

Mr Ganesh, 60, a hawker who operates a teh tarik stall near the scene of the accident, described the accident as appalling. The poor fellow was groaning by the road. I think one of the passengers in the bus came down to help him. I quickly used my hand phone to telephone the hospital. Mr Yap See Huat, 35, the passenger who administered first aid to the victim said the motorcycle had been following the bus closely for some time as traffic heavy. According to him, the motorcyclist was very impatient. He kept swerving from side-to-side, trying to overtake the bus. He must have thought it was a golden opportunity when the bus stopped to let Mr Tan alight. I think Tan has been war he must have broken at least two bones in his left leg. He looked very shaken. Mr Tan has been warded in General Hospital and is reported to be in a stable condition. Later today, police arrested a 23-year-old man in connection with the incident.

Organising your ideas

What happened? When? How did it happen? How many people involved? Describe the scene and what people (at the scene) did The feelings the victims - the rescuers - yours - the crowd?

Narrative writing 4. Write a story ending with we said goodbyes and went our separate ways.

A Trilogy of LoveFrom the moment we met in early spring, as she stepped out of her car and threw her hair back, I knew I was in love. Her long dark hair, her beautiful smilewhen she says hi, Im faint for a while. While gazing into her soft beautiful eyes as she spoke, I couldnt help but notice her laughter that accompanied that mystifying beauty. Her laughter echos, the silence awakesher beauty abound.. just makes my heart ache..

She told me she was from the mountains in Kentucky and how much she loved and wanted to return some day. She comes from the mountains, A place she calls homeThis place she loves, where shes not alone I knew this was a woman like no other woman in my life. Shes into my life like a song and a prayernever before, it just wasnt there..

In the days that followed, as we strolled in the park immersed with spring fragrances, I knew I would never be the same. My life has changed like flowers in JuneA new day is here, smell the lilacs in bloom. I found her not only beautiful but intelligent and I couldnt stop thinking of her. As your beauty comes into focus.. My thoughts are yours, forever yours. The more I got to know her, the happier I became. For no one has made me happier, filling my life as completely As you had made me, caressing me with your smile when our eyes meet...

ClosingAnd now, even though it pains me to think of her, I will continue to love and honor her because hope and love are good things and good things never die. Now, as the sun settles into night, loneliness reigns, oh! the pain All I have left is a song and a prayersometimes I wonder what all I can bear After that moment we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

BeautyAccording to Gibran; "Beauty is eternity; gazing itself in mirror." But since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', everybody has his own perception of beauty. The quotation is indeed based on the universal pillar of wisdom but 'what indeed is beauty. Maybe it is the beauty Princess Diana that captured the heart of people of England or maybe it is the glamorous face of Juliet that shook the core of Romeo.

Shahjahan. Of course, no getting away from the top

most models of the world who have mesmerized the people. Is beauty a mysterious woman with long dark silky hair, hazel eyes, dimpled red cheeks, rosy lips, straight back, noble bust and an attractive face? To me these ideas hold no importance and are simply fake.

The general idea of mob relating to beauty is always a damsel. This is where I object. Why always an attractive girl has to be a model of beauty. "Why not a cute child with a worriless face? Nature, in my view, has bestowed upon children every droplet of beauty. Children do not do Yoga, eat fresh vegetables or practice a dimple studded smile to make their way into the hearts of the people. A poet has very rightly observed;

A poet has very rightly observed; " The cutest thing the world can see, A child new born to his mother's glee, With a profile so cute and tension free, A grudgeless heart the success key."