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  • Technical Writing for Teams: The STREAM Tools Handbook, by Alexander Mamishev and Sean WilliamsCopyright 2010 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


    AAbbreviations, 178Academic annual report. see Formatting

    requirements, academic annual reportAcronyms, 178Action, 169Affi rmatives, 165166Analyze the audience, 20, 8889, 123Analyze the purpose, 123Announcement list. see SharePoint, lists,

    announcement listApostrophes, 176177Appendices, 6162Appendix. see AppendicesArrows. see LaTex, arrowsArticles, 188Audience assessment tool, 91Audience, 2, 9091Autonumbering, 20Awkward, 20, 123

    BBack matter, 61Basic Page. see Web pages, basic pageBibliographic databases

    advantages, 74BIBTeX. see LaTeX, BIBTeXEndNote. see EndNote, bibliographic

    databasesnumbering entries, 80sharing, 80software, 7475

    BIBTeX. see LaTeX, BIBTeXBinary and operational symbols, 49Bold font, 123Book chapter. see Formatting requirements,

    book chapterBook template, 205222Bookmark. see Equations, cross-referencingBooks, 188Business case, 182185

    CC:. see CommentC:\AA. see Analyze the audienceC:\auto. see AutonumberingC:\awk. see AwkwardC:\casual. see Casual wordingC:\colloq. see ColloquialC:\EOI. see End of iterationC:\glob. see Global changeC:\gram. see Grammatical errorC:\model. see Model documentC:\purp. see PurposeC:\pw. see Poor wordingC:\pwt. see Problems with terminologyC:\rep. see RepetitionC:\sp. see SpellingC:\STHx.x. see Writing for research teamsC:\struc. see StructureCapitalization, 178Casual wording, 20Citations. see ReferencesClassifi cations of writers, 15


  • 238 INDEX

    Collective drafting, 110112Colloquial, 20, 123, 167Colons, 176Columns, 65Comma splices, 171Commas, 175Comment, 20Communication Tools, 152Completion stage, 19, 128135Comprehensive editing. see Editing,

    comprehensiveComprehensive outline, 101103Conference paper. see Formatting

    requirements, conference paperConference papers. see Proceedings papersConstruct the whole document. see Document

    constructionContacts list. see SharePoint, lists, contacts


    explained, 116legacy content. see Legacy contentnew content. see New content

    revise, 121125Controlling styles, 64Copyediting, 128130Copyediting symbols, 130CorelDraw, 10, 51Corporate, 151Cultural Sensitivity, 150Custom lists. see SharePoint, lists, custom


    DDashes, 177Databases. see Bibliographic databasesDates, 179Deductive structures, 103Defi ne team procedures. see Team proceduresDefi ne team roles. see Team roles, defi neDefi nition stage, 18, 8794Discriminatory language, 168Discussion boards. see SharePoint, lists,

    discussion boardsDissertations, 97Distance, managing teams. see Teams,

    managing from a distanceDistribute writing tasks, 107, 127Divide and draft, 109110

    Document construction, 120121Document design problems, 9, 30Document design tools, 22Document library. see SharePoint, lists,

    document libraryDocument naming, 30Document outline. see OutlineDocument purpose. see PurposeDocument submission. see Submit the

    documentDouble-column template, 197203Double negatives, 165166Draft submission, 119Drafting

    collective drafting. see Collective drafting

    divide and draft. see Divide and draftsolo drafting. see Solo draftingstrategies, 107112

    EEconomical writing. see Write economicallyEdit, comprehensively, 121Editing tasks, 4748Editing using Microsoft Word, 125Editorial mark-up table . see STREAM Tools

    editorial mark-up tableEditorial questions tool, 122Elements

    copy existing, 2324creating

    equation element. see Equations, element

    fi gure elements. see Figures, elementheading element. see Headings,

    elementreference elements. see Referencestable elements. see Tables, element

    cross-referencing, 25edit, 2425

    End of iteration, 20, 123EndNote

    bibliographic databasesadding references, 78citing references, 79interfaces, 7578

    explained, 10End punctuation, 174Enter content, see Content

  • INDEX 239

    Equationsaltering, 4244bookmark, 27common formatting mistakes, 43common stylistic mistakes, 4445cross-referencing, 27, 3942formatting, 2627template, 39tips and tricks, 4549

    Error! Messages, 55Ethnic, 150Events list. see SharePoint, lists, events listExclamation points, 174Exercises, 16, 34, 72, 83, 136, 159, 188Expert, 15, 91Exposition, 92

    FFaulty parallelism, 173FAQ. see Frequently asked questionsFigures

    altering, 49captions, 28common formatting mistakes, 51common stylistic mistakes, 5254cross-referencing, 49edit, 27formatting, 27template, 49tips and tricks, 5455

    File management, 30File management problems, 9, 30File repository, 100101File versions, 118Final process-improvement, 135Final review, 129131Formal reports. see Report types, formalFormality, word. see Word formalityFormatting

    elements, see Elements, creatingequations. see Equations, formattingfi gures. see Figures, formattingheadings. see Headings, formattingreferences. see Referencestables. see Tables, formatting

    Formatting Requirementsacademic annual reports, 64conference paper, 64funding agency reports, 64

    journal paper, 64masters thesis, 64proposals to state agencies, 64report, 64web page, 64

    Formulate the purpose. see Document purpose

    Fractions, 179Fragments, 171Frequently asked questions (FAQ), 185186Funding agency reports. see Formatting

    requirements, funding agency reportsFundamental Concepts, 23Fused sentences, 171172

    GGender, 151General reader, 90Generation, 151Generic structure for proposals. see Proposal

    structureGlobal change, 19, 20, 123Goals. see Team goalsGoToMeeting, 110Grammar, 180Grammatical error, 20, 123Greek characters, 47


    altering, 37common formatting mistakes, 38common stylistic mistakes, 38cross-referencing, 26formatting, 26template, 3637tips and tricks, 39

    Historical documents, 9596History, technical writing, 45Horror stories, 24Hyphens, 177

    IIEEE with STREAM Tools template,

    223230Import spreadsheet. see SharePoint, lists,

    import spreadsheetIndecies, 62Index. see Indecies

  • 240 INDEX

    Informal reports. see Report types, informal instruction, 166

    Instruction, 92Is forms, 169Issues list. See SharePoint, lists, issues listItalics, 124

    JJargon, 167168Journal articles, 96Journal paper. see Formatting requirements,

    journal paper reports

    KKeyboard shortcuts

    creating, 121in LaTeX. see LaTeX, keyboard shortcutsin MathType, see MathType, keyboard

    shortcutsin Microsoft Word 2003, 4546in Microsoft Word. see Microsoft Word,

    keyboard shortcutsKick-off meeting, 88


    advantages, 1213arrows, 48BIBTeX, 81binary and operational symbols, 49compared to Microsoft Word, 1012converting equations from MathType to

    LaTeX, 47entering equations into Microsoft

    Word, 47Greek letters, 4748history, 1012issues, 12keyboard shortcuts

    arrows. see Arrowsbinary and operational symbols. see

    Binary and operational symbolsloglike symbols. see Loglike Symbolsmiscellaneous symbols. see

    Miscellaneous symbolsmyths, 12

    Legacy content, 64, 116117Linguistic, 150Lists, SharePoint. see SharePoint, lists

    Literature citations. see ReferencesLoglike symbols, 48Long report template, 205222

    MManagers and decision makers, 90Managing teams from a distance. see Teams,

    managing from a distanceMaster documents, 66Masters thesis. see Formatting requirements,

    masters thesisMathType

    converting equations from MathType to LaTeX, 47

    explained, 10keyboard shortcuts, 4546

    Meaningless words, 167Measure, units. see Units of measureMember roles. see Team rolesMicrosoft Word

    advantages, 1213comment function, 107, 125127compared to LaTeX, 1012entering LaTeX equations, 47equation editor, 4546history, 1012keyboard shortcuts, 45myths, 13outline features, 104106reviewing documents, 127

    Miscellaneous symbols, 48Misused words, 123, 164165Model document, 20, 123Modifi ers, 167, 172173Multiple templates, 64

    NNational level, 150Negatives, 165166New content, 117118Noun, 162163, 166Novice, 15Number(s), 178179

    OOperator, 91Organizational, 151Outline, 101Outsider, 15

  • INDEX 241

    PPage numbers, 59Papers, 9697Parallelism. see Faulty parallelismPassive voice, 169Penciled comments, 21, 124Percentages, 179Periods, 174Persuasion, 92PhD dissertation. see Formatting

    requirements, PhD dissertationPoor wording, 21, 124PowerPoint, STREAM Tools basics,

    231234Practice problems, 6671Preparation stage, 19, 94116Prepositions, 169Problems with terminology, 21, 124Procedures, team. see Teamwork, proceduresProceedings 9697ProCite, 75Production, 250Project development, 250Proofread, 131133Proofreading symbols, 130Proposals, 97Proposal structure, 98Proposals to federal agencies. see Formatting

    requirements, proposals to federal agencies

    Proposals to state agencies. see Formatting requirements, proposals to state agencies

    Punctuation, 174Purpose, 21, 92, 123Purpose tool, 93

    QQuestion marks, 174

    RRed pen comments, 21, 124References, 29, 81Regional, 150Reference Manager, 10Regular Comment, 21, 124Religious, 150Remote Figures, 55Repetition, 21, 124

    Report. See Formatting requirements, report

    Report types, 99Repository, fi le. see File repositoryRevise, 121125Roles. see Team rolesRoman, 124Run-on sentences, 171172

    SScientifi c and Technical wRiting, Editing,

    And fi le Management Tools (STREAM Tools), 68

    Secondary audience, 89Section breaks, 59Selecting team members, 8788Semicolons, 175176Sentence types, 170Sentence variety. see Sentence typesSexist language, 168Sentence construction. see Weak sentence

    construction SharePointintroduction, 154155lists

    announcement list, 155contacts list, 155custom list, 155discussion boards, 156document library, 155events list, 155import spreadsheet, 156issues list, 155surveys, 156task list, 155

    tutorial, 158Single-column template, 191196Social class, 151Social information processing theory, 149Software, 810Solo drafting, 107109Spelling, 21, 124STEM table. see STREAM Tools Editorial

    Mark-up TableSTREAM Tools. see Scientifi c and

    Technical wRiting, Editing, And fi le Management Tools

    STREAM Tools Editorial Mark-up Table (STEM), 2021

    STREAM Tools optimization, 94

  • 242 INDEX

    STREAM Tools PowerPoint, 231234STREAM Tools ten commandments, 235Strong sentences, 168169Strong words, 162Structure, 21, 123Strunk and White, 124Shared fi les. see File versionsSite management. see Web pages, site

    managementSites. see Web pages, sites and

    workspacesStart fast, 289Style guides, 112113Style guide tool, 113115Style sheets, 114Style sheet tool, 114115Submit the document, 133135Success stories, 186187Surveys. see SharePoint, lists, surveysSwift Trust, 149Symbols, editing, 130Synchronize writing styles. see Writing

    style synchronization

    TTable of contents, 60Tables

    altering, 56caption, 29common stylistic mistakes, 57common formatting mistakes, 57cross-referencing, 56formatting, 28insert, 29numbering styles, 57template, 56tips and tricks, 58

    Task list. see SharePoint, lists, task listTalk to reviewer, 21, 124Templates

    available templates, 24creating

    headings. see Headings, templateequations. see Equations, templatefi gures. see Figures, templatetables. see Tables, templatepage numbers. see Page numberstable of contents. see Table of


    importance, 2324multiple, 64using template fi les, 2325

    Team member selection. see Selecting team members

    Teamworkbenefi ts, 138139characteristics, 144challenges, 138143, 144confl ict resolution, 147148decisions, 146goals, 143managing at a distance, 148payoff, 139140procedures, 145148roles, 144146virtual teams, 148149

    Technician, 91Templates, 2324Tertiary audience, 89TeX. see LaTeXTheses, 97Thesis template, 205222Together, 124

    UUnits of measure, 179180User, 15

    VVariety, sentences. see Sentence typesVerb, 162163, 166Version control, 32Visio, 10

    WWatch the video, 124Weak sentence construction, 170171Weak words, 164Web pages

    alerts, 158basic page, 158formatting requirements. see Formatting

    requirements, web pageintroduction, 157sites, 158site management, 158workspaces, 158web part pages, 158

  • INDEX 243

    What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), 11

    Wikicreating, 153editing, 153introduction, 152monitoring edits, 153154other suggestions, 154overview, 31team communication, 264

    Web part pages. see Web pages, web part pages

    Wizard, 15Word formality, 163164Word, Microsoft. see Microsoft WordWorkfl ow optimization, 30

    Workspaces. see Web pages, sites and workspaces

    Write economically, 169170Writing for research teams, 21, 124Writing process, 18, 86Writing quality problems, 8, 30Writing stage, 19, 86, 116127Writing style synchronization, 112Writing system, 56Writing task distribution. see Distributing

    writing tasksWYSIWYG. see What You See Is What

    You Get

    YYellow text, 106107

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    /Description >>> setdistillerparams> setpagedevice


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