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  • 1. Team PreciseTeam Precise Paris Lofton,ChristopherParis Lofton,Christopher Green,Guadalupe Gonzalez,TaraGreen,Guadalupe Gonzalez,Tara Dettman,and EvelynChris LawrenceDettman,and EvelynChris Lawrence Photo Credit: The Pug Father via Compfight cc

2. HookHook Paris Lofton fromTeam Precise Our proposal focuses on the release of; The media player compatible with most apple products. This new media player will impact sales record Apple. Audio media player, unlike Apples iPod media player the new device is compatible to AIFF and Wave format. The new product is expected to account to over 100 million units sales worldwide. The product originality and finicality will meet users demand. 3. Environmental ScanningEnvironmental Scanning To designs best personal computers, and leads the digital music revolution. Reinvented the mobile phone with the iPhone. Defining the future of mobile media with the iPad. To maintain status as one the leaders in production of media technology. External market, the competition, and the business climate. High quality materials Caters to audiophiles Rapid change in technology Headphones can be use for multiple device Expands product to stay in the market Be compatible to players, smartphones, tablets 4. EnvironmentalEnvironmental ScanningScanning Challenges Build a quality brand variety of products that blend with Beats add and create on to the brand reach a new audience, keep loyal customers happy 5. Environmental ScanningEnvironmental Scanning Business Climate Globalization an important role in Apple products. Global economic Crisis= huge impact on Apple Consumers spending less on Apple products Challenges Build a quality brand Variety of products that blend with Beats Add and create on to the brand Keeping customer happy 6. Environmental ScanningEnvironmental Scanning Competition Audio Technica- M50 best headphones under $200 Sony- MDR7506 cheap within everyones budget Sennheiser- 280 HD Pro blocks outside noise around $90 iPod- trusted brand for music and media player. 7. StrategyStrategy FormulationFormulation Apple we will develop a media player with high quality product and sound. Media player is designed with style and sleek look to appeal to the Beats consumers. New Product will be manufactured at Foxconn in China. Production at this site will help keep the production costs low. The cost to manufacture Media Player will be around $100 - $175 depending on how many gigs of storage will be on the device. We will sell the Media Player around $199 - $299 for 16gig, 32gig or 64 gigs of media storage capacity. 8. Strategy FormulationStrategy Formulation Utilize social networking to increase consumer awareness of the new media player such asTwitter, Facebook and YouTube. Blogs for tag lines and key word phrases, which include Beats, Apple Media player, Trent Reznor, Dr. Dre and other celebrities who wear and endorse Beats products. Online advertisements on the popular electronics sites, popular rock and hip-hop publications and business and news sites like IEEE Spectrum, The Source, XXL, Rolling Stone Magazine and Business Insider to name a few. 9. Strategy FormulationStrategy Formulation Legal implications: Beats headphones manufactured with lightening adapters for Apple or Beats products will create inability to access by non apple users. This will create limited access by interested target market. Alienate consumers who do not want to purchase Apple devices could result in the decrease in sales if the consumer prefer not use Beats headphones while listening to the media player. 10. Strategy FormulationStrategy Formulation Ethical and social responsible considerations; To create the best quality products. To provide good customer service. Provide customer a way to express their concerns regarding issues encountered with products or services from the company. 11. Financial Data AnalysisFinancial Data Analysis Apple Inc. Designs, manufactures, mobile communication, device computers, digital music players. Current Market: market cap $574.1 billion. July 11 stock 95.22 change .19% 12. Financial Data AnalysisFinancial Data Analysis Proposal Apple Player Benefits Manufacturing Total - $ 105.35 Researh & Development - $ 9.42 Software & Administrative- $ 21.16 Tax Rate - 6.5% 13. Financial Data AnalysisFinancial Data Analysis Proposal Apple Player Benefits Bills of Materials - $ 150.00 per unit Beats Media Player Price 64GB - $ 299.99 32GB - $ 239.00 16GB - $ 199.99 Subscription Based Services $ 8.00/month $ 99.99/annually Bundle - $ 550.00 14. Financial Data AnalysisFinancial Data Analysis 15. Strategy ImplementationStrategy Implementation Over the span of 3 years - develop and manufacture the Beats media player for its potential release in 2015. January 2015 - Booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show January 2015 - Feature panel at International CES with Trent Reznor and Dr. Dre March 2015 - Display functional samples of the media player at Apple stores and other electronic retailer like Best Buy October 2015- Check the hits on, Facebook likes, Twitter followers etc. December 2015- Release of the media player at all major retailer and 16. Strategy ImplementationStrategy Implementation January 2016 - Review consumers feedback, monitor blogs, and consumer reports about the Beats Media Player February 2016 - Encourage consumers who purchased media player, to upload a video using the player. Feature the best videos on Apple, Beats websites as well as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube to bring awareness to the public about the new media player in the market. 17. Strategy ImplementationStrategy Implementation To evaluate success, we will measure positive reviews on the site and the Beats website. Monitor Facebook site for consumers response subscribing to like the page during the the media player announcement. Closely monitor sites that captures statistic of subscribers to the media player. Provide consumer access to sites to share suggestions and ideas from consumers point of view. Utilize this data prior to the media player released to evaluate a need for adjustments to product and campaign. Check the sales volume from all of the national electronic retailers, and Apple Stores to assess a need for re-adjustments to the marketing campaign. 18. ConclusionConclusion The introduction of media player through the Beats brand will hold and established reputation within our target customer. This new media player will impact opportunity for Apple to regain its position as best in digital sales. The marketing approach we are taking for the launch of this new product could account to over 100 million units sold worldwide. The product originality and finicality will meet users demand. With the recent merge of two best company, Apple with a reputation of making great products and Beats by Dre well known for collaborating good quality sound music into a device headphone, together can conquer worldwide best sales in digital media player.