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Teaching period:9th Teaching topic: unit 1 Teaching content: Project (Language points) Teaching aims: 1.To help the students understand the play better 2.To deal with some important points Difficult and important points:

Teaching period:9th Teaching topic: unit 1 Teaching content: Project (Language points) Teaching aims: 1.To help the students understand the play better

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  • Teaching period:9thTeaching topic: unit 1Teaching content: Project (Language points)Teaching aims: 1.To help the students understand the play better2.To deal with some important pointsDifficult and important points: Some words and phrases

  • Summary(1):One day, when Tony met Mike in the park,Mike said he was sitting on an i______bench,then, Tony joined in him.They bothsat for a w____,and s_____, crossig andu_______ legs, reading a book. Then, Cathy and Paula joined in them,too.But Mikelooked a_____ and stood up and w______over to the middle of the stage and satdown. Later, Ann came to them and askedif they were s_____ on an invisible bench.nvisiblehilehiftedncrossingnnoyedandereditting

  • They said yes. But Mike said they didnt,because he f_____ to tell them thatthe bench was too c______,so he had moved the bench. In the end, Tony, Paulaand Cathy all f____ down.orgotrowdedell

  • Once u___ a time, there w___a very funny story among three people, the King, the Queen and a s_____. One day, as soon as the King entered the p____, he called in a servant and told him he had to have some i________ papers immediately. Soon came back the servant with a s____ of o_____-looking papers, but s_____ this, the King threw them a__the servant and shouted: No, no, no, bring my important papers! Summary(2):ponaservantalacemportanttackfficialeeingt

  • The servant d_____ out and in a minute re-entered with a newspaper in his hand. This time, to his s______, the King t____ it into halves and cried: No,y___ fool! I must have my important papers RIGHT NOW!!! However, like the first and second time, the servant f____ to bring the King what he wanted several times. Even the Queen didnt know what her husband wanted and just tore a page from her book and o_____ it to the King. ashedurpriseoreouailedffered

  • The King moved around in his chair, c_____and uncrossed his legs and seemed very anxious.At last, the servant h___ out a rollof toilet paper. He was puzzled whether theKing needed it or not. On the contrary, upongetting it, the King ran o__ as fast aspossible. So can you guess what happened to the King?


  • Fill in the blanks with proper forms:

    We are sitting on an _______ bench._____ if I sit down?Mike stands up and __________ to the middle of the stage.I _____________(forget) to tell you.The _______group fell down to the ground.invisible wander over entiremust have done mind invisibleentirewanders overmust have forgottenMind

  • 6. The King raises one eyebrow and looks _________ at the servant.7. Servant enters ___________official-looking papers.8. The servant bows and _________.9. _________ to bring them to the King.10. Queen tears a page from her book and _____ it _____ the King.

    meaningfully dash out a stack of offer it is ones duty to do sth.

    meaningfullyoffersIts your duty dashes outwith a stack of to

  • 1. as if to make roomHe moved his lips as if to say something..He said as if ______________________________. he had been to America before.Language points

  • Can you make room for me? .They sat closer together to make room for an old man.move away The whole village moved away to make room for the construction.

  • 2.Mike looks annoyed. (line 25) be/get annoyed at/ about/ by sth. be/get annoyed with sb. (about sth) We were annoyed at losing the documents.annoying vs annoyed

    interruptHe got very annoyed with me about my carelessness.It is annoying to be interrupted.

  • annoy vt. It annoys me when people forget to say thank you.Close the door if the noise is annoying you.

  • 3.Mike stands up and wanders over to (line 27)1).He was wandering about in the forest.2).The road wanders through the range of hills.3).We seem to have wandered from the path.4).He realized his audiences attention was beginning to wander.

  • 4. I must have forgotten to tell you. (line37) should,ought to,can, could,may,might

    It must have rained last night, for the ground is wet this morning.

  • You cant have finished the novel so fast.You shouldnt have left your son alone at home.

  • 5. Servant bows, dashes out, re-enters with a newspaper. (line 53)v. She suddenly dashed into the street.The vase dashed to pieces on the floor.

  • 6. tear the paper in two (line 54)v.(tore , torn) , He tore the letter into pieces.The babys illness tore her heart.n. He burst into tears.tear aparttear (at)tear downtear intotear oneself away frombe torn betweenand

  • 7.Servant burst in,next to Queen(line64) burst(burst, burst) vi. 1)If you blow that balloon up any more it will burst.2)Water-pipes often burst in cold weather. burst in /burst in on/upon sb. burst into laughter/tears /burst out laughing/cryingburst out /

  • 1) They ____________ me while I was working.2) I dont believe it! She ________angrily.3) He watched the bomb _______ in the air.4) The aircraft crashed and ___________ flames. burst in onburst outburstingburst intoburst in /burst in on/upon sb. burst into laughter/tears /burst out laughing/cryingburst out /

  • 8. He glares at queen. (line 68) glare at stare at glance at 1) Its rude to _______ other people.2) They didnt fight, but just _______ each other.3) She ________ his watch, and told me, You are always late.stare atglared atglanced at

  • 9. holds out a roll of toilet paper (line 71) I cant hold out any longer. I must find a toilet. How long can our food hold out? He held out his hands to express his warm welcome to us. hold out //,/

  • hold out//,/hold back; hold upTom _________his hand, and called a taxi.Will the water supply _________ through the summer?We will never be _______by difficulties.The traffic was _________because of the heavy snow.held outhold outheld backheld up

  • 10.take on We are not taking on any more staff at present.No one wanted to take on the challengeit was too dangerous.1978Since 1978, my hometown has taken on a new look.

  • take in take off take over take up take away Dont be ________by products promising to make you lose weight quickly.Im too tired, and I cant ________extra work.These insects can ________ the colours of their surroundings.Miss Li is going to________the company.Mike was _________his shirt when the phone rang.taken intake ontake ontake overtaking off

  • 1. 2. ,3. , 4. ,5. 6. 7. ,soon after/before longtake onmove/go on to doin pairsfor a while/momentthe night shiftgo on

  • 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. raise ones eyebrowa stack of papersdash intoone-hundred-meter dashin tearstear sth. into pieces

  • 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. burst into laughterburst inglare atglance athold outa role of toilet paperas if to do

  • 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26.make room for cant have donetearin two/halfbump into/againstbe annoyed with sb.compare notes with sb.

  • Fill in the blanks with proper forms.response, impress, worthwhile, annoy,crosswander, entire, enthusiastic,humor, tear1.It is _________ visiting the museum.2.Is mothers leg _______ tothe treatment?3.He is ____ between his work and his family.4. I was ________ in the street when someone called me by name.5. It is bad manners to sit with your legs ______.worthwhilerespondingtornwanderingcrossed

  • response, impress, worthwhile, annoy,crosswander, entire, enthusiastic,humor, tear6. Whats your ________ of him?7. The mountain was ______ covered in snow.8. I dont see the _____in his joke.9. He was very _________ about wild flowers.10. I was ______because I missed the bus.impressionentirelyhumorenthusiasticannoyed

  • take on a new look take on sb. When did you take up basketball?? ()take up a post take up too much space take in ();();; take turns to do sth. take on a new meaning take A for B ABtake off ;;();();take to ;;

  • take along takeas take sb./sp. by surprise ();takefor granted ,take (an) great interest in take sth. into account/consideration take care of take note of take pains to do take the place of ;take the risk of

  • Holdhold a babyhold powerhold a positionhold ones attentionhold ones breathHold your tongue!The hall can hold 300 people.hold ones head highWill the rope hold? hold on //../()hold back ,/,/