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  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    Teacher Work Sample

    Melanie Goolsby


    Fall 2014

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    Table of Contents:

    Dimension 1: Contextual Factors.. 3

    Contextual Factors Table: ....8

    Dimension 2: Unit Goal............................................................................................................... 12

    Dimension 3: Assessment Plan and Pre Assessment Results................................................... 13

    Pre-Test: 15

    Dimension 4: Detailed Lesson Plan 18

    Lesson 1: ..... 20

    Lesson 2: . 25

    Lesson 3: . 33

    Lesson 4: . 40

    Lesson 5: ..... 45

    Dimension 5: Post- Assessment Plan and Results .. 51

    Post-Test : .54

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    Dimension 1

    Contextual Factors


    General Information:

    Red Cedar Elementary school is located in Bluffton, South Carolina and they have

    classrooms for pre-k through grade five. Their vision statement is:

    We, the families, staff, and community of Red Cedar Elementary, strive to foster

    a love of knowledge, self, and others within each of our students, while

    empowering them to be life-long learners, innovative thinkers, and citizens of

    good character in an ever-changing world.

    Red Cedar Elementary is a title 1 school in the Beaufort County School District. Because Red

    Cedar is a Title 1 school, they receive additional funding from the government, smaller class

    sizes, additional teachers and assistants, extra time for instruction and parent involvement

    activities. Parents are provided with materials and training to improve their childs achievement.

    On the 2013 annual report card, Red Cedar was average on their growth rate and good on

    their absolute rating. They have an attendance rate of 97.3% and 50.9% of teachers have

    advanced degrees. The student-teacher ratio is 20.3 to 1 students.

    This year the school has decided to turn the library into an e library because the older

    students are allowed to take home iPads. The library is specifically called the media center and

    there are no longer books in there. The media center is a project and technology center. The

    books from the library have been disbursed among the school for the younger children, who are

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    not provided iPads, to still have access to. This will affect my teaching because I can take the

    students to the media center for project based learning.

    Population: (As of March, 26, 2013)

    Red Cedar had a total of 779 students (estimated currently at 945). 424 are Hispanic, 201 White,

    112 African American, 32 African American/White, and 10 Students of other races. 51 % of the

    schools population is made up of ESOL students. These students are pulled out or have

    accommodations in the mainstream classroom to ensure they are reaching their highest potential

    for academic success. Red Cedar has five ESOL teachers, four literacy teachers and two

    instructional coaches. Red Cedar is adamant about working with the diverse community to

    ensure education to the children of the community.

    RESPECT School behavior policy

    Red Cedar Elementary uses the word RESPECT as their main behavior chart throughout

    all grade levels. RESPECT stands for: Responsibility, empathy, self-discipline, being positive,

    showing effort and cooperation, and being trustworthy. This behavior acronym is displayed in

    the hallways throughout the school and in every classroom to insure they every student knows

    what is expected of them while in school.

    Other School Activities:

    Students participated in school-sponsored clubs: Art, Compass Learning, dance

    ensembles, Drum and Dance Team, Foxes Trot Running Club, Foxes Score Sports Club, Honors

    Choir, and robotics. Special activities for students included Got a Problem? for fourth and fifth

    graders, Just My Imagination fantasy night for third through fifth graders, and a Manners

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    luncheon for fourth graders. The school participated in Walk to School, Bike to School, and

    Bring Your Parent to School days in the 2013-2014 school year.

    Red Cedar has adopted a WIT program for `1st- 5

    th graders. WIT stands for Whatever

    It Takes. Students are put in WIT groups based on their subject need and learn different task

    such as, Organization skills, good study habits, extra reading time, note taking, and any other

    special ideas a student might need extra assistants in.


    Red Cedar is a multi-age teaching school. My classroom is a k/1 classroom. The

    kindergarteners are in one room and the classroom connects to the first grade room with an

    office. The first grade class will come over to our classroom to do reading buddies and during

    specials time. A Kindergarten student is paired up with a first grade buddy to help make the

    transition of school an easy process. Outside the classroom is the discovery zone. This is

    where the centers are set up, so teachers do not have to make their centers in the classroom. The

    students cubbies and book bag hooks are also located outside of the classroom. Inside of the

    classroom are 6 tables for the students to sit at, but they are connect by twos, facing each other.

    The classroom also has a teachers desk, 2 desk for computers and a writing center. There is a

    carpet located in front of the promethean board, and a bathroom in the back of the classroom.

    There is a storage closet and a sink area located on the left side of the room. The teacher has a

    rolling easel and an extra small storage closet for easy access to materials. There are 2 small

    white boards located on each side of the front wall. These white boards hold our daily jobs,

    calendars and easy to access lessons of the day. The classroom word wall and number line is

    located next to the book shelf in the reading center and we have a listening center that is right

    outside of our classroom in the discovery room. We have a daily 100 chart, student of the week

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    chart, birthday chart and color and counting chart located at the front of the room. On the

    window is our weather center for the weather man to record our daily weather forecast.

    Because our school has a high rate of ESOL learners, everything in the classroom is clearly

    labeled with the English word and a picture. The one thing about the classroom I would want to

    change is the location of the clock. It is hidden in the corner and it is hard to locate for the

    teacher and children.

    In our classroom we have been selected for a music grant. Along with my classroom

    teacher, we will be taking Saturday classes on how to incorporate more musical activities into

    our classroom. The students will get to play with instruments, go to concerts in savannah on field

    trips, and have instructions come to the classroom to integrate music into our classroom. We

    were the only class chosen for this grant from Red Cedar.


    The class size is 22 total students. 12 males and 10 females. 13 are Hispanic, 2 African

    American and 7 white. 16 students have free or reduced lunch. Student W and F are retained

    students returning to kindergarten. These 2 students will be pulled out of class with a SIT team.

    10 students are average learners, 6 are considered above average and 6 below. Student I receives

    ESOL help as well as receiving help in speech because he/she is thought to be tongue tied.

    Student T, V and W also know little English and are pulled out for ESOL help. Student L wears

    glasses so seat is placed near the promethean board to accommodate his/her vision. Student I and

    S both failed their vison test and they are in the process of getting glasses. These students will

    need to sit close to the board and instruction during lesson time until they are able to receive

    glasses. They will also be allowed to come sit on the carpet to read the board if necessary.

    Students T, V, R, C, B, and G will be pulled out of class for reading intervention. Student C is

  • 1.5.5 Teacher Work Sample Average Example

    also being tested on his fine motor skills. The student claims he has a robot leg and may be a

    candidate for physical therapy through the school. Student R is very young and only knows 2 of

    52 letters. He/she is eager and excited to learn, but has not been exposed to many Pre-K

    standards. Student W (who is retained) has an extremely hard time sitting on the carpet and

    stands for a lot of instructional time.

    12 out of 22 students speak Spanish full time at home. This highly affects my lessons and

    method of teaching. All instructions must be modeled out to the students and an example of

    every activity needs to be shown to the students. It is also important to repeat the directions

    several times using hand motions along with verbal instructions. Students F, G and R, are very

    dependent and sit near the teachers desk so they can be monitored and reminded to stay on task.

    Student C gets easily off task on the carpet unless the subject is something he is interested in. By

    providing a picture of a robot or monster, he stays on task and pays attention to the lesson. All