TAR Psgr Timetable 13.12 - Commonwealth Railways Psgr Timetable 1976121آ  TAR Psgr Timetable 13.12.1976

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  • SYDNEY . . . . . . . . 9th Floor, 41 York Street. (Phone 29 5001 Telex 21334)

    MELBOURNE . . . . 325 Collins Street. (Phone 61 2545 Telex 31 109)

    ADELAIDE. . . . . . . Ground Floor, Railway Station, North Terrace. (Phone 51 0231)

    PERTH.. . . . . . . . . Shop H36, Hay Street Level, City Arcade. (Phone 21 8817)

    PORT AUGUSTA . Railway Station. (Phone 42 261 1, Telex 80401 )

    KALGOORLIE . . . . Railway Station, Parkeston. (Phone Kalgoorlie 21 1922)

    ALICE SPRINGS . . Railway Station. (Phone 2 101 1, Telex 81 252)

    CANBERRA.. . . . . Railway Station. (Phone 95 1555, Telex 62157)

    WHYALLA . . . . . . . Railway Station. (Phone 45 0422)


    Passengers who so desire may have their motor vehicles carried by rail between Port Plrie and Perth (Kewdale). All motor vehicles are carried only at the risk of the owner. Single freight rates between Port Pirie and Perth are:

    Wartbound Eartbound $ $

    Passenger train Goods train

    Each vehicle must be accompanied by at least one fare paying passenger. Details of loading and unloading times, in addition to rates for the conveyance of other than conventional domestic motor vehicles, are available from any of the Australian National Railways Offices listed above.

    BOOKINGS Rail Booking Off~ces and Tourist Bureaux are con- veniently located In all Capital Cities. Alternatively, you may book through your Travel Agent or any of the Australian Natlonal Railways Offices listed above.


    Y f

    ': 13 DECEMBER 1976:: -: . 1 '



    Brrsbane on, Wed and F~I) . Indlan-Padflc except Mon, Wed, Fri


    and Fr~day)

    MELBOURNE arr 2020


    ADELAIDE dep PORT PlRlE arr

    Trans-Australian (Mon. Wed & Sat) and

    Indian-Paclflc (except Mon, Wed and Sat)

    (Alter watches forward 1 M hours)

    Marnbray Creek Nectar Brook


    Nectar Brook Marnbray Creek

    Port Gerrne~n PORT PlRlE

    and find Thurs Set

    Rerd 1340 (1330 Sun) 1340 1353 , Forrest

    Mundrabilla The Overlend

    Intercapltal Dayi~ght

    lexcept Sun)

    MELBOURNE 0855 0834 0867+- *I


    All servlces operate dally unless otherwise spec~fied. A.M. Departure times from stat~ons l~sted In the timetable In capltal letters 0100 are accurate at the date of preparation of t h ~ s leaflet. All other tlrnes are 0200 as accurate as pract~cable but may vary slightly in some cases depend- Ing upon the particular servlce

    Change trains

    i 9nn



    Port Pine Adelaide Melbourne Canberra - All tares include via Broken Hill reserved seats and

    Brisbane - Meals on the Indian- Pacific and Trans- Australian are also included except for

    BETWEEN breakfast on the KALGOORLIE and: mornlng of arrival in

    Port Augusta Perth. In the case of Port Pirie passengers travelling Adelaide from or to stations Melbourne beyond Adelaide a Canberra -

    I AVAILABILITY OF TICKETS Ordinary single inter-system tickets are available as follows: Single tickets -two months. Return tickets are available for six months.

    BOOKING OF RAIL ACCOMMODATION Accommodation for forward journeys to and from Western Australia may be booked twelve months in advance. Return accommodation may be booked by passengers purchasing return tickets, up to thirteen months in advance. Break of journey is permitted provided the journey to destination is completed within the periods above. Prior arrangements, however, should be made as intermediate travel by some services is restricted.

    LUGGAGE As the space available for luggage in sleeping compartments is limited, passengers are advised to take w~ th them not more than one suitcase of up to about 710 mm in length and one smaller case or overn~ght bag. Other luggage should be presented (with your rail ticket) at least thirty minutes before departure time for conveyance in the brakevan. Free allowances: Passengers undertaking journeys between at least Port Augusta and Kalgoorlie: First class - 80 kg; Economy class 60 kg.