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  • Taiwan Shuttle Headquarters No. 30, Lane 76, Rui-Guang Rd., Nei-Hu Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan TEL: +886-2-8792-6168 FAX: +886-2-8792-6268 http://global.shuttle.com Sales E-mail: sales@tw.shuttle.com Media Contact: shuttlepr@tw.shuttle.com

    USA Shuttle Computer Group INC. 17068 Evergreen Place, City of Industry, CA 91745 TEL: +1-626-820-9000 FAX: +1-626-820-5060 http://us.shuttle.com sales@us.shuttle.com

    Germany Shuttle Computer Handels GES. M.B.H. Fritz-Strassmann Str. 5, D-25337 Elmshorn, Germany TEL: +49-4121-476860 FAX: +49-4121-476900 http://eu.shuttle.com sales@shuttle.eu

    Japan Japan Shuttle Co., Ltd 2F Murakami Bldg., 1-8-3 Ojima Koto-ku Tokyo, 136-0072 Japan TEL: +81-3-5625-1670 FAX: +81-3-5625-1673 http://jp.shuttle.com sales@shuttle-japan.jp

    China Rm 2B1, Block AB, Tianjing Building, Tian'an Cyber Park, Che Kung Temple, Futin District, Shenzhen, China TEL: +86-755-3322-2966 FAX: +86-755-3322-2968 http://cn.shuttle.com salescn@cn.shuttle.com

    All product specifications and information are subject to change without notice. All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. © Shuttle Inc. 2018.01.VP.1.0

    Superb for Home, Work, Business and Industrial applications Product Guide 2018

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    About Shuttle

    Established in 1983, Shuttle Inc. is based in Taiwan with an extensive

    worldwide network of subsidiaries, resellers, partners and suppliers.

    With over 30 years in desktop relative design, manufacturing and

    working with Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA, Shuttle has the affirmed superi-

    or quality of products and services. Keeping “Innovation, Quality,

    Integrity and Service” in mind, Shuttle produces the best quality

    products at a competitive cost to meet its customers’ needs. Shuttle

    has received numerous international awards due to its advanced

    thermal technology and mechanical design and has passed ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

    Since the creation of the world’s first-ever mini-PC in 2001, Shuttle Inc. has been recognized as an industry

    leading designer and manufacturer of small form factor (SFF) computers and accessories for consumer and

    commercial sectors. Experienced in small form factors and thermal technology, Shuttle XPCs are now

    applied to Digital Signage, Point-Of-Sale, Kiosk, and Access control vertical solutions. Shuttle offers its vertical

    customers the most cost effective and customizable hardware solution options. Shuttle’s product profile

    includes a range of entry level to high performance Slim PCs, Mini PCs, All-in-One PCs, and Biometric

    solutions. All Shuttle products use the highest quality materials and parts, with excellent cooling technology

    and low-power consumption.

    Whether your business operates in hospitality, retail, banking, transportation, government, healthcare,

    education, or security, Shuttle can provide the solution you’re looking for to increase your competitiveness.CONTENTS

    Good Design Award

    reddot Design Award

    02 About Shuttle

    03 Areas of Application

    05 3-liter Slim Series

    07 3-liter Slim Series-XC60J

    09 1-liter Slim Series

    11 1-liter Slim Series-DH02U series

    13 Slim Series Speci�cation

    15 Slim Series Speci�cation

    17 XPC nano Series

    19 XPC nano Series Speci�cation

    21 AIO Series

    22 AIO Series Speci�cation

    23 XPC Cube Series and 3-liter Slim XH110G

    24 XPC Cube Series Speci�cation

    25 XH110G Speci�cation and Accessories

    27 BR06

    28 BR06 Speci�cation

    29 Case Study & Solutions

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    Target, engage, and inform with Shuttle solutions

    In-store Signage Advertising

    Digi tal M

    enu Boa


  • RS232 PS/2 Port

    XH110 series only

    0℃~50℃ Triple Display Dual

    Giga LAN

    High Performance Slim PCs for Office and Kiosk XH270, XH170V, XH110 Series Shuttle’s XH270,XH170V and XH110 series include four powerful 3-liter slim PCs that feature

    robust performance and are suitable for not only home media, but also for o�ice or

    industrial applications. With support Intel® Kabylake/Skylake processors, this series can

    play 4K video content and o�er multiple video outputs to drive up to three independent

    screens (XH270 and XH170V only). With huge storage capacity, the series allows for up to

    four 2.5”HDD/SSD or one 3.5” HDD*(expect for XH270) for a wide range of applications.

    Thanks to its advanced heat pipe and smart fan design, the series is 24/7 certi�ed and

    runs quietly and reliably cool in 0-500C temperatures, ideal for commercial environments

    such as o�ice, digital signage, Kiosk, POS, and POI.

    *Note: Installation of ODD is not compatible with 3.5” HDD con�guration. XH270 is not support installation of ODD.

    · Strong ability to connect peripherals · Compact and VESA mountable · 24/7 Certi�ed in 0-500C Environments · Supports up to three independent screens · Dual Intel® Gigabit LAN Network (XH270, XH110V/XH110 only)

    5 6

  • A Connectable and Efficient Slim PC to Power Vending Machine and Kiosk XC60J The new 3-liter slim PC XC60J features robust performance with a fanless cooling

    design, powered by the latest Apollo Lake SoC 14nm processor. Support up to eight

    COM ports, the device boast strong connectivity for peripherals. The XC60J delivers

    higher processing power, increased energy e�iciency, and integrated graphics that

    is built to meet the demands of commercial markets. The XC60J o�ers two video

    outputs and can natively drive dual displays at up to 4K resolution. It is 24/7 certi�ed

    and runs reliably cool in 0-400C temperatures environments. The XC60J provides

    excellent peripheral connectivity to drive highly

    interactive Kiosk, vending machine, and POS


    · Built-in 8 COM ports to connect peripherals · Fanless design · Supports 4K/ Ultra HD video playback · 24/7 Certi�ed in 0-400C Environments · Supports dual independent screen displays · Supports Intel® Gigabit LAN Network

    0℃~40℃Fanless COM x 8 4K


    7 8


  • 4K High-performance Digital Signage Player DQ170, DH series, DS series, DX30 & DL10J To meet the diverse digital signage market and ultra-high resolution display demands,

    Shuttle o�ers the right signage player for every scenario-including a range of entry level to

    high performance 1-liter Slim PCs. This series seamlessly plays 4K video content and

    supports multiple-screen displays.

    Robust, compact and stylish, this

    series is housed in a metal chassis

    design for rugged durability. 24/7

    certi�ed, VESA mountable and

    reliable operation in up to 0-500C of

    ambient temperatures make the

    series ideal for digital signage appli-

    cations such as menu boards, retail

    locations, airports, hotel and every-

    where you see a digital sign.

    · Supports Intel® vPro™ Technology (DQ170 only) · Fanless design (DS67/68/77 series, DX 30 & DL10J only) · Supports up to triple displays · 24/7 certi�ed in up to 0-500C Environments · Multiple I/O for great connectivity · Supports 4K ultra HD · Supports �rmware TPM data encryption (Skylake/ Kabylake platform only)

    0℃~50℃Fanless RS232 x 2 4K


    9 10

    Except for DH110SE

  • Compact and Robust 4-display Digital Signage Player DH02U series

    · Supports four HDMI 2.0 video outputs · Supports 4K @60Hz resolution · 24/7 Certi�ed in 0-500C Environments · Supports four independent screen displays · Supports Intel® Gigabit LAN Network

    11 12

    0℃~50℃RS232 4K


    HDMI 2.0 X 4

    The all-new DH02U series 1-liter slim PC is equipped with the latest Intel® Kabylake CPUs and with adding NVIDIA GTX 1050

    Graphics card then users can have better graphics ability in this small form factor. With its powerful graphics engine, the

    DH02U series enables smooth 4K playback at 60Hz. This model is the �rst 1-liter slim PC which can support up to four inde-

    pendent displays via four HDMI video outputs. The DH02U series is an impressively

    versatile and high-performance player made to by easily integrated into a variety

    of digital signage markets. Its slim metal chassis, including VESA mount capability,

    versatile connectivity and reliable operation in up to 50℃ temperatures makes the

    DH02U series ideal for video wall, Digital

    Signage, Kiosk, Surveillance, and other

    professional applications.

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    Cooling system



    Video Engine Processor

    Video Capability


    Storage Interface

    Storage Bay

    Expansion Slot

    Video output

    I/O Port


    Kensington Lock Hole

    VESA Mounting Support

    Dimension (L/W/H) mm



    Operating Temperature (℃)



    Operating System



    Smart fan

    Intel® Kabylake/Skylake LGA1151 socket Core i3/i5/i7, Pentium, Celeron 65W processor