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  • 1. MESSAGE FROM PAKISTAN BLIND CRICKET COUNCIL We have been taught that nature compensates us for the calamities it inflicts on us and that among others, blindness may be a most serious affliction but that it still cannot stand in the way of those with a resolve to achieve greater things, awe-inspiring is the spirits to smile in the face of adversity, to overcome the limitations imposed by a crippling handicap and yet have the desire to compete and to excel, and the ambition to live life to its fullest despite blindness. The visually impaired cricketers enjoy and gibe pleasure to not just their similarly afflicted brethren but to infuse a can-do spirit in the entire humanity with their indomitable courage. Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) is leaving no stone unturned to provide ample cricket playing opportunities to the visually challenged at all levels (international events, domestic cricket, club cricket and in Blind educational institutes), providing educational aids and stipends to complete their studies and also extending full support for their rehabilitation and inclusion in the society. So far, three One-Day Cricket World Cups for the Blind had been conducted and Pakistan Blind Cricket team reached the final of all three editions and won the last two World Cups consecutively beside this Pakistan won the 10 International one-day series out of played 12and also won 6 Twenty-20 series out of played 7. PBCC is a full member of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) with a voting right and PCB is extending full support for the promotion and development of cricket for the Blind. Government of Pakistan also contributed in conducting International Blind Cricket events and recognized the achievements of Pakistan Blind Cricket by awarding the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz to Mr. Abdul Razzaq the Captain of World Champion Pakistan Blind Cricket team. Pakistan Blind Cricket team is fully prepared to take the challenge of the first Twenty-20 Blind Cricket World Cup to be held in India from 1st to 13th December 2012 in Bangalore. Pakistan Blind Cricket Council conducted three preparatory camps, one in July 2012 and two in November 2012, each of ten days. PBCC anticipates thrilling and interesting contests in the World Cup, Pakistan hopes to lift the title although it wont be easy. PBCC acclaims the efforts of Cricket Association of the Blind in India (CABI) of taking the initiative of conducting inaugural Twenty-20 Cricket World Cup for the Blind and wish them success in making this World Cup a success. Syed Sultan Shah, Chairman, PBCC24 www.samarthanam.org www.blindcricket.in

2. 25 3. MESSAGE FROM BANGLADESH BLIND CRICKET COUNCIL On behalf of Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC), we would like to congratulate CABI and Samarthanam Truest for Disabled for the successful conduction of the first T-20 World Cup-2012 for the Blind. Cricket for the Visually Impaired in Bangladesh head been started in the year 2000. The National Association of Sports for the Persons with Disability (NASPD) is the pioneer of Blind Cricket in Bangladesh. One weak Blind Cricket Training Camp and a Friendly Demonstration Match Jointly organized by National Association of Sports for the Persons with Disability (NASPD and National Forum of Organization working with Disabled (NFOWD) with the support of West Bengal Blind Cricket Association (India) in 2000. It was the initial stage for the Promotion of Blind Cricket in Bangladesh. NASPD also arrange a 15 days Training Program for Players and Coaches in Dhaka Bangladesh 2007 with the support Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC). Thereafter for Development of the cricket for visually challenged persons of Bangladesh and establishment of the equal access of visually challenged persons with blind cricket as a part of their games and sports activities as well as to participate in the World Blind Cricket, the Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) has been established on 17th May 2008. The main objective of BBCC is to make efforts for promotion of blind Cricket throughout the country and to arrange cricket tournaments at local, national and international levels, so that they can establish their sports career as a blind cricketer and participate in national and international blind cricket competitions. At present situation of blind cricket in Bangladesh, BBCC feels that extensive training course is needed for the development of blind cricket from grass root level in order do something positive for the promotion of blind cricketers to creating opportunities for the visually challenged persons of Bangladesh. BBCC is planning to continue the ongoing activities for organizing districts, divisional and national level blind cricket competitions within this year and upcoming years. Since 2008, BBCC conducting blind cricket training camp to prepare new young cricketers. The main objective of the program is to develop blind cricket and popularize the game in the community. It is mentioned that, with the support of BBCC, 8 (eight) blind cricket clubs were established in different parts of the country, named: qDhaka Blind Cricket Club qNASPD Blind Cricket Club qChittagong Blind Cricket Club qRajshahi Blind Cricket Club qCoxs Bazar Blind Cricket Club qSunamgonj Blind Cricket Club qABC Blind Cricket Club Narsindi qJessore Blind Cricket Club Number of Clubs yet to be established, in the training session, 250 visually challenged persons were trained up so far, and they are able to play blind cricket. For the development of blind cricket in School level in Bangladesh, Sightsavers have taken the initiatives for creating opportunities for visually challenged persons to concentrate into mainstreaming of the community through blind cricket and other development activities. Page-2 Accordingly, with the financial support of Sightsavers, and technical support of BBCC, BBCC conducted the 10 days blind cricket training camp. The main objective of the program was to26 www.samarthanam.org www.blindcricket.in 4. promote blind cricket at grass root level and establish school blind cricket team.In this way, the visually challenged young cricketers will get the opportunity to participate in the blindschool cricket tournament as well as to participate in the national and international cricketcompetitions.It is mentioned here that, 10 (Ten) blind school cricket team were established in different parts of thecountry.There are a number of blind school cricket teams yet to be established in 2012. It is a dynamic step forSightsavers to promote blind cricket for visually challenged persons in Bangladesh.BBCC believe that, this type of training will help the players to develop their skills and get prepared forparticipating in the national and international cricket competitions.Eventually our heart full thanks to CABI,Samarthanam Truest for Disabled and the hole Board ofWorld Blind Cricket Council (WBCC) for Inviting Bangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) toparticipate in the T-20 Blind Cricket World Cup-2012 for the first time held from01 to 13 December atBangalore, India. We are obliged and heart full thanks to The Hongkong and Shanghai BankingCorporation Limited (HSBC), Bangladesh for supporting us toparticipate in the T-20 Blind CricketWorld Cup-2012.Regardless of the results, our team will definitely learn a lot of experience, playing skills andsportsmanship spirit from this beautiful event. Thanks for the hospitality, very good arrangementsand wonderful opportunity.Best Regards.Syed Quamrul IslamDirectorBangladesh Blind Cricket Council (BBCC) With Best Complimentsfrom deluxe digital studios 1st Floor, Block-B, Pebble Beach |Embassy Golflinks Business Park Off Intermediate Ring Road |Bangalore - 56007127 Ph: +91.80.41153000 Ext: 166 | Mobile: +91 99023 66300, www.bydeluxe.com www.samarthanam.org www.blindcricket.in 5. HISTORY OF BLIND CRICKET IN THE WEST INDIESIn 2001, Mr. Clevedon Mayers as President of the Barbados Council for the Disabled met with Mr. RogerFuggle to discuss introducing blind cricket to Barbados. Mr. Mayers approached the Barbados CricketAssociation, the National Disabilities Unit and the Paralympic Association of Barbados for theseOrganizations to take up the challenge.In 2002, Mr. Mayers held further discussions in London with Mr. Andy Sellins, Coach of the English BlindCricket. Mr. Andy Sellins and Mr. Timothy Guttridge visited Barbados and demonstrated blind cricketwith a cricket pitch at an exhibition called the Home Show which landed the Barbados Council for theDisabled the top Prize for Most Outstanding Booth. This was followed up by a visit of an English BlindCricket Team to Barbados in March 2003 where two matches were played. One was against celebrities inQueens Park and was attended by over eight hundred persons. The team lost against the celebritieswho included players like Joel Garner, Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes. These matches wereorganized by the Barbados Council for the Disabled.Affirmative action was initiated in 2003, when a group of English players and officials visited Barbados toconduct a workshop for people from the Caribbean. Two members of that party journeyed to Trinidad &Tobago funded by the Caribbean Council for the Blind to make a presentation on Blind Cricket at theBiennial General Meeting of the Caribbean Council for the Blind. They called upon the delegates to takeup the challenge of introducing the game in the respective territories.In 2004, a full English team visited Barbados for a series of matches. The hosts lost the series but viewed itas a step in development.Barbados was the first territory to establish its Blind Cricket Association, known as the Barbados BlindCricket Association in 2005. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization under the Companies Act ofBarbados in 2006.Jamaica was the second territory to form its Blind Cricket. In 2005, a full English team visited Jamaica for aseries of demonstration matches. It was during this visit that