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T Register Paddy Willmer Twin Cam Nick Cox - MG Car · PDF fileT Register Paddy Willmer ... Pushrods (8) to suit 18V cam Followers 4.60* Valve Rockers (8) ... Phoscast Iron valve gu~des

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Text of T Register Paddy Willmer Twin Cam Nick Cox - MG Car · PDF fileT Register Paddy Willmer ......

  • T Register Paddy Willmer David Easthope has written to me apropos the TA JB 9446 featured in the last newsletter. He opines that this is one of a series. JB 9445, he believes, is owned by Giles Peacock and was the TA used by Godfrey (Goff) Imhof during the 1937 trials season. The photos I have are labelled as being taken during an 'Alpine Trial' but, as you will see in subsequent issues of our thrilling newsletter, have all the appearance of a touring holiday. Has anyone else any ideas?

    David reports that fitting HV3 SUS instead of H2 carbs has improved consumption on his TA from 25mpg to 3Ompg. He has also modified the standard air filter by removing all its internals and wire mesh, shortening it and fitting a Morris l l00 paper element. The end cover is held on with slt screws to enable replacement every 12,000 miles. His distributor is from a high compression 998cc Mini-Cooper.

    Here is a photo of his TA mnning a 1250 TF engine with Arnott Supercharger at Silverstone in 1968, winning the l0 lap Allcomers Handicap. To see what his car looked like recently you are referred to the November 1982Newsletter-SF Page 21.

    Finally, I can provide copy colour prints of

    the cover photo of last June's 'Safety Fast!' - remember - T-Racers on the main straight at Silverstone for E3 each per 8" X 6" print. I need a minimum of ten orders with money up-front! ChequesPOs to me, then, in great profusion plus SAE of suitable size. Goodbye now..

    Twin Cam Nick Cox As you have probably read in the supplement Geoff Jeb has bought YDl 1885 and taken it down to his home in Devon.

    David Bryant has purchased YDl 700 from Mr Crisp, it is now in Bedfordshire where he is going to finish its rebuild.

    During the sixties he owned YDl 776. Has anybody heard of it since?

    Other news: Robert A. Willes from Kent is now the owner of Y D l 1932, it is powered by a pushrod engine, and has three flutes cut in the front wings, glass fibre doors. He is now looking for a twink engine and correct doors.

    As I promised here is the list of known twinks in Holland from Rutger Booy, Historian of the MGA Type owners, Holland, YD3, owned by Mr Van Driel. This car was a demonstration car for importerlmanufacturer Molenaar in Amersfoot. YD3 605 is owned by Mr LaqueviUe. It is being rebuilt and is a new car on the register. YD3 816, condition unknown, is owned by Mr Smits. YD3 979 was imported from Belgium in August, 1979, it is in good restored condition and is owned by Mr Olieslager. YD3 988 is owned by Mr Heelsbergent, it is a new car to the register but its condition is unknown. YD3 1061 was last seen in 1972. It is owned by a Mr Vreele. YD3 1072 now has a 1500cc pushrod engine and

    disc wheels, its owner is Mr Rowwenhorst. YM3 1091 is owned by Koudstaal and was last seen in 1976. YDH 1091 was manufacturedfrom a CKD kit by Molenaar, its owner is Mr Damen and is in restoration. YDH6 1095 was built from a CDK kit. No further information, but both 1091 and 1095 are new cars to the register. YDH6 1096 is still with its firsf owner, Mr Blankevoort. It was built from a CDK kit and is used in historic racing. YDH6 1097 was last seen in 1972 and its owner is Mr Colen and was built from a CKD kit. YDH6 1302 and 1303 were built from CKD kits by Molenaar, no further information is known. YDH6 1304 is owned by Mr Van Diessen, it is now used in historic racing and was built from a CKD kit. YD3 lB37 is a good running car and is owned by Mr Abbring. YDH6 1390 was built from a CKD kit by Molenaar, no further information is known. YDH6 1391 is owned by Mr De Bont and was last seen in 1980. YDH6 1392 is a good running car, its owner is Mr Maathuis and was built from CKD kit. YDH6 1393 was built from a CKD kit by Molenaar, no further information is known. YD3 1617 is in restoration and is owned by Mr Van Putter. YD3 1714 was last seen in 1969, also YD3 2485 was last seen in 1972. YD3 2551 was imported from Belgium in 1962 and had a Buick V8 engine. Its owner is Mr Reyn Goudt, it is now being restored. W 1 2 5 8 4 is owned by Mr De Jonge, it is used in historic racing.

    Many thanks to Mr Booy for this information.


    40 .TA FETY FAST, Febr110r.v 1986

    Brand New Tufftrided Crank complete with main and big end bearings 92.00

    Cam Followers (8) 18V Engines 9.20* Cam Followers (8) pre 18V Engines 13,45*

    Pushrods (8) to suit 18V cam Followers 4.60*

    Valve Rockers (8) Cheaper than Recon! 23,0O*

    Standard Oil Pump (5 BRG) 22,70*

    High Flow Oil Pump (5 ERG) 34.50*

    Head casting, fully reconditioned and fitted with new guides, less valves 74.75

    Competition Head Gasket 1 8,40*

    Forged 1950cc Race Pistons (dished) 301.20 Cast 1950cc Road Pistons (flatlop) l 1 5.50 Cast 1 9 9 5 ~ ~ Road Pistons (dished) 37.70 Timing chatn (duplex) 4.90' Timing chain (simplex) 2.3s Timing chain tensioner 4 .0s Rocker shaft 8.90' Rocker shaft (lufflrided) 12.00' HlDuty Bearing set (blends, mains, thrusts) 20.90' Phoscast Iron valve gu~des (for Increased wear resistance) (Set 8) 9.9s H.T. 20 Bronze valve guides. (Set 8) 20.70' HIDU~Y valve springs set (200 I ~ S ) 16.10' Camshaft standard exchange. Exch. 13.80 CarnshaH performance exchange B714,B271,B717,B718. E X C ~ . 23.00 Camshaft race exchange B321,B331. Exch. 32.30 N.B. Add c1 1.50 refundable surcharge on exchange cam unless sent with order. K 8 N Air Filter convers~on 31.85 45 DCOE WeberlDellorto inlet manifold 36.35 Complele Ihnkage and fining kit for above 14.65 45 DCOE Weber carb kit with man~fold 8 linkage 167.90 Top quality long centre branch exhaust manifold 58.65 Big bore race exhaust manifold 83.00

    Carriage & Packing. Small i t e m s m a r k e d . 1.73 o t h e r s 3.45 o r Securicor 7.4 up t o 25kg. (C ranksha f t s & cy l inder heads s e n t only by S e c u r ~ c o r ) . Cheques payab le toOES Ltd.

    PLUS-The complete range of OSELLI Performance Paris and Engineering Services, full range alsoavailable for Spridgets and Metros. Send 3.5 for our 90 page tuning manual for full details, or large S.A.E. for machining Price List. (Pleasemention the Club when replying).

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