Surveillance Drone Filmed Over Suburban Chicago Soccer Field

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<ul><li><p>Surveillance Drone Filmed Over Suburban Chicago SoccerField</p><p>During a youth soccer game Saturday throughout Elgin, Ill., a bystander captured footage of yoursurveillance drone flying more than the playing field completely take a glance at everyone.</p><p>Presumably, your unmanned vehicle was there in preparation regarding this weekend's NATOsummit throughout Chicago, approximately 40 miles away. the subject involving drone surveillancecan be lately about the minds of civil libertarians, who're worried of a proposed federal law allowingyour remote-controlled vehicles to patrol the actual skies more than the United States RegardingAmerica starting inside 2015.</p><p>Saturday's video can be amateurish, but it does not look just like a fake. However, there is someexcessive panning, and in addition the sky turns straight into a bit cloudier in about the eight-secondmark. Watch the actual footage and choose pertaining to yourself.</p><p>The surveillance drone, which resembled any MQ-1 Predator, was journeying with an incrediblyreduced altitude, therefore it might have been descending for any landing with regional OlsonAirport.</p><p>Americans ought to become alarmed from believed regarding unmanned aircraft within the skiesoverhead. When there's a proliferation of those vehicles inside the U.S., it'll imply unfettered accessfor the private lives of ordinary citizens.</p><p>Indeed, the us government requirements to offer safety for that NATO leaders at the summit.Protestors are usually planning enormous demonstrations, yet making use of surveillance drones toend up being able to spy upon civilians goes much too far.</p></li></ul>


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