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  • superman

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  • Unit12

  • Answer the following questions:1.Who is the writer of Harry Potter book?2.How does Harrys life change?3.Why is Hogwarts a very unusual school?4.What else does Harry learn besides magic at Hogwarts?

  • True or False:Harry Potter is a world-famous writer. Harry Potter was born in a rich family and grew up with his mother and father.Harry Potter is a boy with a scar on his forehead.Harry goes to an ordinary school.Harry learns a lot of about the real world at Hogwarts.Harry discovers that it is easy to do the right things.FTFTFF

  • Guess the meaning of the words underlined:Harry Potter, a boy with a scar on his forehead and a secret past.Harry Potters life is miserable. His parents are dead and he lives with a family that treats him badly.The magic, many strange creatures and the adventures Harry comes across at Hogwarts help him understand the real world.You must believe in what you do and who you are if you want to succeed in the world.

  • The world of J.K. Rowling is full of _______and _______.She has written a______of book about Harry Potter. Harry seems like a normal boy, but his life is_______.His life changes when he can go to Hogwarts. Hogwarts is an _____ school where students learn about magic. Besides magic, Harry also learns about real life, ______ and how to be brave. His friends help him when he is __________,but he must be strong and help them when they need them. At the same time, Harry has to ____________bad wizards and do the thing right, But its not easy. Therefore, you must believe in ourselves if you want to _______ in the world. Its not enough to be strong in heart and mind; we must also help others if we want to be happy and ______a good life. magicwondersseriesmiserableunusualfriendshipin troublefight againstsucceedlive

  • Discussion :Which book do you like most?When you discuss, you must talk about:1.The writer2.The story and the people3.What you learned from the book.

  • Match the books with correspondent writers:The Merchant of Venice.Jane EyrePride and PrejudiceThe Old Man and the seaThe Snow White HemingwayThe Green BrothersShakespeareJane AustinShallotte

  • Homework: 1.Find out the sentences with the Attributive Clause. 2.Write a book or film review in at least 120 words


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