Summer Wedding Ideas For The Best Wedding Invitations

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Summer wedding invitations


Summer Wedding Ideas For The Best Wedding Invitations

Summer weddings are perfect for every type of wedding traditional, destination, outdoor, you name it and it works in the summer. Summer weddings bring an air of excitement and calmness that isnt necessarily emulated during other times in the year and you want your wedding to reflect that. There are loads of summer wedding ideas floating around the internet and wedding magazines, and no doubt youve probably read through thousands of them already, but very few of them cover the introduction to your wedding for most people: wedding invitations. Wedding invitations set the tone for your wedding and can be used to portray the colors that you plan on using for your special day. A mix of design and personal flair, this first-word for your wedding needs to be perfect, but making it your own can be tough.

Stationery suites are getting a more personal-touch as years progress and many people are looking to have them made-to-order and hand-lettered. Couples want to create a wedding experience that is unique and magical and this goes as far as the invitations, thank yous, and everything else. The popularity of Pinterest has made inspiration easier than ever to be discovered but has the added downside of couples thinking that everything has already been done. You want to be different. You want to stand out. You want your wedding to be yours and unique. As people get more creative, invitations start to become tiny pieces of art that you send your guests, and heres how you can make your own.

This summer, add a piece of personality. Youve chosen to have your wedding in the summer, so youve likely collected some summer wedding ideas that youll want to implement. Its easy to take a pre-designed wedding invitation and tweak it just enough to make it your own. If you want to add more personality to it, finding a graphic designer and working directly with them to create the invitation that is truly yours is also an option. Hiring a designer might cost you a bit more, but it allows you to craft the invitations the exact way that you want and will guarantee a unique and beautiful creation.

Going completely custom gives you control over the whole design colors, fonts, images, adornments and everything else of the sort are in your hands. Personalized monograms appear on anyones stationery, hand lettering and the accompanying flourishings are pieces of your personality. Adding a splash of summer color and bright flowers will help to bring this to the fold. Hiring a calligrapher to scribe your names also helps to create a one-of-a-kind invitation.

Adding specific details that are unique to you and yours are a great way to stand out from the crowd. A personal touch can be something as simple as a bright, summer-toned palate, portrait, painting of the venue, mix of traditional scrolled and block fonts or even a simple yet elegant border. Extend your selection of personal details beyond the stationery suite and branch out into beautiful handwritten thank you notes sealed with a wax seal.

Remember if youre going for personalize scribing on your invitations that imperfections speak as loudly as perfection. Having every letter be 100% perfect doesnt stray much farther than having them printed. Uniqueness in the scribe and personality is your letters make the words more of an art than a science and can create a deep level of uniqueness and personality. Find a font slightly off the beaten path that youd like to use and roll with it.

Working is important. No one wants to read a book on an invitation, so keeping details and wording short and precise will influence the final look. Using less words allows for more room to customize the invitation, where more words will significantly reduce how much space you have to maneuver the contents.

Summer weddings are meant to be relaxed, airy, bright and happy. Try to embody this feeling in your invitations by using complimentary colors of brightness and playful fonts. Remember to have fun with your invitations and youll be sure to have an unbeatable and memorable invitation.