Students, Career Combined With Northern Ireland used cars

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  • Students, Career Combined With Northern Ireland used cars

    VW XL1 300mpg Diesel-Electric Hybrid Car!

    Ireland Cars spotted the star of this weeks Qatar motor show will undoubtedly beVolkswagens one-liter car, the diesel hybrid XL1, which is able to achieve more than 300mpg. Portadown used cars and Belfast used cars is always keeping an eye out for the latest trend,and 2015 is the year of the Diesel Hybrid car. Northern Ireland used cars has long been waiting for avehicle that can achieve such great mpg figures.

    The $60,000 XL1 is powered by an 800cc, two-cylinder turbodiesel powerplant (half a BlueMotionengine), producing 47bhp, supported by a 27bhp electric motor hat fuelled by lithium-ion batteries.The batteries can be charged from a domestic plug, allowing the car to travel 22 miles solely onelectric power.

    Over the past decade governments worldwide have been pressing the automotive industry for bettergas mileage, better fuel economy in vehicles, and other sources of energy. The XL1 fulfills all theserequirements.

    The XL1 also emits just 24g/km of CO2 and has a 0-60 time of 11.9 seconds. Its 10-liter diesel tankgives the XL1 a range of around 340 miles. Adding to the XL1s remarkable fuel efficiency is thefact that the car has been designed to be as light as possible, with an unpainted carbon fiber skinover a magnesium-alloy subframe.

    Efforts to pare weight extend to the engine, transmission, suspension, carbon fiber wheels,aluminum brakes, titanium hubs and ceramic bearings, producing a vehicle weighing only 1,752pounds.

    The XL1 is the brainchild of Volkswagen group former head Ferdinand Piech, who initiated theproject in 1998. Volkswagens designers and engineers responded to Piechs challenge,immediately setting about producing a carbon-fiber bodied car with tandem seating and a single-piston engine. In 2002, in his last public appearance as chairman, Piech drove to a VW shareholdersmeeting in Hamburg in the prototype, and even then managed to beat the fuel-consumption target

  • that he had set his engineers. Following Piechs leaving Volkswagen, the project was essentiallyshelved until Piechs replacement, Martin Winterkorn, along with Volkswagens research anddevelopment head Ulrich Hackenberg, revisited the concept and developed the twin-cylinder hybridL1, which appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. Craigavon used cars will always try tostock the latest most economical cars available for the money.

    Volkswagen engineer Andreas Keller, whos been with the project since its inception, said, Inmany respects, this car is similar to the Bugatti Veyron. I mean that its the absolute pinnacle ofengineering that we Belfast used cars as a company are capable of right now. Its an extreme car;its just that its the opposite of the Veyron. But the technology and the design are equallyimportant. There had to be some creature comforts, but weve done everything possible to keepthe weight down. The air conditioning, for instance, is powered by a smaller unit than is usual, so itmight get a bit hot in there during the UAEs summer. Also, the gearbox, which is a twin-clutchautomatic, has been rehoused in a magnesium casing because its incredibly light the entirecar only weighs 1,752 pounds. The tires are narrow to keep down the rolling resistance and therears are covered by wheel spats that aid streamlining. You will also notice there are no exteriormirrors. There are two rear-facing cameras fitted into either side of the car, and the real-timeimages are fed to screens in the doors. The XL1 is being built at Volkswagens Osnabrueckfacility.

    The bad news for XL1 enthusiasts is that currently only 250 are to be constructed, with productionceasing next year. Interestingly in October 2013 the XL1 made its U.S. debut in Chattanooga at the23rd Annual Society of Environmental Journalists Conference. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc.Engineering and Environmental Office General Manager Oliver Schmidt said at the unveiling of theprototype, The XL1 offers a glimpse into Volkswagens present and future eco-mobilitycapabilities, and highlights the ultimate successes of Thinking Blue. Volkswagen is proud todebut this ultra-fuel-efficient vehicle before the Society of Environmental Journalists, a group thatshares in our commitment to environmental stewardship.

    As Volkswagen of America, Inc. in 2011 opened a $1 billion Volkswagen Chattanooga factory thatmanufactures the Passat sedan for the North American market, which provides more than 12,000full-time jobs and is responsible for $643 million in annual income in the area, as well as $53.5million annually in state and local taxes, the question might be why not manufacture XL1s in theU.S.?


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