Student Representatives at UCS: A guide for students UCS Quality Assurance and Enhancement team These slides are accompanied by notes exploring the content

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Student Representatives at UCS: A guide for students UCS Quality Assurance and Enhancement team These slides are accompanied by notes exploring the content in greater depth 1 Slide 2 Course Representatives Normally one per cohort (year group) for each course Elected by their peers Represent their peers Collaborate with their lecturers and their course leader Supported by and work with the UCS Union 2 Slide 3 3 So, what does the role involve? Slide 4 Summary of the role Regular liaison with your course leader Maintain regular contact with your peers and your course leader Communicate emerging issues to your course leader Communicate responses and developments back to your peers Contribute to course monitoring and improvement processes Course Committees Gather your peers views and concerns in preparation for meetings Attend and contribute to course committee meetings Feed back to your peers on course committee discussions and decisions UCS Union Attend and contribute to Union Council activities and report back to the students on your course 4 Slide 5 Its not just what you or your immediate friends think try to represent the views of your whole cohort Respect majority and minority views try to communicate division as well as unity of views Enable anonymous feedback Tips for being representative Slide 6 Providing feedback Raising issues from your cohort Expressing observations and thoughts on evidence you see at course committees from a student perspective Commenting on progress with course team action plans Contributing to discussions and debates Slide 7 Helpful feedback is Balanced Positives as well as negatives (and OKs) Objective and subjective Representative Constructive Not just observations but also suggestions on how improvements might be made Slide 8 Day-to-day representative activity Work with your Course Leader and course team to 8 Note emerging issues and student opinions, as and when they become apparent (try to keep track of interactions and their impact) Feed back to fellow students Enable opinions to be sought from students on proposed changes, developments or enhancements to your course Contribute to course monitoring and enhancement processes Slide 9 Course Committee Slide 10 Your role on the course committee You are a full and equal member of the committee, and your contributions will be respected and valued You will have full access to all the information that the course committee considers You can contribute fully without fear of reprisal or negative consequences 10 Slide 11 Preparation for Course Committees Look at the last meetings minutes and action plan and identify any items that your fellow students may wish to provide feedback on Explore reports or survey results you are provided with, to identify any particular strengths or concerns Collate your fellow students views and concerns (perhaps by asking for a slot at the start or end of a teaching session) 11 Slide 12 What if I cant attend a course committee? Provide written feedback to the committee to ensure your cohorts views are presented (this can be shared through your Course Leader, the Course Administrator or the Committee Chair) 12 Seek to meet with the Course Leader after the meeting to discuss the meeting and the feedback you provided Slide 13 UCS quality monitoring: Risk-based Looking out for early indications that there may be an issue that needs to be addressed Monitoring Maintaining a continuous watch to ensure that standards on your course are maintained and that your learning experience is of good quality Enhancement Looking for opportunities to improve provision the RiME process Slide 14 Monitoring activity Evidence is received Course Committee receive report of course team progress on action plan Effectiveness of actions considered Action plan agreed Course Team ensures action plan is implemented and monitored Course Team considers evidence, draws conclusions, proposes actions to address emergent issues Course Committee receive report of course team Conclusions and actions considered Action plan agreed Slide 15 NSS and UCS Student Survey thoughts Pay attention to: Number of respondents (response rate and count) Significance of results Comparative figures Previous year Within Department or Centre UCS and national figures Slide 16 Part of the whole Slide 17 Support documentation on MyUCS Student Voice area Guide on preparation for course committees: ts/Student-Voice/Student- Reps-at-Course- Committees.pdf ts/Student-Voice/Student- Reps-at-Course- Committees.pdf National Student Survey fact sheet: udents/Student- Voice/NSS.pdf udents/Student- Voice/NSS.pdf UCS Student Survey fact sheet: udents/Student- Voice/Course-Data- Support/ISS.pdf udents/Student- Voice/Course-Data- Support/ISS.pdf Destination of Leavers survey fact sheet: dents/Student- Voice/Destination-Data- Fact-Sheet.pdf dents/Student- Voice/Destination-Data- Fact-Sheet.pdf Slide 18 Partnership Let us know how we can better facilitate this partnership working: By providing you with the information you need to fulfil your representative roles By improving the means by which you and your fellow students are able to contribute to the review and enhancement of UCS By helping UCS students feel a part of UCS, sharing our enthusiasm for seeing it improve and its reputation grow Higher education providers take deliberate steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience. UK Quality Code for Higher Education Slide 19 Further information The Student Representative Code of Practice sets out the processes, support and responsibilities associated with enabling student representatives to fulfil their role effectivelyStudent Representative Code of Practice 19 A formal description of the role of student representatives is set out in the UCS Management of Courses PolicyUCS Management of Courses Policy Slide 20 20 Where can I go for advice or support? UCS Union Location: Ground floor, Library Building, UCS Ipswich Tel: 01473 338155 Email: