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Student Organisations Fundraising Fundamentals and Processes

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Student Organisations Fundraising Fundamentals and Processes. Presented by: Marina Tan Harper, Director, Development Office October 2011. Contents. Flowchart for External Fundraising Process Platforms for Students’ Fundraising Importance of Coordinated Requests Getting Donors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Student Organisations Fundraising Fundamentals and Processes

  • Student Organisations Fundraising Fundamentals and Processes

  • ContentsFlowchart for External Fundraising ProcessPlatforms for Students FundraisingImportance of Coordinated Requests Getting DonorsHandling donations: Integrity and AccountabilityStewardship: Continuing the Ralationship

  • Flowchart for External Student Fundraising

  • DOs Annual Giving programmes raises funds for:School Advancement Funds (Administered by Chair of Schools)Students Activities Fund ( administered by SAO)

    Across the University, DO raises funds for academic units:Professorships and FellowshipsBursaries, Scholarships, Awards of ExcellenceProgrammes and projectsCentres and InstitutesSchool specific endowmentsOverseas Programs: GIP, INSTEP, GO FAR,GDP, INTERNSHIPS.

    Importance of Coordinated Requests

  • Importance of Coordinated RequestsAvalanche of requests

    Students, faculty, staff, Development Office, Presidents Office all approaching almost the same organisations and foundations

    Appeals and requests from other universities and organisations

    You are a small voice in the flood

    Prioritize your funding requests and strategize

  • Getting Donors Some TipsProspect

  • Where to find your Prospects (a good match):Alumni of your School / College / DivisionSponsorships from businesses with specific interest in your causeSpecial interest clubs/societies that stand for your causeGrants from charitable foundations or community organizations with specific interest in your cause

    Getting Donors

  • Getting DonorsDont mail the entire phonebook choose your target eg.Companies in the same line of business as your activityCompanies whose customer profile matches your participants in your event Companies/ orgs with history of supporting your kind of event/ causeCompanies whose sponsorship policy matches what you are looking for/ the benefits you can offer

  • Getting DonorsLeverage on existing relationships eg. Approach alumni of your school/club to donate or open doorsThey can relate best to your causeThey have a ready interest in your activities and clubThey have access to new resources/ or different circles of contactsSwop donor/ sponsor lists with other student organisations

    Build a club/society database of past members ie. alumni

    Build a database of past donors, their gift amounts and events supported

    Call /discuss/visit the contact person in the organisation to learn their process/procedures

  • Writing a Funding ProposalProject overviewWhat, where, whenNeed StatementNot your need, but the macro needs of the fieldWhy your student group exists and what you stand for to improve society. What is your purpose to serve the greater good?Proposed SolutionWhat you intend to do to address the need, solve the problem

  • 4. Objectives/ goals of the project/ event/ or benefits to the communityState measurable outcomes (not just project activities)5. History of the project (if appropriate)6. Parties carrying out the project (if appropriate)If specialists/ experts are involved, include relevant qualifications 7. Event promotions (if appropriate)8. Sponsor benefits (if appropriate)

  • 9. Why the prospect should be interested in your project/ eventOvercome objections, defend the ideaShow alignment with prospects objectivesYour ability to carry out the projectYour ability to meet project objectives

    10. Funding level requested of the prospect

    Cover Letter (summarizes all the above points, including funding level requested). Thank them for considering your request.

  • Handling Donations: Integrity & AccountabilityNow that youve received the cheque (payable to Nanyang Technological University), What do you do?

  • Students submit to Development Office:1. Sponsors letter, with cheque (if applicable)2. Gift Transmittal Form (must be duly completed)Student Union & its Constituent ClubsSocietiesJCRCs Sports Club & Sports Related Societies (Archery, Air-Rifle, ODAC, Mountaineering)

    Donation/ Sponsorship for Student OrganizationChequesStudent informs donor to indicate the following in Payment Advice: 1. A/c Name: Nanyang Technological University 2. Project Title

    In-Kind DonationStudent submits In-kind Donation Form to DO for recording purposesGIROStudent informs donor to indicate the following in Bank Advice:1. A/c Name: Nanyang Technological University 2. A/c Number: OCBC 537 010027 0013. Project Title

    SUs & Constituent Clubs: Submit receipts/invoices to NSS Finance for payment JCRCs: Submit receipts/invoices to SAO for payment15 days laterDO to generate tax-deductible receipts and thank-you letters to donors, c.c. to SAO

    Development Office processes the gift and forward copy of the Transmittal Form and sponsors letter (if applicable) to SAO/ S & R Centre for endorsement

  • Handling Donations: Integrity & AccountabilityOn receiving a cash gift:Download and fill in the Gift Transmittal Form. Why? Proper processing by Finance OfficeGovernment Matching is 1 :1Tax benefits for donorAppropriate recognition by NTU

    NB: NO NEED to fill in Cost Centre and GL Account NumberSAO will process

    On receiving an in-kind donation Download and fill in In-kind Donation FormSend to DO for donor acknowledgement


    Development Office

    Block N2.1 , Level B4

    76 Nanyang Drive, Singapore 637331

    Tel +65-6790 6166 Fax +65-6792 6627

    email: [email protected]

    Development Office


    Please list and attach all gift and fund raising cheques/cash/pledges and return it to Development Office

    Tax-deductible Receipts and Thank You letters will be issued promptly.

    Receipts to be issued to:NRIC/FIN No/Cash/Cheque/Fund to be Credited

    No:Donor NameUEN/ROB/ROCPledge formAmountGL Account NoCost CentreFor the purpose of






    Transmitted from :-Acknowledge Receipt at Development Office

    Signature / DateSignature / Date

    for School/Department/CentreName:


    Contact No:


    In-Kind Donation Form

    Name of Donor


    TelephoneFax No :

    Contact PersonHandphone

    Description of In-Kind Donation :

    Approximate value of above items$

    Used for (event Name / date )

    Received By :-Date received

    Name of Staff/Department

    Please return this form to Development Office


  • Handling Donations: Integrity & AccountabilityIf donation handling procedure is not followed:

    NTU unable to get government matching dollars free money

    Donor does not get double tax deduction

    Donor does not get recognised (listed) in NTU Annual Report or Honour Roll of Donors

    Audit checks by Commissioner of Charities: NTUs IPC status

  • Stewardship: Continuing the RelationshipThank You!Thank You!Thank You!Thank You!

  • Stewardship: Continuing the RelationshipSaying thanks and showing gratitude/ interest Letter or handwritten note to thank donor, telephone call, face to faceSend greeting cards/ congratulatory notes when appropriate Engage donors/ prospectsUpdate donors/ prospects on progressNewsletters, articles, news clippings of your clubs activitiesPhotos/ videos/ write-ups of event/ projectNotes/ cards from beneficiariesInvolve donorsInvite them to your event to see the buzz/ to volunteer on field tripsAsk for their opinion, invite feedback

  • Stewardship: Continuing the RelationshipAccountabilityLet donors know donations have been used appropriately, outcomes are achievedNews clippings, photos/ videos/ testimonials etcInform donors if funds need to be put to different uses from initially agreed/ project has changed in material way

    Think and act long-termClubs leaders come and go but the club remainsDont lose the donor when leadership changes hands Handover donor, alumni databases

  • Questions?

    ***NTU has many groups going out to raise funds each year schools, colleges, societies, hostels, DO etc Donors are generally willing to support educational causes. Some donors eg companies, may support causes related to their businessesLarge charitable foundations generally have well defined support areas

    **Each year, Development Office ************

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