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    Strategic Plan

    2016-2017 Fiscal Year

    2700 N. Central Ave. Suite 1250 Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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    Table of Contents

    Introduction………………………………………….........................................1 President’s Message

    MIssion and Vision Defined………………………………………....................2 Organizational History and Fundamental Pillars Mission and Vision defined The Planning Progress Annual Achievements

    Identified Goals and Strategies: AAED in 2018……......................................6 Operational goals and measures of success Education Pillar goals and measures of success Advocacy Pillar goals and measures of success Collaboration Pillar goals and measures of success

    Monitoring, Reviewing and Refining Plan….…............................................10 Process for monitoring success and revising plan


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    President’s Message

    Greetings AAED Board, Committee Chairs, Vice Chairs, members, prospective members and partners!

    Founded in 1974, AAED started off as the Arizona Association for Industrial Development (AAID). Its early mission was focused on expanding the industrial and economic base of Arizona and predates the formation of the Arizona Department of Commerce (now the Arizona Commerce Authority) in 1985. As state and regional economic development groups began to form in the late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s, AAID became AAED, now serving as “Arizona’s unified voice advocating for responsible economic development through an effective program of professional education, advocacy, and collaboration.” Over the last several years, AAED has made great strides in support of its mission. Highlights have included an organization wide rebranding, investment in having a voice at the Legislature, the creation of a professional development program focused on AZ specific issues, and development of this formalized strategic plan in 2013. With all of this success, our work isn’t done. As we enter the fourth year of the AAED strategic plan, the focus continues to be on strengthening the Association by focusing on the three pillars of education, advocacy and collaboration.

    The strategic plan lays out three main goals to complete the statement “In FY2019 AAED will be…”

    • The leading provider of economic development education to its members, sister organizations, legislators and community at large.

    • A leading voice in Arizona, advocating effectively to generate consensus that influences public policy in support of the advancement of sound economic growth.

    • Advancing the economic development profession and the Arizona business community through internal and external partnerships with groups representing and supporting issues affecting economic development.

    Activities undertaken by our committees and task forces over the next year will bring the Association closer to achieving these goals. I encourage you to read the update to the AAED Strategic Plan as well as the Committee Action Plans. AAED has accomplished much and there is more yet to be done. We welcome and value your input to this strategy and invite you to share your ideas and talents through committee and Board participation. Thank you to the staff, Board and Committee members, without you none of this would be possible. Warm Regards,

    Jennifer Graves, CEcD AAED President 2016-17

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    AAED’s monthly lunch programs, quarterly roundtables, symposiums and monthly mixers are all designed to encourage collaboration and the continued exchange of ideas and information. These events also allow for AAED members to engage with other economic development-focused professional groups within the state. As AAED moves beyond its 42nd year of existence we must continue to keep these fundamental building blocks at the forefront of our activity. It is through this continued focus that will allow AAED and its members to strengthen Arizona’s economy, expand new and existing industries and create jobs.

    History and Structure Serving as the leading statewide advocate for responsible economic development in Arizona since 1974, AAED’s foundation has been rooted in three fundamental pillars that continue to affect positive change and increase Arizona’s competitive position to attract investment and create jobs.

    AAED Organizational Pillars

    Continued learning is paramount to ensure all practitioner and private sector members are current on new tools and programs that will enhance Arizona’s competitiveness. Key educational components include workforce symposiums, the launch of the Arizona Economic Development Academy, the Fall Forum, the AAED Spring Conference, the Workforce Symposium and the Tribal Economic Development Symposium. In addition, AAED’s Professional Education Committee has established an organizational partnership with the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) to encourage economic development practitioner certification. These key programs have served over 1,600 practitioners and private sector partners within the past 12 months.


    AAED is one of the leading advocates for legislative policy that contributes to a business friendly operating environment. AAED and its members have been the champions of success for economic development. Our track record over the past five years has included the support /passage of:

    • 2011–HB2001 (Creating the Arizona Commerce Authority/$25M Deal Closing Fund)

    • 2012–HB2815 ($630M Refundable Tax Credit Program/ Amend the Quality Jobs Tax Credit)

    • 2013– Data Center Incentives (included in Governor’s Budget)

    • 2014–HB2272 (Reauthorizing angel investment and pro- business tax credits)

    • 2015– Supported Crowd Funding and International Operations Center Utility Tax Relief

    • 2016- Supported Restoration of JTED Funding, Reauthorization of ACA and Data Center Incentives


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    Mission and Vision Refined

    The mission of AAED is to serve as Arizona’s unified voice advocating for responsible economic development through an effective program of professional education, public policy, and collaboration.

    AAED will be recognized as the leading provider of economic development education and policy advocacy in the state of Arizona, aligned with the diverse needs and makeup of its ever- expanding membership base.



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    Great strides have been made in support AAED’s mission and pillars through the Strategic Planning Process. The AAED leadership team met over a day and half retreat with the first day facilitation led by Jim Hayden and Board Developer and the half day concluding with the adoption of the 2017 committee action plans and budget for the coming year. The central focus of the Board Developer facilitation was a session on DISC, a behavior assessment tool which centers on four different behavioral traits: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Each attendee took the DISC assessment prior to the retreat and then participated in a series of exercises at the retreat to better understand each other and work effectively together. The AAED leadership is made up of a mix of traits, but the primary traits are evenly spread with the “influence” trait just slightly more represented: D = 18 percent, I = 32 percent, S = 20 percent, C = 14 percent.

    Additionally Coffee Stain Analysis and TOUCH Principles philosophies were shared. The coffee stain analysis challenged the team to analyze and reflect on AAED’s defects, or coffee stains, as a key factor in moving the organization forward and achieving our mission. The TOUCH Principles, rooted in building, growing, and managing genuine business relationships challenged each of us to build more meaningful relations with colleagues and partners associated with AAED and our work lives.

    Day two of the retreat focused on the committee action plans and the 2017 budget. The committees have great things in store for AAED this coming year and members are encouraged to check out the action plans on the AAED website (under “about AAED”). Each of the committees are focused on supporting one or more of AAED’s pillars, and members are encourage to learn more about how they can be involved and receive the full benefit of membership in AAED.

    2016-17 Task Forces To strengthen the organization, the Board of Directors approved the creation of three task forces that will focus on creating a scholarship program, engaging young professionals and students, and revenue enhancement and committee alignment.

    a. Scholarship Program – This task force is charged with the delivery of possible annual funding strategies for a scholarship fund, creation of a scholarship application and evacuation process.

    b. Engagement of Young Professionals/Students – This task force is focused on identifying creative ways to engage with current young professionals in the economic development field

    c. Revenue Enhancement & Committee Alignment – This task force will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all association dues, fees and sponsorships and will evaluate the mission and action plans for each AAED Committee to note duplication and find opportunities for alignment.

    The Planning Progress - 2016