Steel rolling plants at the Zakavkaz Metallurgical Works

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<ul><li><p>STEEL ROLLING PLANTS AT THE ZAKAVKAZ METALLURGICAL WORKS </p><p>Since the first postwar Soviet 1000 mm blooming mill was put into operation at the Zakavkaz Metallur- gical Works, work on its mechanization and automation has been in progress. </p><p>The transfer of ingots from the soaking pits to the mill is fully automated. The ingot buggy is automat- ically stopped at the appropriate pits and then the crane drags the ingot out of the chamber and places it on the cage of the ingot buggy. The operator of the crane gives the signal for the movement of the ingot buggy towards the receiving roller tables. Before the roller tables the buggy is decelerated and stopped, and the signal for lowering the cage is given. The ingot is removed from the buggy by the receiving roller tables. After the ingot is removed, the cage is raised and the ingot buggy goes back to a given group of soaking pits. </p><p>Brush-contact data transmitters, developed in the automation laboratory at our works, are employed for fixing the position of the ingot buggy. The transmitters ensure a reliable operation of the whole system. </p><p>The stamping of the hot material on the line was, until recently, the most arduous operation, requiring the expenditure of much manual labor. Now a stamping machine designed by TsNIITMASH* has been installed behind the hot-cutting shears, for stamping blooms and slabs on the 1000 mill. As a result of the introduction of this machine two markers have been made free for other duties. </p><p>A stamping machine, designed by an inventor at our works, V. O. Attarian, has been installed in the line of the tube-round mill. It stamps the tube rounds automatically. Owing to the adoption of this machine, the heavy labor of markers has been completely eliminated. </p><p>Machine for external and internal painting of tubes. </p><p>Stamping machine designed by V. G. Attarian for stamping tube rounds. </p><p>In the return line of the same mill a new stamping machine designed by V. G. Attarian, which stamps two square billets simukaneously even if their ends are not in alignment, has been installed. </p><p>On the largest,(400) tube mill in Europe for the production of large-diameter seamless tubes, a centering apparatus for tube rounds, on the model of the pneumatic gun of Andreev's design, has been set up above the roller tables behind the ring furnaces. This arrangement has made it possible to eliminate manual centering of tube rounds with a gas burner and to ensure a high efficiency and quality of the centering operation. </p><p>* Central Scientific Research Institute of Technology and Machinery. </p><p>361 </p></li><li><p>Machine designed by V. G. Attarian for stamping square billets in the return line, </p><p>Centering the tube rounds on the production line before the piercing stands of the 400 mil l . </p><p>The first piercing stand of the 400 mil l has been converted for operation with mandrels which are internally cooled and need not be changed, and in this way the heavy manual labor of operators on mandrel changes can be e l iminated, the consumption of costly metal for the manufacture of pipe equipment can be reduced,and the qual i ty of tubes improved. </p><p>A 112 m long section of the production l ine has been converted to automatic control. Al l the operations in the section of the roughing and the shaping mills and in the section from the shaping mil ls to the sizing machines have been automated. </p><p>A machine for the internal and external painting of the tubes has been designed at our Works and put into operation; the labor-consuming operation was el iminated and the quality of painting was improved. </p><p>THE KR IVOROZHSTAL WORKS </p><p>V. V. Kuz 'menko </p><p>Deputy Head of section mil l plant </p><p>M. A. Sukonn ik </p><p>Head of the Technical Department </p><p>The main production plants of the Krivorozhstal Works were reconstructed or erected in the postwar period. The Works has the most modern technological equipment and the automation and mechanization of technological processes and labor-consuming operations is very extensively applied. </p><p>In recent years, hundreds of technical improvements, faci l i tating the work of operators and making a number of workers free for other duties in new plants, have been introduced. </p><p>At the sinter plant, the movement of self-unloading cars on the charge bunkers was automated by means of end throw-off; an automation scheme for the switch of the plate feeders of the iron ore receiving bunkers was introduced and thus a better blending of ore mixture was made possible; automatic control of proportioning tables of the bunkers in the charge section was introduced. Owing to the pneumatic removal of dust from the multicyclones, arranged at one of the sinter machines, much less labor is expended on the operation of the two- valve openings and belt conveyers, and working conditions are improved. </p><p>362 </p></li></ul>


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