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  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    Ugnayang Bayanof the Filip;ino commanity in the Csntons ofGeneva and Vaud

    Statutes and Bylaws

    Document Vefsion: L.0Ilocument Date: 311812006Status: Final

  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    Ugnayang Bayan of the Filipino community in the Cantons of Geneve and VattdStututes and Bvluws

    Section l:

    Section 2i

    Section 3:

    Article I - Nameo Purpose, OrgansThe name ofthe organization shall be Ugnayang Bayan of the Filipinocommunity in the Cantons of Geneva and Vaud. Alternatively, theshort name ofthe organization shall be Ugnayang Bayan. Theorganization is formed in accordance with, and subject to, articles 60 andfollowing of the Swiss civil Code is hereby constituted. The organizationis domiciled in Geneva, Switzerland.Purpose. The Ugnayang Bayan was formed to serve as an independentalliance, or a central body uniting the various Filipino groups, formalorganizations, and individuals in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud,Switzerland. It will be an assembly for consultation, advice, ordiscussion of the various Filipino interests in the community. It willprovide coordination among Filipino groups to foster better, harmonious,mutually respective, and uniffing relationships between them. It willprovide a forum to address issues affecting the Filipino nationals in thecantons of Geneva and Vaud. It will encourage support for one Filipinomember group from the other member groups to promote openness andcamaraderie among groups. It will assist Filipino groups with meritoriousgoals, programs for the disadvantaged, or the poor for non-profit fundingcampaigns. It will promote Filipino cultural heritage by launchingprojects aimed to re-orient Filipinos here with the Filipino culture. It willpromote the local culture immersion for resident Filipinos by sponsoringlocal language and culture education. It will sponsor projects andcollaborate with Filipino groups in the achievement of its purpose.Ugnayang Bayan is a non-profit organization.Organs. The organs ofUgnayang Bayan are the General Assembly, theBoard of Directors, and the Internal Auditor.

  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    Ugnayang Bayan of the Filipino community in the Cantons of Geneva and VaudStatutes and Bylaws

    Section 1:

    Sectian 2:Section 3:

    Section 4:Section 5:

    Section 6:Section 7:

    Section 8:

    Article II - MembershipApplication for Membership in Ugnayang Bayan shall be open toFilipino organizations and individuals that support the purpose statementin Article I, Section 2 and continuing membership is contingent uponbeing up-to-date on membership dues, which are set by the Board ofDirectors.There are two categories of members: Organizations and Individuals.Membership for Organizations shall be granted upon a majorify vote ofthe Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall have the right todeny, or terminate the membership of any organization or Individual.Every voting member organnation shall appoint one votingrepresentative for every General Assembly.There are further sub-categories for Individuals: Full Member, andAssociate Member. The minimum requirements for a Full Membership:consistent attendance of at least three General Assemblies and/or goodparticipation in projects and committees. The associate member is theentry-level membership for the Individual category and will have thechance for full membership upon approval by at least one member of theBoard. The Associate Member will have no voting power by default.The Board has the rights to establish and define the voting and non-voting categories of membership.The membership of Ugnayang Bayan is inclusive of Filipino nationals,however not exclusive of non-Filipino nationals. Non-Filipino nationalsmay become members of Ugnayang Bayan by proven record ofpartnership, or collaboration with Filipino groups or individuals, or closerelationship to a member. The non-Filipino national applicant formembership should apply in writing indicating the intention to join theorganization. The approval of membership of a non-Filipino nationalshall be by voting by the majority of the Board of Directors.Only Filipino nationals may be nominated and serve as member of Boardof Directors and Auditor.

  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    Ugnayang Bayan of the Filipino community in the Cantons of Geneva and VaudStatutes and Bvlaws

    Article III - Meeting of MembersSection 1: General Assembly. The date of the regular General Assemblies will beset by the Board of Directors who shall also set the time and place.Section 2: Special Meetings. Special meetings can be called by: the Board Chairupon the members, or upon the Board of Directors; Chairs of thecommiffees with their own committees.Section 3: The Board of Directors must meet at least once a month at an agreedtime and place.Section 4: Agenda. All Meetings will always have an agendapre-set. Meetings mayonly evolve upon the agenda and divergence from the agenda will have

    to be observed by the meeting chairperson and discussions will bedirected back to the relevant discussion of the agendawhenevernecessary.Notice. Notice of each meeting shall be given to the attendees by mail, e-mail, publishing on official website with the meeting agenda, not lessthan five days before the meeting date.Rules of Order. There will always be a list of rules of order for meetings.All meetings will follow the rules of order set by the Board of Directors,or the Committee on Standards.A General Assembly may be chaired by a representative of a memberOrganization on the discretion of the Chair ofthe Board of Directors.

    Section 5:

    Section 6:

    Section 7:

  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    tlgnayang Bayan of the Filipino community in the Cantons of Geneve and VaudStatutes nnd Bylaws

    Section 1:Article IV - Conduct of Body

    The Board of Directors will ensure that Ugnayang Bayan, in all itsendeavors and intentions be efficient in the delivery of its projects and tomaintain a good relationship and image with the Filipino community.There shall be a minimum of three projects per year. This can beUgnayang Bayan initiated, or in collaboration with memberorsanizations.

    Section 2:

    Section 3: The body has two primary projects every year: The PhilippineIndependence Day, and the Christmas Party event celebrations.Section 4: Log. A general logging of any issues collecting any concem that

    generally affects the Filipinos in the community will be done. This logcontains pending issues that shall have to be resolved, answered, or givenattention by the Board of Directors. At the end of the year or a givenperiod, the Board of Directors will make sure that this log be sufficientlylow in number of entries to signify efforts and attention were done onissues affecting the Filipino community.Section 5: The body will assist in the development of member organizations thatwill provide social, economic, or political services that are beingrequested by the Filipino communify that are presently not available. TheBoard of Directors will form ad hoc interim committees to temporarily

    addrEss the lack of these services. The Board of Directors when receivingthis kind of request shall require a petition signature with not less thantwenty-five unique signatures. The Board of Directors has the right toapprove any request of this nature by a three-fourths vote majority.Section 6: Roster of Merits. The body will maintain a roster of merits. The rosterwill permanently record meritorious projects, efforts, and acts done bymember organizations, individuals, in the accomplishment of the purposeofUgnayang Bayan.Section 7: Self-assessment.from time to time, or whenever requested by theAuditors, the Board of Directors will do a self-assessment of the body,

    possibly conduct public opinion poll, on its effectivity, and gauge ifnecessary measures are needed to improve its image, or areas ofeffectivity are needed to be improved. Measures will be done to addressthe issues identified in the self-assessment review by the Board ofDirectors not mor than six months after the review. A compliance to thereview report shall be written by the Auditors, six months after thereview and be published in the official newsletter and website.Section 8: The body will be politically informed of what is happening back home in

    the Philippines, however the main concem of Ugnayang Bayan is being

  • 8/14/2019 Statutes Ugnayang Bayan


    Ugnayang Bayan of the Filipino community in the Cantons a-f Geneva and VaudStatutes snd Bylaws

    Section 9:Section 10:

    Section 11:

    Section l2z

    Section 13:

    of service to the Filipino community here in the cantons of Geneva andVaud in its fulfillment of its purpose.The official languages of the body are: Pilipino, English, and French.Ugnayang Bayan relation and rapport to member Organization andmember Organiations to each other. The body shall recognizetheuniqueness, identity, character, and structure of the memberOrganization. The body will achieve unity, and harmony on thecommonalities inherent: Filipino values, traits, culture, and activities.The body will respect the purpose and definition of the memberOrganization. This respect shall always be implied in collaborationprojects, activities, and in coordination with other memberOrganizations. Constant communication and adherence to the principlesof unity and harmony of the member Organization with each other shallbe expected.Transparency ofthe member Organizations. Transparency and opennessof the member Organization with Ugnayang Bayan and collaborativeattitude with each other shall be expected. The representative of themember Organization shall be expected to be also representingUgnayang Bayan to their organizational membership. Informat

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