STAR WARS PRESENTATION  Introduction to Star Wars Trilogy  Fans of Star Wars  Before the Internet  After the Internet Official Star Wars Websites

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  • STAR WARS PRESENTATIONIntroduction to Star Wars TrilogyFans of Star WarsBefore the InternetAfter the InternetOfficial Star Wars WebsitesFan WebsitesOnline Video GamingConclusion

  • Introduction to Star WarsStar Wars: A New Hope was first introduced in 1977 and it became an instant hit with the public and two movie sequels, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi soon followed.The end result was a creation of a cultural phenomenon like no other.

  • FANS OF STAR WARSThe Star Wars Saga was one of the most popular space adventure in Hollywood history but what was unexpected was the devoted following from fans of the movie.Fans of Star Wars adopted its own culture and it became a part of their reality.

  • BEFORE THE INTERNETBefore the Internet, Comic Conventions was the main social gathering for devoted Star Wars Fans.Star Wars fans became a Force at Comic Conventions so much so that they needed their own convention.

  • COMIC CONVENTIONS Various comic book buffs, Star Trek devotees, and now Star War fans were brought together in a social event dedicated to the passion of Science Fiction. Comic conventions were not new to Star War fans, since the initial advertising for the first movie was at Comic Con.

  • STAR WARS CONVENTIONSStar Wars Conventions are popular world wide.

  • AFTER THE INTERNETThe Internet helped progress the popularity of Star Wars.Star Wars Official WebsiteStar Wars Fans WebsiteStar Wars Galaxy Online Video Game

  • WWW.STARWARS.COMThe Official website has exclusive information about the Star Wars movies that can not be found anywhere else.Today, discussion forums are the main form of communication for Star War Fans.

  • FANS WEBSITEFans websites are as diverse as the Star Wars Universe.

  • ONLINE VIDEO GAMINGAdvances in the internet also brought depth to Star Wars video games that paved a way for a new genre of video games, online gaming. Star Wars Galaxies is a online game that utilizes Internet technology.

  • CONCLUSIONThe Internet was The Force that has made the Star Wars culture more popular than ever by giving fans a chance to easily communicate with each other as well as creating a new outlet to immerse them selves in the Star Wars experience in a way that were not possible before.

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