Star Wars CCG Cards - 2 a New Hope (Revised) Spoliers

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  • 8/13/2019 Star Wars CCG Cards - 2 a New Hope (Revised) Spoliers


    Advance Preparation 6Early warning and careful planning allow the Rebels to achieve maximum readiness whilestill maintaining optimal flexibility.USED OR LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]USED: Place out of play any one of the following from your hand: Attack Run,Youre All Clear Kid, Death Star: Trench or Rebel Tech. Retrieve 1 Force.LOST: Use 3 Force to retrieve Attack Run.Alternatives To Fighting 3The Rebellions limited resources force it to consider the wisdom of any militaryencounter. In many cases, retreat or deception is a preferable recourse.LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]Use 3 Force to cancel a battle just initiated at a system or sector. OR CancelBesieged. OR Release (move for free) all your characters from a capturedstarship to your side of any docking bay site. Arcona 3Unut Poll is a typical male Arcona. Unlike many other Arconas, he has avoided salt.Scoutknown to cooperate with Alliance operatives.CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH] D2, F2,P1 ,A1Power +1 under nighttime conditions. May move away from a battle at samesite as a react.Attack Run 0EPIC EVENT [ ANH]Deploy on Death Star:Trench. During your move phase, you may make an Att ack Run asfollows:Enter Trench:Move up to 3 of your starfighters into trench (for free). Dark Sidemayimmediatelyfollow withup to3 TIEs (forfree).Provide Cover:Identify your leadstarfighter (Proton Torpedoesrequired) and wingmen (if any). Turbolaser Batteries and TIEs

    with weaponsmay now target yourstarfighters (wingmen first,then lead if no wingmenremaining). Hit starfighters are immediately lost.Its Away!:Draw two destiny.Pull Up!:Allstarfighters now moveto DeathStarsystem (forfree). If(totaldestiny+ X+ Y Z) > 15,Death Star is blown away. X = ability of lead pilot or 3 if Targeting Computer is present. Y =total sites at largest Rebel Base (Yavin 4 or Hoth). Z = highest ability of TIE pilots in trench.

    Your Proton Torpedoes are immune to Overload.

    Blast The Door, Kid! 4When Vader turned his attention to the escaping Rebels, Han immediately offered Lukesome sage advice.LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]If a battle was just initiated at an interior site, use 1 Force to exclude from thatbattle all characters of ability > 2 and all leaders (on both sides).Blue M ilk 4Nutrient-rich beverage common in moisture farm communities. Rumored to havemedicinal qualities. Popular in cantinas among those who cant hold their juri juice.USED OR LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]USED: Select a player to activate 1 Force.LOST: Cancel Juri Juice or Hypo.

    Bowcaster 2Hand-crafted weapon of choice among Wookiees. Fires explosive quarrels (which looklike blaster bolts). Requires great strength to use. Extra ammo carried on bandoliers.CHARACTER WEAPON [ ANH]Use X Force to deploy on your warrior, where X = (7 warriors power). Xcannot fall below 1. May target a character or creature using X Force. Drawdestiny. Add 1 if targeting a character, 2 if targeting a creature. Target hit iftotal destiny > defense value.Brainiac BoShek nicknamed this male Siniteen Brainiac due to his ability to calculate hyperspacecoordinates in his head. Hes the brains, sweetheart!CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]DY, FX, P, A3, FORCE-ATTUNED [A]

    Power = 3(XY) + 2(AB) + (minimum power=1). X= Dark Sidehand cards; Y= Light Side hand cards; A= totalnumber of [LIGHT] icons inplay; B = totalnumber of [DARK] icons in play; =3.141592653589793238462643383Cell 2187 5Arent you a little short for a stormtrooper?UTINNI EFFECT [ ANH]Deploy on any Death Star site except Docking Bay 327. Target your spy or leadernot on Death Star. When target reaches Utinni Effect, draw destiny. Releasethat many captives from the Detention Block Corridor. Lose Utinni Effect.Chewbacca 1Wookie smuggler from Kashyyk. Over 200 years old. Top-notch mechanic and pilot. Jabbahas large bounty on this walking carpet. Friends call him Chewie... or Fuzzball.CHARACTER-REBEL/ ALIEN [ ANH]D4, F6, P6, A2 [P] [W]Power + 1 at same location as Han. Adds 2 to power of anything he pilots. WhenpilotingFalcon , also adds 1 to maneuver. Your vehicles, starships and droids atsame site go to Used Pile (rather than Lost Pile) when they are hit.

    CLAKDOR VIISYSTEM [ ANH][P] [7]LIGHT (1): If you occupy, each Bith character is destiny +2. Dark (0) : If youcontrol, each Bith character is destiny -1 and Ghhhk is power +2 in battles at aholosite.Commander Evram Lajaie 2Popularleaderwhose expertise in space defense and orbital battle stations enabled theAlliance to uncover a fatal flaw in the Death Stars design.CHARACTER-REBEL [ ANH]D2, F5, P2, A2When at a Yavin 4, Hoth or Endor site, Rebel starships may move to the relatedsystem as a react.Commander Vanden Willard 2Leaderof Rebel forces on Yavin 4. Formerly Suolriep sector HQ commander. As a Rebelspy, aided Princess Leia and Bail Organa in the years prior to the Senates dissolution.CHARACTER-REBEL [ ANH]D3, F4, P2, A2 [W ]When at a war room you control, adds 1 to power of each Rebel starship at therelated system. May use 1 Force to cancel Astromech Shortage.

    Commence Recharging 5The huge strain on the little-tested power generator matrix of the superlasers fusionreactor can require full recharging before the system can be used again.EFFECT [ ANH]Deploy on a superlaser. May not fire at a planet until recharged. Opponent mayuse Force (stacking it here); accumulating 8 Force recharges superlaser. Whenfired at a planet, Effect is canceled. If Effect canceled, accumulated Force isplaced in Used Pile.CORELLIASYSTEM [ ANH][P] [1]LIGHT (1): Your Falcon (with one pilot) and your Corellian corvettes may deployhere as a react. DARK (1): Each of your starships are hyperspeed +1 whenmoving from here.Corellian 3BrindyTruchong is a typical femaleCorellian smuggler. Her goal in Mos Eisley is to find aquick means of providing supplies to the Rebellion.CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D1,F3,P1,A1Onceper turn, one weapon or device is deploy1 onto a Rebel at same site.Corellian Slip 4First perfected by Corellian starship battle tacticians, this dangerous counter-maneuverhas saved numerous hot-shot pilots in life-or-death situations.USED INTERRUPT [ ANH]If opponent just initiat ed a Tallon Roll, add your maneuver + ability of one piloton your targeted starfighter to your total. OR Decrease the maneuver of anopponents starfighter by 1 for remainder of this t urn.DEATH STAR: TRENCHSITE [ ANH][E] [M]LIGHT (0): Trench Rules in effect and each of your starfighters is m aneuver 2 here. DARK ( 0) : Trench Rules in eff ect, your weapons f ire fr ee andTurbolaser Battery may deploy here.DEJARIK HOLOGAM EBOARDSITE [ ANH]LIGHT (2):Dejarik Rules in effect here. DARK (1): Dejarik Rules in effecthere. Site converted by Im perial Holotable.Doikk Nats 3MaleBith musician. PlaysFizzz (Dorenian Beshniquel) in Figrin Dans band. Frustrated bysentients, especially humans, he prefers to work with droids.

    CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D2, F3, P1, A1For each other musician at same site, the ability required there increases by 1 for both players.Double Agent 6Typical of impersonators, Shada double-crossed everyone.a mystery.LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]If both players have a spy at same site, draw destiny. Add Undercover. Opponents spy is lost if destiny > 2. OR Opppresent at a site cross to your side.

    Eject! Eject! 4TheGuidenhouser ejectionseat has savedm any pilots from tHowever, system malfunctions have sometimes caused spoEFFECT [ ANH]Use 1 Force to target a starfighters permanent pilot. Draw2, deploy on starfighter to remove permanent pilot (otherwMay add 1 pilot. (Imm une to Alter.)Fire Extinguisher 5Among the various special devices on droids like R2 unitsextinguishers. Effective against electrical fires and can cauDEVICE [ ANH]Deploy on your astromech droid. Cancels Lateral Damage,Program Trap or effects of an ion cannon where present. AR2-D2, may lose Fire Extinguisher to cancel a battle just iat a site.Garouf Lafoe 3Free-trader who imports ice chunks from r ings of Ohann aTatoo system. Sales remain cold due to steep Imperial tCHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D3, F2, P1, A1 [P]Adds 1 to power of anything he pilots. Adds 1 to forfeit ofcharacters at same Tatooine site. Subtracts 1 from forfeit ocharacters at same Hoth site. Game text suspended if at samcollector.Gold 2 2Tirees Y-wing during the Battle of Yavin. Custom high-poenhanced maneuverability, allowing Gold 2 to better draw STARFIGHTER: Y-WING [ ANH]D1, F3, M4, HYPERSPEED 4 [A] [SL]May add 2 pilots or passengers. May forfeit in place of yohit in Death Star: Trench, restoring that starfighter to noGrappling Hook 5Stormtrooper utility belts contain basic tools such as a graprotrusions. The hook can also be used to ensnare escapingIMMEDIATE EFFECT [ ANH]If opponent just played an Interrupt, use 1 Force to deploy Interrupt is played out but is then grappled (placed here Any new Interrupts of the same name are unique ( ). (Im mGrimtaash 2Dejarikrepresentation of mythical Molator guardian. The spirprotect Alderaanian royalty from corruption and betrayal.USED OR LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]USED: If opponent has 13 or more cards in hand, place allselection) in Used Pile.LOST: Cancel Molator ( even at a holosite). OR Use 4 Forchand. All cards opponent has two or more of in hand are loHet Nkik 3Jawascout. Wants to avenge deaths of relatives killed in stormsandcrawler. Reegesk pilfered the powerpack from his blasCHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D , F1, P1, A2 [W]

    Deploys only on Tatooine for 2 Force fr om each playerspower +1 for each stormtrooper at same site, unless ReegeHoujix 1Dejarik creature. These ferocious-looking beasts are gentleas guard animals or pets on Kinyen, the Gran homeworld.LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]If youjust forfeitedall your cardsthat participatedin a battremaining battle damagef rom that battle. (Immune to SenSunsdown.Hunchback 3

    What hump?CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D4, F4, P4, A1 1/2Ona hunch, if opponent just initiated a Force drain at an aduse 1 Force to search opponents Force Pile and place out othere that has back in the title; reshuffle.I Have A Very B ad F eeling A bout This 3Look at him, hes heading for that small moon. Luke becWan informed him, Thats no moon. Its a space station.USED INTERRUPT [ ANH]If opponent just deployed four or more characters to sameprevent all of those characters from battling this turn. OR reacted to a battle, cancel the battle.I'm Here To Rescue You 6Huh?USED INTERRUPT [ ANH]If you have a spy present at the Detention Block Corridor,Draw destiny. If destiny + ability of spy > ability of captiOtherwise, spy is captured. OR Cancel Spice Mines Of Kestargeted captive).

    KEYCard Name, DestinyLoreCARD TYPE, [Expansion]CARD STATISTICS AND ICONSGame TextLEGENDExpansion Abbreviations[Premiere] Premiere[Premiere 2p] Premiere 2-Player

    Introductory Set[ANH] A New Hope[CC] Cloud City[Dag] The Empire Strikes Back:

    Dagobah[Death Star] Second Anthology Return of the

    Jedi: Death Star II PreviewCards[Endor] Second Anthology Return of the

    Jedi: Endor Preview Cards[Hoth] The Empire Strikes Back: Hoth[Hoth 2p] Hoth 2-Player Introductory Set[Jabbas Palace] Jabbas Palace[Premium ] Jedi Pack, Rebel Leader,

    Sealed Deck Pack[Special Ed] First Anthology Special Edition

    Preview CardsIcon Abbreviations[A] Astromech[DARK] Dark Force Icon[E] Exterior[I] Interior[JT] Jedi Test[LIGHT] Light Force Icon[M] Mobile System[N] Independent Starship[P] Pilot or Planet[S] Space[SC] Selective Creature[SL] Scomp Link[SS] Starship Site[VADER] Special Vader Pilot Icon[VS] Vehicle Site[W] Warrior

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  • 8/13/2019 Star Wars CCG Cards - 2 a New Hope (Revised) Spoliers


    Ickabel Gont 3Male Bithmusician. His favorite cantina song is Tearsof Aquanna (mainly because itfeatures him on Fanfar).CHARACTER-ALIEN [ ANH]D2, F3, P1, A2Opponent must use X Force when Force draining at any adjacent site, where X= number of other musicians present with Ickabel.Incom T-16 Skyhopper 3Enclosed vehicle used for shuttling and hot-rodding. E-16/ x ion engine pushes T-16 up to1200 kph.SHUTTLE VEHICLE [ ANH]D2, F4, P1, M5, LANDSPEED * [P]May add 1 passenger. Permanent pilot provides ability of 1. May move as areact. Landspeed = 4. OR 1 character may shuttle to or fr om same site forfree.

    Jawa Ion Gun 3Cobbled-together weapon built from salvaged power cells, droid restraining bolts and anion accelerator. Fires a stream of ion energy that stuns droids and irritates others.CHARACTER WEAPON [ ANH]Use 1 Force to deploy on your Jawa, 3 on your warrior. May target a characterusing 1 Force. Draw destiny. Targeted droid stolen if destiny +1 > forfeit.Targeted non-droid character excluded from battle if destiny = defense value.KASHYYYKSYSTEM [ ANH][P] [6]LIGHT (2): Your Wookies and smugglers deploy -2 here. Dark (1): Total abilityof 6 or more required for you to draw battle destiny here.Let The Wookiee Win 5Its not wise to upset a Wookiee. But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.Thats cause a droid dont pull peoples arms out of their sockets when they lose.LOST INTERRUPT [ ANH]During a battle at a holosite, add one battle destiny. OR If a Wookiee survived abattle you just lost, deploy on one opponents character of ability < 5 present.Character is Disarmed (power - 1 and may no longer carry weapons).Logistical Delay 3The Empires tremendous military machine requires extensive coordination at every level.Slight errors in any step can quickly escalate supply delays.EFFECT [ ANH]Use 3 Force to deploy on opponents side of table. All opponents TIEs aredeploy +1.Lukes Cape 4A symbol of the adventurous pilot and the awakening of his destiny. Youve taken yourfirst step into a larger world.EFFECT [ ANH]Use 2 Force to deploy on a Rebel or alien. You may activate 1 extra Force eachturn if Lukes Cape is not at a Tatooine location. That character is immune toattrition < 3.Lukes Hunting Rifle 5Czerka 6-2Aug2 . Extended barrel provides long-range targeting without expensive lasersight. Sturdy construction, but no match for a Tusken Raiders gaderffii stick.CHARACTER WEAPON [ ANH]Use 1 Force to deploy on Luke or Owen Lars, 3 on your non-droid character.May target a character or creature using 1 Force. Draw destiny. Subtract 1 iftargeting a character. Add 2 if targeting a creature. Target hit if total destiny >defense value.

    M -HYD Binary Droid 2Pretentious hydroponics droid. Specializes in working with binary load lifters andvaporators. Proficient in a number of languages but prefers to converse only in binary.CHARACTER-DROID [ ANH]D3, F5, P2, BI NARY HYDROPONICS DROIDAt any time, any player may use 1 Force to turn M -HYD off (face down) or onagain (face up).OFF: Considered out of play.ON: Adds 2 to forfeit of each non-droid character at same and adjacent sites.M agnetic Suction Tube 3Retractable tube originally designed to collect mined materials for transport to refiningfacilities. Jawas now use it to suck up droids (and anything else thats not nailed down).DEVICE [ ANH]Deploy on your sandcrawler. Once during each of your control phases, maytarg...