St. George Prince of Martyrs. His Early Life  Father’s name was Anastasius  Mother’s name was Theopasty  Father died when St. George was 20  Leaving

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>St. George Prince of Martyrs Slide 2 His Early Life Fathers name was Anastasius Mothers name was Theopasty Father died when St. George was 20 Leaving three kids, St. George was the oldest Father died by the emperor because he was Christian St. George entered the army and became a leader of 5000 soldiers Slide 3 His Early Life St. George became very popular for his skill The emperor even considered him to be a partner He was known for his bravery Slide 4 The beginning of his suffering The emperor created a decree requiring everyone to worship the idols Many people were scared of the emperor and the decree and for years no one said or did anything After three years, St. George went to the emperor and declared his Christianity The king tried to persuade him to worship the gods but St. George was very passionate about denying the idols Slide 5 The first phase of torture They tied him around his loins, raised him on the press and squeezed his body until his bones were crushed and blood flowed from his body He was healed from this The king then ordered his men to bring shoes made of iron and nail them to his feet They also stretched St. George on his back and hammered 600 pins into his abdomen The Lord healed him from all of these tortures Slide 6 The second phase of torture They used what was called the Hembazine on him Was a machine made out of blades, and it was a wheel This would tear up the body They poured vinegar mixed with salt on the wounds and used a sharp brush to rub the skin They then tied him to a plank with nails and carried him to prison almost dead The king ordered his men to roll a pillar over his stomach while he was in prison Slide 7 The second phase of torture At midnight, a bright light came and the Lord appeared to him The Lord told him that there will be no martyr equal to him He was going to suffer for seven years and die three times The fourth time he will be carried to heaven Slide 8 The third phase of torture This gave St. George even more strength and courage He was tied to 4 long pegs and whipped hundreds of times on his stomach The men poured lime on his wounds and ulcers They then poured sulfur mixed with vinegar on his body St. Georges body was in much pain and burning but the Lord healed him Slide 9 The third phase of torture The king seeing this wrote to the rulers of the world, asking for a strong magician A man named Athanasius came The king brought the saint and the magician together and said either one of your magic will kill the other So Athanasius took a cup of cold water and put poison in it, recited some devil chants and gave it to St. George St. George did the sign of the cross on it and drank it and was fine Slide 10 The third phase of torture Athanasius did it again but this time they tied St. Georges hands St. George then asked him do you want me to drink it from this side or this side and did the sign of the cross with his chin He drank it and was fine Athanasius then declared that he believed in the Lord and he was beheaded Slide 11 The first death of St. George The king ordered that they make another hembazine but worse It crushed his bones, and tore apart his flesh everywhere St. George passed away Meantime, the king went to a party thinking that he was dead The Lord ordered Archangel Michael to restore St. George back to life St. George appeared at the party Slide 12 The first death of St. George Everyone was so shocked One of the kings princes, Prince Anadolius, rebuked the king for not believing The king ordered this prince, his 3000 soldiers, and 400 men and women who were at the party to be executed because they believed. Slide 13 The second death of St. George They placed him on a bed of nails and poured hot lead in his mouth The king ordered a huge saw to be brought and they cut the saint in two St. George gave up the spirit They put the body in a boiler full of lead, tar, and sulfur. The king ordered for St. Georges body to be buried. Slide 14 The second death of St. George An earthquake happened and the Lord Jesus told St. George to wake up He woke up as if nothing had happened He appeared to the king again and many believed again Slide 15 The third death of St. George The King ordered St. George to be flogged again They put the body in a press with fire torches until he died The king ordered that his body be thrown on the mountain for the vultures to eat The sky suddenly flashed with thunder and lightening so that the mountain trembled St. George woke up and ran after the guards telling them to hold on and wait for him Slide 16 The third death of St. George The two guards saw this and proclaimed their Christianity and were martyred He appeared to the king again and they asked the saint to put forth leaves and bear fruit from chairs St. George prayed and the chairs did They took him to a cemetery and asked him to raise the dead. They rose from the dead talked to them and then returned to their graves and died Slide 17 The Conclusion of his life The king started to become very worried that people were believing in the Lord He asked St. George to leave without telling anyone and he would give him anything that he wanted St. George said no The king said fine, I will give you anything just worship his idols and marry my daughter Slide 18 The Conclusion of his life St. George pretended to say yes The king was so happy, he asked all the rulers and the people to come and watch what St. George was about to do He entered the temple and told the idol to go to hell and immediately they went to hell The kings daughter believed in the Lord and she was raked with a steel comb Slide 19 The Conclusion of his life After this, the king ordered the saint to be beheaded 70 kings agreed He was beheaded and received the crown of martyrdom Slide 20 Hembazin Slide 21 The Chain Slide 22 The Chairs of Fruit Slide 23 St. George Covenant Slide 24 Raising the Dead Slide 25 Flogging Slide 26 Gate Slide 27 Idols Slide 28 Jesus appearance Slide 29 Manuscript Slide 30 Martyrdom Slide 31 Poison Slide 32 Pressing </p>