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Springfield Hospital - · PDF file Welcome to Springfield Hospital Springfield Hospital has been delivering high quality care within outpatient and inpatient settings for over 30 years

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  • Springfield Hospital Quality Account 2018/19

  • Contents

    Introduction Page

    Welcome to Ramsay Health Care UK

    Introduction to our Quality Account


    1.1 Statement from the Hospital Director

    1.2 Hospital accountability statement

    PART 2

    2.1 Priorities for Improvement

    2.1.1 Review of clinical priorities 2018/19 (looking back)

    2.1.2 Clinical Priorities for 2019/20 (looking forward)

    2.2 Mandatory statements relating to the quality of NHS services provided

    2.2.1 Review of Services

    2.2.2 Participation in Clinical Audit

    2.2.3 Participation in Research

    2.2.4 Goals agreed with Commissioners

    2.2.5 Statement from the Care Quality Commission

    2.2.6 Statement on Data Quality

    2.2.7 Stakeholders views on 2010/11 Quality Accounts


    3.1 The Core Quality Account indicators

    3.2 Patient Safety

    3.3 Clinical Effectiveness

    3.4 Patient Experience

    3.5 Case Study

    Appendix 1 – Services Covered by this Quality Account

    Appendix 2 – Clinical Audits

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 3 of 36

    Welcome to Ramsay Health Care UK

    Springfield Hospital is part of the Ramsay Health Care Group

    The Ramsay Health Care Group was established in 1964 and has grown to become a global hospital group

    operating over 100 hospitals and day surgery facilities across Australia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia and

    France. Within the UK, Ramsay Health Care is one of the leading providers of independent hospital services

    in England, with a network of 31 acute hospitals.

    We are also the largest private provider of surgical and diagnostics services to the NHS in the UK. Through a

    variety of national and local contracts we deliver care to NHS patients each month, working seamlessly with

    other healthcare providers in the locality including GPs and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

    “As Chief Executive of Ramsay Health Care UK, I am passionate about ensuring that high quality patient

    care is our number one goal. This relies not only on excellent medical and clinical leadership in our hospitals

    but also upon an organisation wide commitment to drive year on year improvement in patient satisfaction

    and clinical outcomes.

    Delivering clinical excellence depends on everyone in the organisation. It is not about reliance on one person

    or a small group of people to be responsible and accountable for our performance. It is essential that we

    establish an organisational culture that puts the patient at the centre of everything we do and as a long

    standing and major provider of healthcare services across the world, Ramsay has a very strong track record

    as a safe and responsible healthcare provider and we are proud to share our results.

    Across Ramsay we nurture the teamwork and professionalism on which excellence in clinical practice

    depends. We value our people and with every year we set our targets higher, working on every aspect of our

    service to bring a continuing stream of improvements into our facilities and services.”

    Andy Jones, Chief Executive Officer of Ramsay Health Care UK

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 4 of 36

    Introduction to our Quality Account

    This Quality Account is Springfield Hospital’s annual report to the public and other stakeholders about the

    quality of the services we provide. It presents our achievements in terms of clinical excellence, effectiveness,

    safety and patient experience and demonstrates that our managers, clinicians and staff are all committed to

    providing continuous, evidence based, quality care to those people we treat. It will also show that we

    regularly scrutinise every service we provide with a view to improving it and ensuring that our patient’s

    treatment outcomes are the best they can be. It will give a balanced view of what we are good at and what

    we need to improve on.

    Our first Quality Account in 2010 was developed by our Corporate Office and summarised and reviewed

    quality activities across every hospital and treatment centre within the Ramsay Health Care UK. It was

    recognised that this didn’t provide enough in-depth information for the public and commissioners about the

    quality of services within each individual hospital and how this relates to the local community it serves.

    Therefore, each site within the Ramsay Group now develops its own Quality Account, which includes some

    Group wide initiatives, but also describes the many excellent local achievements and quality plans that we

    would like to share.

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 5 of 36

    Part 1

    1.1 Statement on quality from the Hospital Director

    Springfield Hospital is a provider of high quality health care across Essex working closely with key

    stakeholders including the local Clinical Commissioning Group and local NHS Trust. The hospital was

    recently awarded a rating of “good” by the Care Quality Commission.

    This quality account gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to patient care and reflect on

    our patient journey and how to improve effectiveness.

    Patient feedback is extremely important but is not our only method of measuring quality and safety in our

    hospital. We use a variety methods to ensure our treatments are evidenced based and delivered by

    effectively skilled staff.

    This approach allows benchmarking with other care providers both locally and nationally, giving strong

    assurance of our commitment to continuous improvement.

    This quality account is an accurate reflection of our performance and the services we provide, whilst

    demonstrating that we understand our areas for improvement.

    As Hospital Director for Springfield, I am proud of the services we provide and am passionate that we

    continue to ensure high quality patient care is our priority for the people in Essex.


    Adrian Connolly, Hospital Director Springfield Hospital

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 6 of 36

    1.2 Hospital Accountability Statement

    To the best of my knowledge, as requested by the regulations governing the publication of this document,

    the information in this report is accurate.

    This report has been reviewed and approved by:

    Adrian Connolly Hospital Director Springfield Hospital Ramsay Health Care UK

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 7 of 36

    Welcome to Springfield Hospital

    Springfield Hospital has been delivering high quality care within outpatient and inpatient settings for over 30

    years for NHS, self-funding and insured patients. We are able to offer a range of specialist medical, surgical

    and oncology services. We are also proud to provide a range of services for children and young people

    which include a paediatric unit.

    We offer a very high standard of customer care and all patients are treated as individuals with respect for

    patient safety, dignity and confidentiality a high priority.

    All Consultants at Springfield Hospital are subject to rigorous vetting and appraisal procedures to ensure

    only those who are qualified and experienced are granted practicing privileges.

    Our hospital is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the governing body for maintaining

    standards in healthcare. Following inspection in December 2018 our overall rating for provision of services

    was reported as “Good”.

    Our leadership team ensures that high quality care is provided by dedicated skilled staff within each clinical

    and non-clinical department to support individualised care and therefore, positive patient journey from

    consultation through pre assessment to discharge.

    The inpatient ward comprises of the following:

    49 single en-suite rooms

    3 twin en-suite rooms which are ideal for parents accompanying their children or those adults who require

    any extra support

    3 close observation beds for those with additional care requirements

    15 purpose built day care and endoscopy unit

    Springfield Hospital has a suite of 6 Operating Theatres, all with laminar flow ventilation. A high standard of

    quality care, in a range of surgical specialties, is delivered by over fifty qualified theatre practitioners working

    with our accredited Consultant surgeons and anaesthetists.

    Within the grounds of Springfield Hospital stands a bespoke oncology unit with the ability to treat cancer

    patients diagnosed with both solid and haematological malignancies.

    The unit contains 8 individual bays with recliner chairs to safely and comfortably administer systemic anti-

    cancer therapies.

    On average the unit treats between 8 and 10 patients per day with a range of chemotherapy, immunotherapy

    and various other infusions. All of the nurses who work in the oncology unit have a recognised chemotherapy

    post graduate qualification.

  • Quality Accounts 2018/19 Page 8 of 36

    Our Outpatient department comprises

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