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    T H E G U I D EW H E R E S T Y L E G E T S S O C I A L

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    W E L C O M E T O O U R N E W

    his guide is your resource for all things W by Worth the places to go and people to

    see this season with looks for every occasion.

    Each season, were going to explore where Style Gets Social by showing you the chicest

    spots in a popular destination. This issue takes us to the ultra trendy neighborhood of

    Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our W girl, Michele, is a Williamsburg local who flaunts floral,

    revives retro and refines her femininity in utilitarian tailoring as she shows us around the

    charming cityscape.


    M I L I T A R Y M U S E

    # W G O I N G P L A C E S

    W E L C O M E T O W I L L I A M S B U R G



    H E A V Y P E T A L

    G E T T H E L O O K



    25Y O U R N Y C L O F T23

    S T Y L E G E T S S O C I A L

    R E T R O R E D U X

    G U I D E

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    M I L I T A R Y


    Utilitarian shapes reinvigorate the new

    beginnings of Spring. Feminine silhouettes

    disciplined with impeccable tailoring make for

    style that commands attention.

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    Water repellent jacquard in

    camouflage print adds luxe

    lustre to a serious look.

    S H I N E I N C A M O

    Mix structural pieces

    with loose silhouettes

    a tailored skirt with a

    relaxed blouse.

    T H I STRY

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    W E L C O M E T O

    Weve handpicked the trendiest spots for your

    chicest Spring in true city style.

    We like to think of the iconic Bedford L as our fashion diary

    the stop thats witnessed our every ensemble from dusk to dawn,

    desk to dinner, and beyond.

    A tiny boutique thats always hustling and bustling,

    Catbird is home to designer trinkets and indie

    homegoods. Their locally sourced jewelry incorporates

    all things dainty and refined with a dash of quirkiness.

    Perfect for a healthy dose of sparkle.

    The first words out of our mouths upon entering Juliette?

    Ooh la la! Theres a lot to love about this bistro

    adorned with antique Parisian fixtures, carefully

    crafted dishes and a perfectly nostalgic atmosphere.

    1 0 : 0 0 A M

    H E L L O G O O D B Y E

    1 : 0 0 P M

    T R E A S U R E H U N T I N G

    1 0 : 3 0 A M

    B R U N C H A T J U L I E T T E

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    This 2015 James Beard Foundation Award Nominee is

    always making strides with their outstanding bar. An

    homage to days past, the gorgeous Maison Premire is filled

    with art deco inspiration and boasts a generous list of oysters

    and premium absinthe drinks for their oyster happy hour,

    in true Gatsby fashion.

    After crisscrossing the concrete jungle non-stop, we take

    pause at The Waterfront and admire the Manhattan

    skyline. Perfect for watching ferries cruise up and down

    the East River.

    This brick-factory-gone-hotel merges its past with the

    present in details like vintage ironwork, salvaged timber,

    artisanal accents and architectural glass for an industrial

    aesthetic. We recommend enjoying the scenic night view

    from their trendy rooftop bar, craft cocktail in hand.

    5 : 3 0 P M

    H A P P Y H O U R

    5 : 0 0 P M

    T H E WA T E R F R O N T

    8 : 0 0 P M

    W Y T H E H O T E L

    Whisk is a gourmand wonderland for novices and professionals

    alike with creative gadgets like 3D printed cookie cutters,

    quirky culinary wares and liquor. Were saying yes way, ros

    to a season full of delicious dinner parties.

    Vinyl record shop in the front, party in the back. But really,

    theres a concert hall back there. Rough Trade is an unbelievably

    cool experience. This iconic London-based shop is NYCs

    largest vinyl record store, filled with an eclectic mix of musical

    apparatus, vinyls, cassettes and CDs.

    The Bedford Cheese Shop followed seasonality before it was

    cool with over 10 years of serving cheese at their prime.

    We suggest pairing your cheesy purchase with Napa Valley

    wine, Lorenza, made by our very own W model, Michele!

    2 : 3 0 P M

    F O R T H E L O V E O F C O O K I N G

    1 : 3 0 P M

    F O R T H E R E C O R D

    3 : 0 0 P M

    W I N E A N D C H E E S E

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    his season, were introducing the #WGoingPlaces Scarf Series. Well be highlighting our fondest moments from the Spring 2016 Campaign with an exclusive silk twill scarf that maps out our highly stylish trip.

    So follow along with our Williamsburg Brooklyn Scarf as we take you through our favorite spots from iconic subway stops to eclectic shops.

    Look out for more #WGoingPlaces in seasons to come, and share your own

    adventures with #WGoingPlaces!


    #W G O I N G P L AC E S

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    H E AV Y

    EPAT L

    A heavy dose of botanical blooms stay simultaneously strong and feminine this season. Lacy designs in bright white pop

    against the fresh flora.

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    Keep flowing long

    silhouettes languid

    by pairing with

    strappy heels.

    A smattering of

    electric color makes

    whites pop even


    T H I S

    T H I S



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    Primed skin sets the base for an effortless look. Start with Chanel Sublimage La Crme Moisturizer for a healthy, hydrated glow. Follow up with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. We like it applied with fingers for a natural finish. The Marc Jacobs Concealer is the finishing touch for creamy coverage.



    C L E A N C A N V A S

    S C U L P T U R A L D E F I N I T I O N

    H I G H B R O W

    Groomed eyebrows frame the face. Keep them full and natural with an angled brush and Tom Ford Brow Sculpting Kit. Chanel Illusion DOmbre Eyeshadow in beige and La Prairie Eye Liner in dark brown on eyelids polish off your bare-beauty look.

    We want to add depth and dimension so your features stand out in the best light. Contour with bronzer and highlighter palette from Tom Ford and finish with La Prairie Cream Blush.

    3G E T T H EL O O KThe look of the year is pure and simple. Rejuvenated skin, minimal

    makeup and fuss-free grooming keeps your natural beauty in focus.

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    R E D U X



    Modern cuts in retro textiles? Just the

    thing for Spring! We anchor billowing

    bohemian silhouettes with cool textures to

    add modern edge to vintage vibes.

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    T H I STRY

    Punctuate denim with

    metal hardware and

    luggage leather because

    true style is in the details.

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    ur new flagship showroom encompasses everything that the W girl

    is cool, chic and full of personality. Located in the iconic Crown Building, our

    NYC flagship transcends the shopping experience in style a soaring space

    adorned with edgy artful details like mirror cubes and neon lights.

    So whether you want to immerse clients in the sublime space of W or youre simply in

    town, feel free to stop by. Its a highly personalized shopping experience that will have

    you in an empire state of mind. We cant wait to see you!

    V I S I T U S

    7 3 0 5 T H AV E N U E , 6 T H F L O O R N E W Y O R K , N E W Y O R K 1 0 0 1 9

    S H O W R O O M @ W B Y W O R T H . C O M | 2 1 2 - 3 1 5 - 3 0 0 8


    Y O U R N Y C



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    We love seeing how you style your W by Worth pieces and

    where you go with them. Tag #WGoingPlaces to share your

    favorite destinations and looks. Here are a few that have us

    inspired! Dont forget to follow the new @wbyworth Instagram for more style inspiration!

    S T Y L E G E T S

    S O C I A L