Spread of Belief Systems. What we know: We know about the belief systems We know that they don’t get along One more thing you should know is how they

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Text of Spread of Belief Systems. What we know: We know about the belief systems We know that they...

Spread of Belief Systems

Spread of Belief SystemsWhat we know: We know about the belief systems

We know that they dont get along

One more thing you should know is how they met each other in the first place. How did they spread from where they were originally founded?

JudaismBegan in the fertile crescent (Abraham was from Ur)

Abraham travelled to and settled in modern day Israel

Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians because they were different

According to the Old Testament Moses freed the slaves from Egypt and they escapedJudaismAfter they escaped the diaspora occurred

Diaspora: Scattering of Jews

To protect themselves and blend Jews scattered around Europe, Asia, and the Middle East

Therefore they had no homeland. They still believe Israel is their homeland and have forever after had intentions to returnJudaismA belief called Zionism develops with the goal of re-obtaining Israel as the homeland

Zionism really picked up after WWII because of Jewish sentiment

Zionist Movement Post WWII

ChristianityBegan during the Roman Empire in the same area as modern day Israel

The new testament states that Jesus was born in Bethlehem and grew up in Jerusalem. That is where his teachings began

Roman EmpireOne of their main achievements was the building of roads to connect the empire

Empire was huge and connected three continents

Improved economy by facilitating trade and helped to transport armies to defend and expand the empire

Built 55,000 miles of road by hand over 700 years

The distance from NYC to LA is 2,813 miles!!Roman RoadsChristianity spread through these roads

People spoke of Jesus and his teachings. Many converted.

The spread of Christianity actually increased after the crucifixion because people were angry

Felt that the crucifixion was wrong

IslamIslam originated on the Arabian Peninsula (City of Mecca)

Muhammad lived and preached throughout the middle east

After Muhammad died each successive Caliph (Islamic community leader) spread the religion through military activity

Spread of IslamAccording to the Koran, Muslims should spread and convert as many people as possible

Christians and Jews were always given more equal treatment because they were people of the book Abrahamic tradition

As the Islamic military expanded their territory:If you were polytheistic, Buddhist, hindu, etc you had to convert or be killedIf you were Christian or Jewish had to covert, pay higher taxes, or give men to the military

BuddhismBegin in the Ganges River Valley

Siddhartha was an Indian Prince born to a Hindu family

Buddhism was always popular in India

Emperor Asoka of the Mauryan Empire converted from Hinduism to Buddhism

He sent missionaries along the silk road to spread Buddhism

Silk Road

Silk RoadRoad built by the Han Dynasty in China

Allowed other civilizations to trade with them

Major impact on cultural diffusion

Buddhism is now a major religion in AsiaHinduismAlso started in Ganges River Valley

Also spread via the silk road

Still a majority religion in India, some pockets in AsiaSo.Judaism: DiasporaChristianity: Roman RoadsIslam: Military and KoranBuddhism: Silk RoadHinduism: Silk Road, didnt spread a tonVideo Cliphttp://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=spread+of+religion+video&FORM=VIRE5#view=detail&mid=BB52F60D1F3320A57D30BB52F60D1F3320A57D30