Sports Photography Ashley Zimmerman Period. 4 5/25/11

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  • Sports PhotographyAshley ZimmermanPeriod. 45/25/11

  • Bob MartinHe is a multi-award winning action shot photographerspecializing in shooting action, graphic and editorial pictures for advertising, corporate and editorial clientsDuring the last 20 years Bob has photographed every major event Bob Martin's photography has been recognized by more than 53 national and international awardsHe is a three time winner of the British Sports Photographer of the YearIn 2005 he won over 23 awards including the coveted 'Sports Picture of the Year' in the World Press Photo Awards

  • BackgroundBorn in Brisbane in 1947His career started at the tender age of fifteen when he was drawn into the hard-edged world of Advertising as a trainee illustrator/designerServing his early years as a freelance artist, junior art director, he took the bold step of starting his own Ad Agency, Robert Martin Advertising, at the surprisingly young age of twenty-fiveHis agency successfully went on for over 30 yearsNow retired from business, Robert has made room in his life for his love of painting and to fulfill his creative appetite, he has been using his talent and technique in many workshops

  • Action ShotsBob Martin has taken action shots from the last ten Summer and Winter Olympics, to Elephant Polo and Horse Racing on IceHe is currently the only Sports Illustrated photographer to be based outside of the USA

  • Advertising PhotosMartin has an ad agency, Robert Martin Advertising

  • Editorial Clients

  • PublicationsSports IllustratedTime Newsweek Life Magazine SternParis MatchBunteL"EquipeThe Sunday Times The New York Times

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