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Speech part of the Competitive Comunicator Manual in Toastmasters.


  • 5/25/2018 Speech 10 - Inspire your audience


    Life beyond borders/limits

    800 words


    I ask this friend of mine, how are you, how have you been and the same answers hit me: I a

    tired, I am so sleepy or I have a headache It!s always ne"ative thin"s I am sure all of you must ha

    a no way, it!s not possible friend, or the life sucks, what can you do type of friend

    #adly enou"h, I know many people who complain every sin"le day about their borin" $obs or th

    miserable lives, but they don!t do anythin" to chan"e it %oreover, they claim that their curr

    situations doesn!t depend on them while blamin" the state, the boss, the system

    &'()*+ actually comes naturally as lon" as you realie that the only person responsible for succe

    is -. 1hen you realie this and act accordin" to it, you will catalye an enormous amoun

    ener"y which can take you anywhere, trespassin" any border you ever had in mind 2ractically,

    about how -. react to the events that happen to you, it!s about -.3 choices in life, it!s ab

    "oin" beyond -.3 limits

    1hat stands in front of your desires4 1ho do you blame for your failures45he family, the weath

    the car, the events4 5oni"ht, I!ll share with you the impediments/enemies that prevent us fr

    steppin" over the border line between where we are and where we want to be


    Whether we take others as examples or we find examples in our own lives, the IR!T thi

    that prevents us for workin" at our full potential is #elievin" that ever$thin" depends on t


    'ere!s a scenario6 I was born in a poor family in the countryside area, my parents ne

    supported me, I went to a low hi"hschool 1hat chances to I have to succeed4 7 It does

    mean you have to spend your whole life in the same environment and -ou will not let the p

    decide your future

    !'(OND)Y, #lamin" the others for our failures is *ust an ex%use+ The examples here fall in

    the do" ate m$ homework- %ate"or$&

    %y boss thinks I!m a loser, I!ll never "et promoted 7 1ell, bosses come and "o, so

    people like you, some don!t -ou will not let this affect your efficiency

    In the end, you reach

    tops throu"h your actions, not throu"h those that like you or notT.IRD)Y, the wa$ we rea%t to the events that happens to us wei"hts a lot and dra"s us do

    while %lim#in" the ladder of su%%es&

    I haven!t "raduated or I have lost my $ob 7 (ll these should not stay in your way to succes

    %y boyfriend broke up with me, life is over, what will I do without him/her4 7 #eriously

    your partner is the only reason for your eistance, then you will always depend on somebo

    in order to be happy

  • 5/25/2018 Speech 10 - Inspire your audience


    %y real9life story comes in as an eample which includes all three situation mentioned earlier

    I have always seen my work as my hobby and I am not afraid to say it out loud even thou"h I w

    and probably still am known by family, collea"ues and friends as a workaholic 1ell, I don!t s

    thin"s so ne"atively, because in my case,

    I have erased the border between work and pleasure a lon" time a"o

    I have chosen my work, and this way I don!t do it because I have to, but because I like it

    5herefore, work becomes fun and I can invest everythin" I have in what I do

    ( couple of years a"o, a work superior warned me about burnout, the moment you are physica

    emotionally and mentally overwhelmend with ehaustion 1ho, me4 I don!t burn out from "oin" t

    fast -ou burn out from "oin" too slow and "ettin" bored %y family was thinkin" I am a lost cau

    my friends were encoura"in" me to rela more and my collea"ues to "o with the flow when in troub

    1hat4 *o with the flow4 .nly dead fish "o with the flow dus de val;

    #lowly but very precisely, I have turned the wheel of my life into a sli"htly different direction #o

    people say it was because of *od, others say personal relationships, or that some sort of ma

    came into my life I still have no clue I $ust know I found myself balancin" the work and personal

    successfully, livin" a healthier life and adoptin" positive rituals/routines such as "oin" out for wa

    bikin", dancin", readin" and basically not workin" in the weekends

    I have kept the same force and the en"ine runnin" inside of me, but have started to use my ene

    more constructively and thou"htfully I have realied that I am more productive if I take short breafor eample or if I make my $ob more fleible I still like my work a lot, but I found out that the wo

    doesn!t fall apart if I miss one day when I!m sick or if I don!t answer the phone in the evenin"

    /Y (ON()0!ION

    .ne of the lesson that have learned is that we are the ones settin" borders/limits within our lives 1

    let in the circumstances, the others, the events to rule our life and it!s much easier to place the bla

    on any of them I!m happy to know now that the secret of a "reat efficiency doesn!t lie in a thriv

    work, but in likin" so much what you do, that you prefer it instead of anythin" else .nly then you

    find meanin" and motivation not only in your work but also in your life (nd from here on 7 only sky is the limit +ach day is way too precious to be doin" somethin" you don!t like 1+ )++<

    =I)< 5'+ 5'I)* 5'(5 1+ LI>+ 5.

  • 5/25/2018 Speech 10 - Inspire your audience