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    North Carolina


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    Chicago Review Press 9781613747186 Pub Date: 4/1/14 $26.95/$31.95 Can. Discount Code: LON Hardcover

    288 Pages Carton Qty: 22 Sports & Recreation / Outdoor Skills SPO030000

    6 in W | 9 in H | 1.2 lb Wt

    Grandma Gatewood's Walk The Inspiring Story of the Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail

    Ben Montgomery

    Winner of the 2014 National Outdoor Book Awards for History/Biography

    Emma Gatewood told her family she was going on a walk and left her small Ohio hometown with a change of

    clothes and less than two hundred dollars. The next anybody heard from her, this genteel, farm-reared, 67-year-

    old great-grandmother had walked 800 miles along the 2,050-mile Appalachian Trail. And in September 1955,

    having survived a rattlesnake strike, two hurricanes, and a run-in with gangsters from Harlem, she stood atop

    Maine's Mount Katahdin. There she sang the first verse of "America, the Beautiful" and proclaimed, "I said I'll do

    it, and I've done it."

    Grandma Gatewood, as the reporters called her, became the first woman to hike the entire Appalachian Trail

    alone, as well as the first person-man or woman-to walk it twice and three times. Gatewood became a hiking

    celebrity and appeared on TV and in the pages of Sports Illustrated. The public attention she brought to the

    little-known footpath was unprecedented. Her vocal criticism of the lousy, difficult stretches led to bolstered

    maintenance, and very li...


    Ben Montgomery is a staff writer at the Tampa Bay Times and cofounder of the Auburn Chautauqua, a Southern writers' collective. He was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2010 and has won many other national

    writing awards.

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    Chicago Review Press 9781569761465 Pub Date: 4/1/15 Ship Date: 4/1/15 $27.95/$30.95 Can. Discount Code: LON Hardcover

    304 Pages Carton Qty: 1 Music / Genres & Styles MUS035000

    6 in W | 9 in H

    Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars The Fast Life and Sudden Death of Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Mark Ribowsky

    This intimate story of Lynyrd Skynyrd tells of how a band of lost souls and self-destructive misfits with uncertain

    artistic objectives clawed their way to the top of the rock 'n’ roll world. Based on interviews with surviving band

    members, Whiskey Bottles and Brand-New Cars shares how lead singer and front man Ronnie Van Zant guided the band’s hugely successful five-year run and, in the process, created not only a new country rock idiom, but a

    new Confederacy in constant conflict with old Southern totems and prejudices. Placing the music and personae

    of Skynyrd into a broad cultural context, this book gives a new perspective to a history of stage fights, motel-

    room destructions, cunning business deals, and brilliant studio productions. It also offers a greater appreciation

    for a band whose legacy, in the aftermath of their last plane ride, has since descended into self-caricature.


    Mark Ribowsky is the author of 10 books, including widely praised biographies of Howard Cosell, Tom Landry,

    Satchel Paige, and Phil Spector. His writing has appeared in numerous magazines, including High Times, Penthouse, and Playboy. He lives in Boca Raton, Florida.

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    Chicago Review Press 9781613730706 Pub Date: 4/1/15 Ship Date: 4/1/15 $26.95/$31.95 Can. Discount Code: LON Hardcover

    336 Pages Carton Qty: 1 History / United States HIS036060

    6 in W | 9 in H

    Klandestine How a Klan Lawyer and a Checkbook Journalist Helped James Earl Ray Cover Up His Crime

    Pate McMichael

    James Earl Ray, an escaped convict from Missouri, was punished for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

    despite the fact that he did not fit the caricature of a hangdog racist thirsty for blood. The media has often

    portrayed him as hapless and apolitical, someone who must have been paid by clandestine forces, and it’s a

    narrative that Ray himself put in motion upon his June 1968 arrest in London, then continued from jail until his

    death in 1998. Klandestine documents the evolution of Ray’s alibi from 1968 to 1999—the year Dr. King’s own family declared him an innocent man—yet argues that he was indeed motivated by racial hatred and did in fact

    pull the trigger. It closes the book on the conspiracy that Ray and his defense team created, which asserted

    that Raoul, a mysterious seaman with deep connections to the criminal grapevine, framed Ray as part of a

    complicated New Orleans–based conspiracy. Ray brought Raoul to life by forging a lucrative publishing

    partnership with two very strange bedfellows: a slick Klan lawyer named Arthur J. Hanes, the de facto “Klonsel”

    for the Unite...


    Pate McMichael is an award-winning journalist. His stories have been published in Atlanta magazine, Saint Louis magazine, Zócalo Public Square, and elsewhere. He lives in Madison, Georgia.

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    Chicago Review Press 9781613730225 Pub Date: 6/1/15 Ship Date: 6/1/15 $19.95/$23.95 Can. Discount Code: LON Hardcover

    224 Pages Carton Qty: 1 Cooking / Regional & Ethnic CKB002020

    5.5 in W | 8.5 in H

    Eating Appalachia Rediscovering Regional American Flavors

    Darrin Nordahl

    Dozens of indigenous fruits, vegetables, nuts, and game animals are waiting to be rediscovered by American

    epicures, and Appalachia stocks the largest pantry with these delectable flavors. Eating Appalachia looks at the uniquely flavorful foods that are native to the region—including pawpaws, American persimmons, ramps, hickory

    nuts, and elk, among others—with 23 mouthwatering recipes and 45 color photographs. The book also profiles

    the food festivals including the Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio; the Feast of the Ramson in Richmond, West

    Virginia; and Elk Night at Jenny Wiley State Park in Prestonburg, Kentucky. There are recipes for every

    ingredient: Pawpaw Panna Cotta, Chianti Braised Elk Stew, Pan-Fried Squirrel with Squirrel Gravy, Persimmon-

    Hickory Nut Bread, and Wild Ginger Poached Pears. Nordahl also discusses some of the larger agribusiness,

    governmental agency, and ecological issues that prevent these wild, and arguably tastier, foods from reaching

    our table.


    Darrin Nordahl is the author of Public Produce: The New Urban Agriculture. He blogs daily about food at and has written for CNN, the Huffington Post, and He lives in Oakland, California.

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    Triumph Books 9781572435810 Pub Date: 11/1/13 $19.99/$21.99 Can. Trade Paperback

    160 Pages Carton Qty: 18 Biography & Autobiography / Religious


    8.5 in W | 11 in H | 1.6 lb Wt

    Billy Graham A Life in Pictures

    Ken Garfield

    Celebrating the life and legacy of one of America's best-known religious figures in words and photographs, this

    book traces the amazing journey of the lanky farm boy from Charlotte, North Carolina, who grew up to preach to

    more than 200 million people in stadiums and arenas around the world. Written by a journalist who covered

    Graham and his ministry for more than a decade, Billy Graham: A Life in Pictures chronicles the preacher's rise, his friendship with U.S. presidents, his spectacular crusades, and his work in building a religious organization that

    continues with his son Franklin as its leader. It also offers a glimpse into Graham's rich family life and how he

    managed to maintain his integrity while other religious personalities, despite-or perhaps because of-their large

    followings, were losing theirs. The book provides a fitting tribute to one of the most important religious leaders of

    the 20th century, a man of unimpeachable character who influenced millions around the globe.


    Ken Garfield is the director of communications at Myers Park United Methodist Church and the former religion

    editor for the Charlotte Observer. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Charlotte Observer is the most- circulated newspaper in North Carolina. Its original incarnation was founded in 1886, and the paper has received

    four Pulitzer Prizes.

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    Chicago Review Press 9781556523557 Pub Date: 11/1/99 $16.95/$18.95 Can. Trade Paperback

    160 Pages Carton Qty: 30 Ages 9 And Up, Grades 4 And Up Juvenile Nonfiction / History JNF025130 Series: For Kids series

    11 in W | 8.5 in H | 0.3 in T | 1.2 lb Wt

    The Civil War for Kids A History with 21 Activities

    Janis Herbert

    History explodes in this activity guide spanning the turmoil preceding secession, the first shots fired at Fort

    Sumter, the fierce battles on land and sea, and finally the Confederate surrender at Appomattox. Making

    butternut dye for a Rebel uniform, learning drills and signals with flags, decoding wigwag, baking hardtack,