SONNET 18 / SONNET 29 / SONNET 116 / SONNET 130 Resource Manager Unit 2 65 ... LITERARY ANALYSIS For questions 13, ... Of all the sonnets, (Sonnet 18, Sonnet 29, Sonnet 116, Sonnet 130) ...

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Name DateSONNET 18 / SONNET 29 / SONNET 116 / SONNET 130 COPY MASTERReading SkillANALYZE IMAGERYImagery consists of words and phrases that a writer uses to re-create sensory experiences forthe reader. Such language may appeal to the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste, or smell.Directions: As you read the sonnets, record examples of language that appeals to the senses.Explain the idea or emotion that is conveyed through this imagery.Sonnet Imagery Idea or Emotion Conveyed18 rough winds Summer weather can be harsh.Resource Manager Unit 2 65British LiteratureCopyrightMcDougalLittell/HoughtonMifflinCompany.SONNET18/SONNET29/SONNET116/SONNET130Name DateSONNET 18 / SONNET 29 / SONNET 116 / SONNET 130 COPY MASTERQuestion SupportLITERARY ANALYSISFor questions 13, see page 324 of the Pupil Edition.Directions: Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper.4. Examine Shakespearean Sonnet A turn is a shift in thought. The turn inSonnet 29 occurs in line The speaker turns from a feeling ofto a feeling of5. Analyze Simile Reread lines 1012 of Sonnet 29. Then complete the followingsentence.The speaker is like a lark at break of day because6. Analyze Imagery Reread Sonnet 30. In your own words, tell what physicalfeatures Shakespeare thinks the ideal woman would have.7. Interpret Themes Complete the following sentences.In Sonnet 18, Shakespeare says that although a person may age and die, poetry canIn Sonnet 116, he says that time cannot affect8. Make Judgments Underline one of the titles in parentheses and then completethe sentence.Of all the sonnets, (Sonnet 18, Sonnet 29, Sonnet 116, Sonnet 130) best shows the speakers love forhis subject, because9. Compare Texts Complete the following sentences.In The Passionate Shepherd to His Love, the speaker thinks that all he needs to livehappily is In Spensers Sonnet 30, the speaker thinks that love isso powerful, it can In Shakespeares Sonnet 116, the speakerbelieves that true love cannot beResource Manager Unit 2 67British LiteratureCopyrightMcDougalLittell/HoughtonMifflinCompany.SONNET18/SONNET29/SONNET116/SONNET130


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