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  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


    In this environmentally

    challenging world,

    its time to rethinkour heating...

    ..while we still have time.

    Environmental change2

    Theres nothing new about renewable energy for Dimplex. As part

    of the worldwide Glen Dimplex Group we have been producing

    renewable energy solutions for nearly 30 years. And with our

    national network of engineers, our own dedicated training

    programmes and a customer service operation, Dimplex

    offer the full package your business demands.

  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


    Its time to harness the

    suns energyEvery year the sun provides over 8000 times as much energy as

    we consume worldwide. In the UK we receive between 900 and

    1200 kWh of energy per m2 per year. This is enough to provide

    up to 60% of a propertys total water heating needs, reducing

    fuel bills and building carbon emissions.

    3The solution








    The all-electriclow carbonsolution

    The new Solar EclipseTM solar hot

    water system from Dimplex offers

    a sustainable energy solution for

    the future with a range of packages

    designed for the individual needs of

    properties throughout the UK.

    The Solar EclipseTM system offers 12

    pre-packaged kits to choose from,

    making specification simple and

    installation easy. And when

    combined with Dimplex electric

    heating offers the ideal low carbon

    all-electric home that is not only

    compliant with Part L of the Building

    Regulations but future proof with

    low running costs guaranteed.

    kWh/m2 of solar energy per year in UK

  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure




    Solar Eclipse4

    the complete solar

    thermal water

    heating system

    from a nameyoull recognise

    The Dimplex Solar EclipseTM

    package is made simple by

    combining all the components

    into easy to purchase kits

    containing all the necessary

    solar components needed for

    a standard installation.* Each

    component has been carefully

    selected for its quality and

    suitability to the UK climate.

    With a range of cylinder sizes

    suitable for each property and

    a selection of roof mounting

    options the Dimplex solution

    has an answer for every solar

    water heating requirement.

    * By a suitably qualified person

  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


    Domestic hot waterSolarpump



    Unvented cylinder

    Note: Pilot wire interface unit needed for towel rail and immersion heater

    Solar coil

    How Solar Works

    Electric Solution

    Domestic hot water






    the flexiblesolution Complete solar hot water package including

    2, 4 and 6m


    collector kits, heat transfersystem, full range of installation accessories

    and choice of solar hot water cylinders.

    Purpose designed solar cylinders with highefficiency coils, fully optimised for solar water

    heating. Choice of options for electric heating

    or boiler based systems.

    Choice of roof mounting options for slate, tileor flat roofs or integrated flush roof mounting.

    Separate control and pump station allowingflexible and convenient installation in relation

    to the cylinder.

    25 year solar cylinder warranty. 10 year solar collector warranty.

    Range features


    3.2mm collector glass ensures high solartransmission rates

    Laser welded absorber retains absorbercoating, with no visible seems

    Anthracite aluminium collector frame provideslightweight protection for the absorber thatblends with the roof

    High levels of insulation on back and sidesensure maximum captured heat is transferred

    to the heating system

    4 plumbing connections allows flexiblecollector configuration

    Heat transfer system

    Variable pump speed control for maximumsolar energy gain

    LCD controller with 3 temperature probes

    for accurate temperature measurement and

    system operation

    Pump station incorporating pressure reliefvalve, two non-return valves, flow meter and

    two flush and fill connections for quick and

    easy install

    Optional 15m flexible insulated hose forfast and reliable installation

    Hot water storage

    Choice of cylinders from 175-305 litre capacity

    available in direct (single coil) or indirect(dual coil) options

    Duplex stainless steel construction with 60mmthick insulation for low heat loss

    High heat transfer via corrugated coil designmaximises transfer of solar energy to the water

    5Solar Eclipse

    Unvented cylinder

    Solar coil

    Top-up heating

    How Solar Works

    Non-Electric Solution





  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


    selectingthe right

    kit for yourinstallation

    With 12 pre-configured kits to choose from,

    each designed to suit the needs of differing

    properties, choosing the right kit for your

    installation is easy using our three step selection


    Selecting the right package6

    Property type



    Control unit

    Pump unit

    Heat transfer medium 20 litre

    Expansion vessel 8 litre + fixing kit

    Expansion vessel 18 litre + fixing kit

    Roof Type*


    Normal + Extension

    Normal + 2 Extension

    DimplexSolar Kit

    1 bed 1 shower

    2 bed 1 bath + 1 shower

    1 Collector Kit 2m2

    1 1 1 1

    - - - -

    T S I F

    - - - -

    - - - -

    SOL SOL SOL SOL200T 200S 200I 200F

    3 bed 1 bath + 2 showers

    4 bed 1 bath + 2 showers

    2 Collector Kit 4m2

    2 2 2 2

    - - - -

    T S I F

    - - - -

    - - - -

    SOL SOL SOL SOL400T 400S 400I 400F

    4 bed 1 bath + 3 showers

    5 bed 2 bath + 2 showers

    3 Collector Kit 6m2

    3 3 3 3

    - - - -

    T S I F

    - - - -

    - - - -

    SOL SOL SOL SOL600T 600S 600I 600F

    Step 1 Size of property and water usage

    The solar package is selected according to how much water is used in the

    property. The table below provides a guide as to the cylinder size for a given

    property. Once selected this will determine how many solar collectors are required

    to heat the water. The solar kit can then be read off from the table.

    Step 3 Select Dimplex solar kit

    Step 1 will have determined the number of collectors you require and Step 2 the

    roof type.

    Step 2 What roofing kit is needed

    Once the number of collectors and cylinder size has been determined, select the

    roof kit. This should be selected to suit the roof type of the property. The kits come

    with the following mounting options:

    Pitched tile roof

    Pitched slate roof

    Mounted flush with the roof using the integrated roof kit*

    Flat roof a dedicated roof kit that provides the correct elevation

    for the collector.

    *This requires a section of the roof covering to be removed which is then replaced with the solar panel.








    Once these requirements have been determined the appropriate solar kit can

    easily be selected from the table below.

    If you have any questions regarding the selection of the correct kit for your needs,

    please contact us on 0845 600 5111

    * Roof Type T = Tile S = Slate I = Integrated F = Flat

    Property size Solar cylinder No of size (litre) collectors

    Indirect Direct

    1 bed/1 shower 90 100 175 1

    2 bed/1 bath & 1 shower 90 100 175 1

    3 bed/1 bath & 2 showers 90/130 100/140 175/215 1/2

    4 bed/1 bath & 2 showers 130/170 140/180 215/255 2/3

    4 bed/1 bath & 3 showers 170 180/230 255/305 3

    5 bed/2 bath & 2 showers 215 230 305 3

    Stored usable watervolume (litre)

    Note: Selections are based on a property located in the south of England.

    For more northerly locations larger collector kits may be required.

  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


  • 8/14/2019 Solar Heating Brochure


    The Dimplex solution8

    the Dimplexall electric

    low carbonsolution

    Building Regulations Part L deals with the

    energy efficiency of buildings. In order to

    comply with the requirements for new

    buildings, designers must demonstrate that

    predicted building carbon dioxide emissions

    are less than a calculated maximum target


    The benefits of low capital costs, simple

    installation, faster building speeds and no

    pipework or flues means electric heating is the

    preferred solution for many developers, in

    particular for flats and apartments. Combining

    cost effective electric heating with solar as a

    low carbon water heating solution provides an

    excellent means of meeting the requirements of

    Part L.

    For buildings containing multiple dwellings

    such as flats, it is possible to use a whole blockmethodology to demonstrate compliance. This

    has the benefit that flats within the block with

    the lower carbon dioxide emissions can be

    used to trade off against those with higher

    emission rates, meaning each individual unit

    does not have to comply, only the overall