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<ul><li> 1. Software Testing Testing and EvaluationNTS is a world leader in assisting organizations to access domestic and international markets.We are a single source for a full range of integrated engineering solutions, product testing, standardscompliance, project management staffing solutions and managed services. Globally accredited by leadingregulatory agencies, NTS can provide cost-effective programs to meet your requirements at one of ourmany U.S. or international facilities, or we can provide onsite solutions. NTS is the largest independentstandards compliance and product testing company in the U.S.A serving companies within the aerospace,defense, automotive, telecommunications, electronics, power, medical device, computer, software andfinancial markets. Software Compatibility/Interoperability TestingCompatibility and interoperability testing focus on exercising the product-under-test under an array of soft-ware and hardware variables (e.g., different operating systems, additional software applications, such as webbrowsers, and hardware, such as graphics adapters, processors, chipsets, etc.). With over two decades ofgrowth and refinement, NTS's test methodologies are unparalleled in the area of compatibility and interop-erability testing. With our extensive in-house library of up-to-date software and hardware, NTS can simulatenearly any real-world environment in which your product may be utilized. Test failures are routinely regressed using industry standard methodologies, and known functional hardwareand software. Compatibility testing seeks to verify the compatibility of a vendor's product specifically withparticular hardware or software (e.g., with the operating system, a word processor with a printer, etc.). Inter-operability testing, on the other hand, typically focuses on validating peaceful coexistence (e.g., a wordprocessor and spreadsheet program can both be installed on the same platform without causing problemswith the other). Contact NTS today to find out how to get your product tested!Defective code accounts for as much as 45% of computer-system downtime. Have Software Functionality Testingyou got the bugs out of the system? Are you releasing a new product? NTS can exercise your product's functionality through alpha, beta and/orgolden master phases of development. NTS can start by developing comprehensive test plans, detailing testmethodologies or you can supply us with a test plan to execute. Functionality testing can be performed onhardware or software products to verify that your product functions as designed. For software products, NTS can exercise the various execution paths, either manually or through automatedscripting tools such as WinRunner, SilkTest, Visual Test, WebFT, etc. During functionality testing, you canselect our detailed reporting mechanisms, or we can adopt yours. The general purpose of functionality testing is to verify if the product performs as expected and documented,typically in technical or functional specifications. Developers creating a new product start from a functionalU.S. companies lose over $100 billion aspecification, which describes the product's capabilities and limitations. NTS Test Engineers utilize this year in lost productivity and repairs due tospecification, if available, as a guideline for expected product responses. Tasks are exercised to test specificdefective code.features or functions, and the results of these tasks are verified by NTS to be in compliance with the ex-pected responses. This type of testing is beneficial to product developers who are creating a new product oran existing product which has undergone significant enhancements or changes in capabilities. If you don't have a technical specification for your product, NTS can create one for you or perform testingusing exploratory test methodologies. In exploratory testing, NTS Test Engineers develop test cases on-the-spot based on their understanding of the product's main features and functions, as well as their experiencein performing quality assurance testing. Products are typically subject to changes throughout development, maintenance, and evolution due to avariety of reasons, such as changed requirements (both functional and nonfunctional), update technologyand upgrade hardware or software platforms. The changes bring risks to the product because change propa-gations may introduce new bugs and anomalies, sometimes even fatal one. Regression testing is a techniqueto verify the integrity and correctness of the modified product.Dont let this be your software! Let NTS With over 25 years of experience in computer hardware and software testing, our NTS Test Expertsperform testing so this isnt what yourhave all the skills and capabilities to help you have a successfully product launch! customers remember about your program.Asia Canada Europe United States1.800.270.2516 </li></ul> <p> 2. Highlights &amp; Primary Test Capabilities Compliance &amp; Certification Testing USB Compliance Testing High-speed, full-speed and low-speed silicon, peripheral, andsystem/hub/host controller USB On-The-Go Compliance Testing High-speed and full-speed products USB Embedded Host Testing High-speed and full-speed hosts Certified Wireless USB Testing Get your wireless peripherals certified today! NTS USB &amp; Wireless USB Golden Suite Testing Real-world testing across a variety of USBchipsets using up to 500 USB devices and peripherals ZigBee Certification 802.15.4, ZCP, MSP, SE &amp; HA testing. Multimedia over Coax Certification MoCA Certification testing only at NTS XM Radio Connect &amp; Play Certification testing Microsoft HealthVault Get your Works With Microsoft HealthVault certification at NTS Microsoft WHQL/DTM Testing Support for all WHQL/DTM product categories WiMedia/UWB Pre-Testing (Certification testing available once NTS passes qualification) Compliance/Certification Program Development Let NTS assist you in the developmentof a program to validation your standard/specification! Quality Assurance TestingNTS uses the latest technology to verify theCompatibility Exercising software or hardware under an array of supported operating compatibility, functionality and systems, additional software applications and supported hardware compliance of your products.Interoperability Exercising software or hardware with a selection of hardware and soft- ware to confirm harmonious coexistence of the productsStress/Performance/Load/Scalability Using either actual users or virtual users with tools such as LoadRunner, WebLoad, WinRunner, WebFT, TCL, Test Director, Visual Test and Open SourceBenchmarking Using internal-developed or third-party benchmark toolsCompetitive Analysis Comparing clients product with competitors productUsability/Look-&amp;-Feel Provide end-user analysis with various user experience (i.e. novice, intermediate, expert, etc.)Functionality Exercising the various execution paths, either manually or through automated scripting tools such as WinRunner, Visual Test and WebFTWebsite Testing Functionality, Browser Compatibility, Load/Stress/Performance using automation tools such as LoadRunner or WebLoadSecurity Test to various security standards such as Common Criteria, ICSA, IEEE 802.1x, etc. using various third-party toolsLocalization Software compatibility and functionality test across 35 different languages, Technology, skills, and experience to test all of such as FIGS, CCJK, etc.your computer technology productsAutomated Test Scripting Develop automated scripts using various test tools, LoadRunner, WebLoad, WinRunner, WebFT, TCL Test Director, Visual Test, Open source, C, C++, Delphi, Visual Studio and visual BasicTest Plan/Test Case Development Develop customized test plan/test case based on clients specification and/or product documentation5730 Buckingham Parkway Culver City, CA 90230 Tel: 310.641.7700 Fax: 310.641.58271.800.270.2516 </p>