[Socrata] Open Innovation - Volume 3

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  • 8/11/2019 [Socrata] Open Innovation - Volume 3


    Knowledge forEveryone: The OpenData Institute

    Alameda County:Reinvents CommunityEngagement

    How Open DataIs RevolutionizingHealth Care

    6 GovernmentProcesses Replacedby Open Data

    SPRING 2014

    Building a Stronger Economy with Open Data


  • 8/11/2019 [Socrata] Open Innovation - Volume 3


    Dear Fellow Innovator,

    Im glad you picked up a copy o our third edition o Open Innovation. Its packed ull o examples o how the open

    data movement is growing quickly and becoming one o the most dynamic areas o technology today.

    In our Community Report section, youll get to meet people who are bringing open data to more places, like the

    executives in Montgomery County who supported the creation o financial transparency apps that educate citizens

    on county budget data. Youll also hear about Code or Americas successul startup incubator program and the

    Center or Medicaid and Medicares (CMS) innovative use o healthcare data. Finally, we highlight authors in the

    community with our new book review section and showcase a ew members o the Open Data Doers Club. Any o

    the doers remind you o yoursel?

    Teres an app or that. Weve all heard it and its becoming more and more true thanks to new public datasets

    made available by governments. In our Whats Appening? section, youll find out how New York City

    encourages citizens to create apps that address the citys toughest issues and youll get an overview o Socrata Open

    Expenditures and Socrata Open Budget, financial transparency apps we designed with help rom government

    finance leaders.

    We cover practical topics in our Smarter Government section, such as questions to consider when writing your

    open data policy and how to host internal hackathons, like Alameda County, Caliornia does to educate staff and

    encourage engagement with the Countys open data program. And, i youre interested in efficiency, you might like

    our collection o six government processes replaced by open data.

    And, now to one o my avorite subjects: economic development through open data. In our Open Data in Focus

    section, youll read about Chicagos success in creating new businesses and jobs, thanks to their open data portal. We

    also discuss the strategic value o data in government, spotlight how the United Nations Development Programme

    inspires data journalism, and highlight the Open Data Institutes (ODI) work as an incubator o businesses based in

    open data.

    For un, we finish with a story about how art and open data can intersect by introducing you to Scott Kildall. Tis

    San Francisco-based artist is transorming geo-data rom the San Francisco City and Countys (SFCC) open data

    portal into 3-D art called Data Crystals.

    Please let us know how you like the magazine and what you think we should eature next. We want this publication

    to be a hub or the most exciting and inspiring innovations happening in open data and open government today.


    Kevin Merritt

    Socrata Founder and CEO


    Alida Moore


    Bridget Quigg

    Tim Cashman

    Patrick Hasseri

    Design/Art D

    Corey Smith


    Steven Gottlie

    Published BySocrata

    83 S. King Stre

    Seattle, Wa. 98


    (206) 340-800www.socrata.c

    40 Growing Chicagos Open Data EconomyBy Bridget Quigg

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    4 Socrata Book Club

    6Te Rebirth ofGovernment Outreach:extizen Brings PublicEngagement into theMobile Era

    By Patrick Hasseries

    9Open Data Doers Club:American City-Dwellers

    By Patrick Hasseries

    12How Open DataIs RevolutionizingHealth Care

    By Joe Pringle

    18Montgomery CountyCollaborates on Open Data

    By Ewan Simpson


    21New York City AsksHackers to Solve oughIssues

    By Bridget Quigg

    24Financial ransparencyfor Smarter Governmentsand Citizens

    By Safouen Rabah


    275 Questions to AskWhen Creating YourOpen Data Policy

    By Ian Kalin

    30Alameda County:Te Gold Standard inCommunity Collaboration

    By Alida Moore

    376 Government ProcessesReplaced by Open Data

    By Bridget Quigg


    48Why GovernmentsMust Embrace the StrategicValue of Open Data

    By Safouen Rabah

    and Tim Cashman

    53Knowledge forEveryone: Te Open DataInstitute

    By Alida Moore

    58How InternationalOrganizations UseData-as-a-Service toInspire Journalists

    By Eleonore Fournier-Tombs


    61Data Crystals: ScottKildall and the Collisionof Art and Open Data

    By Alida Moore

    SPRING 2014

  • 8/11/2019 [Socrata] Open Innovation - Volume 3




    eyond Transparencypen Data and the Future of Civic Innovation

    dited by Brett Goldstein and Lauren Dyson

    Te rise o open data in t he public sector has sparked innovation, driven

    fficiency, and ueled economic development. Its transormative potential could

    ape the uture o civic l ie and reinvent the relationship between residents and

    vernment, especially at the local level.

    eyond ransparency is a new anthology rom Code or A merica, edited

    th ormer Chie Data Officer o Chicago Brett Goldstein. In this cross-

    sciplinary survey o the open data landscape, practitioners rom municipal

    ie inormation officers to civic entrepreneurs share their stories o what they

    complished with open data. Te book eatures essays rom leaders including

    ichael Flowers, ormer Chie Analytics Officer o New York City; im OReilly,

    under & CEO o OReilly Media; and Beth Blauer, Socrata Director o GovStat

    d ormer StateState Director or Maryland.

    pen Data NowTe Secret to Hot Startups, Smart Investing, Savvy Marketing, and Fast Innovation

    y Joel Gurin

    el Gurin is Senior Advisor to G ovLabs Open Data 500, the first major study

    American companies that use open data to build t heir business. In Open

    ata Now, Gurin applies his wide-ranging experience and two years o research

    provide a comprehensive guide on the open data field. He describes the

    pen data landscape or technologists, business executives, entrepreneurs, a nd

    dinary citizens, providing insight into how open data is changing ideas about

    ivacy, corporate responsibility, and government regulation

    pen Data Now is essential reading or anyone who wants to understand how

    pen data is changing business, government, and society. Gurin describes how

    cial media is shaping brand identity and reputation and how the new science

    sentiment analysis is transorming marketing strategy. He also makes the

    se or open innovation in science, describing how some research institutions

    e sharing their data early on to promote discourse.

    Socrata Book Club looks at the latest and greatest volumes written about

    government transparency, open data, and data-driven decision-making.

    Open GovernmentCollaboration, ransparency, and Participation in Practice

    Edited by Daniel Lathrop and Laurel Ruma

    Open Government is a collection o essays and c ase studies that lay out visions o

    a more democratic and effective government, achieved by making meaningul,

    structured data accessible to ever yone. Contributors come rom a wide spectrum,

    including a White House insider, the chie technology officer o a major city, and

    an activist hacker. Te book presents a balance between hopes or the uture andthe realities that stand in the way.

    Open Government is a comprehensive compendium of the who, what, how, and

    why of the emergent national Gov 2.0 movement. Its a must-read for all who care

    about transparent, efficient, and participatory government, which, by definition,

    should equate to each and every one of us in our capacity as citizens and voters.

    ~Andrew Hoppin, CIO, New York State Senate

    Smart CitiesBig Data, Civic Hackers, and the Quest for a New Utopia

    By Anthony ownsend

    In Smart Cities, urbanist and technology expert Anthony ownsend takes a broad

    historical look at the orces that have shaped the planning and design o cities and

    inormation technologies rom the rise o the great industrial cities o the n ineteenth

    century to the present. A century ago, the telegraph and the mechanical tabulator

    were used to tame cities o millions. oday, cellular networks and cloud computing

    tie together the complex choreography o mega-regions o tens o mill ions o people.

    In response, cities worldwide are deploying technology to address both the

    timeless challenges o government and the mounting problems posed by human

    settlements o previously unimaginable size and complexity. As technology barons,

    entrepreneurs, mayors, and an emerging vanguard o civic hackers are trying to

    shape this new rontier, Smart Cities considers their motivations, aspirations, and

    shortcomings while offering a new civics to guide efforts to build the uture, one

    click at a time.

  • 8/11/2019 [Socrata] Open Innovation - Volume 3