Social Studies: Geographic Understandings 5 th. Grade

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Social Studies: Location

Social Studies:Geographic Understandings5th. GradeGeorgia Performance StandardsGeographic Understandings SS5G1 The student will locate important places in the United States.

a. Locate important physical features; include the Grand Canyon, Salton Sea, Great Salt Lake, and Mojave Desert.

b. Locate important man-made places; include the Chisholm Trail; Pittsburgh, PA; Gettysburg, PA; Kitty Hawk, NC; Pearl Harbor, HI; and Montgomery, AL.

How do I locate the 4 main physical features for 5th grade?

Grand CanyonSalton SeaGreat Salt LakeMojave Desert****Why they are important:Grand Canyon a gorge located in northwestern Arizona. It is over 250 miles long and over 1 mile deep at its deepest point. The Colorado Rivers flowing water carved out the canyon over millions of years. The Grand Canyon is one of the earths greatest natural wonders and attracts over 5 million visitors each year.Salton Sea a salt lake and the largest lake in California. The Salton Sea is located in the southeastern corner of California and spans over 350 square miles.Great Salt Lake the largest salt lake in the Western Hemisphere. It is located in the northern part of Utah. The lake changes in size depending on the amount of annual rainfall. It is home to millions of native birds, shrimp, and waterfowl. Mojave Desert over 22,000 square miles and is one of the countrys major deserts. Most of the Mojave lies in southern California, but portions of it run through Arizona, Nevada, and Utah.Lets Practice. Which letter is: Grand Canyon Salton Sea Great Salt Lake Mojave Desert

A.B.C.D.Grand CanyonSalton SeaGreat Salt LakeMojave DesertResponse Board Practice--Which letter is: Mojave Desert Great Salt Lake Salton Sea Grand Canyon

A. B.C.D.Great Salt LakeGrand CanyonMojave DesertSalton SeaHow do I locate the 6 main man-made features for 5th grade?

Pearl Harbor, HawaiiChisholm TrailMontgomery, AlabamaKitty Hawk, North CarolinaPittsburghGettysburg*****Why they are important:Chisholm Trail a route used in the 19th century to move cattle from Texas to Kansas. Pittsburgh, PA is located where the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers come together to form the Ohio River. The citys location has made it a key industrial center. These rivers provide key water routes for transporting industrial resources and goods. During the early 1900s, Pittsburgh manufactured almost half of the nations steel.Gettysburg, PA where one of the key battles of the American Civil War was held. The Unions victory here ended the Confederate's hopes of invading the north. It was a key turning point of the war. Kitty Hawk, NC this is famous because it is the site of the Wright Brothers first powered airplane flight in 1903.Pearl Harbor, Hawaii a US naval base. It is the site of Japans attack on the US that led to the United States entering WWII. Montgomery, AL The capital of Alabama. It is the location where the Montgomery Bus Boycott took place, in which Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the city bus.

Lets Practice. Which number is: Kitty Hawk, NC Gettysburg, PA Pearl Harbor, HI Montgomery, AL Pittsburgh, PA Chisholm Trail Harbor, HawaiiChisholm TrailMontgomery, Alabama

Kitty Hawk, North CarolinaPittsburghGettysburg

****Response Board Practice-- Which number is:Gettysburg, PA Kitty Hawk, NCChisholm Trail Pearl Harbor, HI Pittsburgh, PA Montgomery, AL

******123456PittsburghGettysburgKitty HawkMontgomeryChisholm TrailPearlHarborIts a Grade! Locate the following physical and man-made features:Pittsburgh, PA Gettysburg, PA Kitty Hawk, NC Montgomery, AL Chisholm Trail Pearl Harbor, HI Grand Canyon Salton Sea Mojave Desert Great Salt Lake

13974268105Answer Key:Pearl Harbor, HIChisholm TrailPittsburgh, PAMontgomery, ALGreat Salt LakeSalton SeaKitty Hawk, NCMojave DesertGettysburg, PAGrand Canyon