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The current bilingual interactive newsletter is dedicated to the social inclusion.

Text of Social Inclusion

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    The Eurodesk Cyprus, starts the New Year, spreading messages of acceptance and

    social inclusion. The Social Inclusion is one of the fields of the EU Youth Strategy.

    The main objective of the field is the establishment of an understanding society with

    equal opportunities for all the citizens regardless of any kind of diversity, such as, origin,

    language, religion, skin colour, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities etc. The European

    Union focuses on combating poverty, one of the main causes of exclusion. It should be

    mentioned that the 2010 was the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social


    By CLICKing on the following icon you may watch the official video of the European

    Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

    /Issue 3 15/01/2012

    Social Inclusion and European Union


    Saint Barnabas School for the Blind : Interview from the Headmaster


    Opportunities in Europe


    Good Practices at a Local level


    Toolkits for youth workers and trainers


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    European Union and Social Inclusion

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    Blind Dinner:














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    Saint Barnabas School for the Blind:

    Interview from the Director-Part A

    The Eurodesk Cyprus had an interesting conversation with the Headmaster of "Saint

    Varnavas" School for Blinds, Mr Andreas Chapoupis, about the people with Visual Im-

    pairment (VI) and the challenges they face.

    Mr Chapoupis, firstly we would like to tell us something about you?

    I was born on 1950,I was loosing my vision gradually due to some accidents, at the age

    of 17 years old I was almost blind and at the age of 27 I became blind. I attended the

    primary school of Kato Varosiou, then the School for Blinds, then the Kykkos school for

    boys and finally I continued my studies in the university, in Athens. I studied Greek

    Language, History and Law. In 1976 I started working as a teacher in the School for

    Blinds. I also worked in Acropolis Lyceum and in the Ministry of Education and

    Culture. In 2000 I worked as a headmaster assistant in the School for Blinds, since 2003

    I am the headmaster of the School for Blinds. I like football very much and I go to foot-

    ball matches. As a result, in 1997,the "Association of Sport Journalists Cyprus" gave me

    the award of the "Best Football fun" and in 1999 the UEFA awarded me as the

    "European Football Fun".

    Could you please tell us something about the School for Blinds (foundation,

    activities, etc)

    The School for Blinds is the only educational institution for people with VI in Cyprus. It

    was founded in 1929 and it can be characterized as a landmark in the field of special

    education in Cyprus, especially for people with VI. Since 1960, the School for Blinds has

    been established as a public educational institution. Today, together with the Kindergar-

    ten and the Primary Education the School for Blinds is working as a Center of Education

    and Rehabilitation for all the ages. The objective is, the people with VI to acquire some

    skills that are going to facilitate their mobility and their access to the written texts, they

    are offered 15 training programmes. You may find more information about the pro-

    grammes in the website of the School.

    How is the everyday life of a person with VI, how does he cope with his/her

    responsibilities; (mobility, household, computer, work, family)

    Concerning my mobility, personally I have a driver. Sometimes, when I want to go

    somewhere I call a taxi, when the taxi arrives, the taxi driver touches my shoulder telling

    me that the taxi has just arrived. I am very good at cooking, when my children were little

    I used to boil them eggs and also prepare their sandwich for school. Our oven has a

    system that helps me to understand that the food has been cooked. People with VI may

    use special designed computers with speech and screen reading system, some of the

    computer have a Braille screen.

    Upcoming Events

    31 March 2012

    March ing wi th


    For info:

    School for the Blind

    1 April 2012

    Fairy of the School

    for the Blind

    For info:

    School for the Blind

    Blind Dinner:

    A new and innova-

    tive activity. The

    participants are

    going to have a

    dinner in the dark.

    The activity will be

    implemented at the

    end of March. The

    aim is to raise

    awareness about the

    people with VI.

    For info:

    Marios Philippou


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    Do you believe that people with VI have as many opportunities as the rest of the


    Now, because of the legislative regulation, there must be a percentage of 10% of people with

    disabilities working in the Public Administration and in the education, as a result, people with

    VI may integrate in the labour market. Moreover, for services that need telephonists blind

    people have a priority. For blind secondary education students the School for the Blind offers

    supporting services. Concerning the higher education, there are books in Braille system and

    books that use a speech system.

    According to you, which are the most appropriate ways to raise awareness about

    people with VI?

    I agree with the continual efforts that aim to raise awareness, but I would suggest that the

    people with VI, especially the young people, should have continuous training in order to be

    able to inform the whole society about their needs. You should have in mind, that the society

    changes step by step.

    What do you think about the EU police for people with VI?

    The EU promotes policies for people with VI about their access in education and the labour

    market, in Cyprus we are trying to follow and promote them. Every year the "Pancyprian

    Organisation of the Blind" hosts 3-4 EVS volunteers. It should be mentioned that one of them

    was included within the 10 best projects in Europe.

    In Cyprus, is there a Youth Club for people with VI?

    Unfortunately, there is not a Youth Club for people with VI because of the small number of

    people with VI. There are also some practical difficulties due to the fact that people with VI

    live in different cities.

    Finally, we would kindly ask you to give us some contact information, in case

    someone wants to learn more about that topic?

    The general public may contact us by email at, by phone at

    +357-22403300 and by fax at +357-22403340.The mail address of the School for the Blind is

    School for the Blind "Saint Barnabas", P.O.Box 23511- 1684 Nicosia.

    Saint Barnabas School for the Blind:

    Interview from the Director-Part B

    Book reading in Braille


    The OPTACON devise

    Helps people with VD

    to read texts that are

    not in Braille format

    A person with V who

    is using the computer.

    In the computer is

    installed a speech

    system and screen

    reading system

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