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Smoother than smooth final 2

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  • 1. SMOOTHER THAN SMOOTH Keeping it Smooth Michelob Ultra Light Cider Thursday, July 26, 12

2. WHY KEEP IT SMOOTH? SELL THE RELATIONSHIP, THE LIFESTYLE Michelob Ultra Light Cider currently focus is on leisure and relaxationMOST BEER ADVERTISING FEEDS INTO THE MALE LIBIDO.Why not feed into what men and women want?Relationships. Happiness. Feeling good about themselves and their partner.ATTRACTIONThursday, July 26, 12 3. DYNAMIC SHIFT Women want someone condent and SMOOTH.Women are more likely to focus on personal health and tness.The desire is universal!A shift to health. Appearance. The waste line. Sex appeal for both.A smooth light drink like Michelob Ultra Light Cider brings condent attractive people together.People aware of how they look. How they feel... and they want to have a great time TOGETHER.Thursday, July 26, 12 4. DESIRE TO IMPRESSTapping into a man and womans desire to impressFitness, sex appeal and staying lean and seenDress to impress and be the bestFeeling smooth is sending out the image that you wantThursday, July 26, 12 5. COLLATERAL Not Your Mothers White WineThe female audience is drawn in by a desire to have the ideal partner, and a healthy sexy lifestyle.The drink market is heavily dominated by the male purchaser. By bringing male and female purchasers, together we increase our buying audience.Thursday, July 26, 12 6. WHY MAKE IT SMOOTH?The way it was and is...Men are more likely to purchase Amheuser Busch Products by a margin of 55%Light beers are overwhelmingly purchased by men across the boardThursday, July 26, 12 7. Thursday, July 26, 12 8. THE APPROACH MICHELOB ULTRA LIGHT CIDERLIFE-ITS EVERYTHING Michelob Ultra Light Cider is THE DRINK for men and women who love looking amazing and live the life few attempt to dream.MULTI MEDIAFull collateral Multi directional approach. Video, Contests, Music, Interactive Website.Imagery: Sharp dressed thin people living exciting lives.Thursday, July 26, 12 9. THE APPROACH www.keepitsmooth.comSmooth Kitty or Cat-Banner - Video, TestKeepitSmooth spoof talent showSmooth Operator Short lm contestSmooth Operator Michelob Ultra Light Cider Hip Hop Track based off of Sades classic track.Thursday, July 26, 12 10. SMOOTH KITTY OR CAT? BANNER Are you a smooth Kitty or Cat? Michelob Ultra Light Cider wants to know Tell us your tale? Take the test. www.keepitsmooth.comVideo: Are you a Smooth Kitty or Cat? Be a smooth cat for all seasons. Tell us your tale? Upload video to The winners posted on SideReel. Winner get a smooth Wardrobe, Exclusive LA Fitness Membership and trip for two to the worlds sexiest smoothest resort: Las Ventanas al Paraiso-Los Cabos, Mexico.Take the Are you a Smooth Kitty or Cat Test. Link to to see if you got what it takes.Thursday, July 26, 12 11. SMOOTH OPERATOR VIDEO Short Film/Music Video & Hip Hop SongShort Film/Music Video contest. The winners video is used in the actual campaign and gets to pitch direct the concept.The concept: Agent smooth is brought in to save a mans night of sure dating disaster. Ten minute lm with the un-smoothest cat. The master of smooth comes in and pulls a karate kid on the man and reshapes his style, approach and inner esteem.The Film will be edited as a short lm and video for...Smooth Operator Theme song:: Video Hip Hop track based of the song smooth operator used on All Music Site. Steers trafc to the Are you Smooth Website.Thursday, July 26, 12 12. KEEP IT SMOOTH AMERICA Spoof Talent Show Advertisement -viral Keep it Smooth AmericaTake on Americas obsession with talent shows - KEEP IT SMOOTH AMERICA.Commercial spoof contest: Commercial looks and feels like a promo for a new talent show. KEEP IT SMOOTH AMERICA?In the spoof video, the smoothest men & women appear to compete to be americas smoothest.Tales and ashbacks of their smoothest nights. The nal contestant opens up with the words, I picked up Michelob Ultra Light Cider. The judges are oored.Thursday, July 26, 12 13. KEEP IT SMOOTHhttp://www.michelobultra.comSMOOTH KITTY OR CATFILM CONTESTSMOOTH OPERATORMulti media Webiste, linked an all collateral materials.Short Film Contest, KEEP IT SMOOTH AMERICA Spoof, Smooth Operator Video and Song.Smooth Suggestions: Links and images of Michelob Ultra LIght Cider amongst links for Smooth Suggestions: Clothing, Fitness Health and Social Life.Thursday, July 26, 12 14. SMOOTHER THAN SMOOTH Michelob Ultra Light CiderSmooth taste, light on calories Smoother than Smooth Thursday, July 26, 12