Skyline Plaza Frankfurt - ECE Skyline Plaza Frankfurt Shopping in the heart of Europaviertel Frankfurt

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  • Skyline Plaza Frankfurt



    Opening Aug 29, 2013

    Sales area ca. 38,000 m²

    Services and food area ca. 20,500 m²

    Number of jobs ca. 1,200

    Number of shops ca. 170

    Number of floors 2

    Parking spaces ca. 2,400

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Shopping in the heart of Europaviertel Frankfurt

    Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt am Main, with its diverse retail offers and spectacular architecture, is the new attraction in the

    heart of Europaviertel. The large roof garden with an outside seating restaurant is a special highlight of the center. The

    facade of the building is a real eye-catcher as it changes its color depending on the viewpoint. ECONOMIC ATTRACTIVENESS OF THE CITY

    Retail spending index 111.7

    Centrality index 108.5

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  • Skyline Plaza can be reached easily from its catchment area, for example

    by using freeways A 5 and A 648 as well as federal highway B 8.

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Accessibility / Catchment Area


    travel time to center inhabitants

    up to 5 min. 56,087 in core catchment area

    5 to 15 min. 506,231 in nearby catchment area

    15 to 30 min. 1,187,508 in wider catchment area

    30 to 45 min. 343,588 in extended catchment area

    TOTAL 2,093,414


  • Theodor-Heuss-Allee

    Hamburger Allee



    Am Da mmgra



    Fra nke

    nal lee

    Fra nke

    na llee

    Kob lenz

    er S traß


    Kölner Straße

    Brüssler Straße

    O slo

    er S tra

    ß e

    Ma inz

    er Lan

    dst raß


    Ma inz

    er Lan

    dst raß


    Skyline Plaza is situated in a central location in Frankfurt's Europaviertel, which lies

    adjacent to the trade fair area. Subway, local train, and bus stations are only a few

    minutes away by foot from Skyline Plaza.

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Location / Public Transport Connection

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt�


  • The tenant mix at Skyline Plaza includes fashion stores, boutiques, flagship and label

    stores, shoe stores, a sports store, a drug store, a book store, a grocery store an a large

    food court with diverse dining options.

    Directly adjacent parking garage with parking spaces for handicapped people,

    mother-child parking spaces, free Wi-Fi, lockers, cash machines, customer information

    desk, handicapped-accessible restrooms, and a baby nursing room.

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Branch and Tenant Mix

    Customer Service


    daily average 26,487



    Gastronomy Health Groceries Hardware Fashion Services Shoes / Leatherwear Departement store Sporting goods


  • Thinking and acting sustainably – from the planning stage to operation. This describes the holistic approach

    that ECE has made the basis of its long-term corporate philosophy. In this spirit, ECE has written and published,

    in collaboration with the University of Karlsruhe, a sustainability manual for shopping centers. Further impetus

    has come from the independent experts who sit on its Sustainability Advisory Board. The company’s primary

    objective is to save energy and reduce CO emissions. Therefore, the latest state-of-the-art energy-efficient light

    sources are used at Skyline Plaza Frankfurt.


    Hauptzertifikat der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (DGNB) in Platin

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Investors ECE / Otto Family


    CA Immo



  • For more than five decades ECE has been successfully combining shopping and

    entertainment in its shopping centers. Our visitors are fascinated by the variety of

    events such as fashion shows, colorful product presentations, art exhibitions, and

    concerts. The highly qualified ECE center managers can rely on ECE´s accumulated

    know-how and competence and use synergies of its Europe-wide activities.

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    There is always plenty of activity


  • ErdgeschossGround Floor First Floor

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Leasing area

    Anchor tenants

    Shopping mall


    Floor Plan


  • Second Floor

    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Leasing area

    Anchor tenants

    Shopping mall



  • Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Management and Leasing


    Skyline Plaza Frankfurt

    Center Management

    Europa-Allee 6

    60327 Frankfurt / Main

    Phone +496929728700

    Fax +49692972870690


    Center manager:

    Janine Marz


    ECE Projektmanagement

    G.m.b.H. & Co. KG

    Heegbarg 30

    22391 Hamburg

    Hotline: +49 (40) 60606-7000


    Leasing manager:

    Kevin Beissler

    Christian Gadanac


  • Disclaimer

    The brochure is for information purposes only and

    does not constitute a contractual offer. The

    information concerning catchment areas and

    transport / traffic links are based partly on reports

    and information from third parties. The

    information provided in this brochure has been

    verified prior to its publishing. We can, however,

    assume no liability for its accuracy or the sources

    and methods that were used to obtain it. All

    information in this brochure is as of August 15,

    2020 and is subject to change.

  • ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG

    Heegbarg 30, DE-22391 Hamburg

    Phone: +49 (40) 60606-0, Fax: +49 (40) 60606-6230,

    ECE was founded by Werner Otto in 1965 and is still family owned with Alexander Otto as CEO. ECE develops,

    plans, builds, leases out, and manages large commercial real estate in the sectors shopping, office, industries.

    The company is European market leader with approximately 195 managed shopping centers and activities in

    11 countries. Moreover, ECE is also active as investor. Every day, more than 4.1 million customers are visiting

    ECE shopping galleries in which around 20,000 retail tenants are offering their goods and services.

    Key to success

    Excellent locations

    First-class center management with professional


    Own leasing based on an elaborate branch and tenant


    Leasing concept with benefits for medium-sized

    companies creates chances for local trade and start-ups

    Own architects and own facility management for

    smooth center planning and operation

    Sustainable corporate philosophy with focus on

    long-term success

    Regular modernization of shopping centers

    Development and implementation of innovative

    services and entertainment

    SHOPPING powered by ECE