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  • SKMEA Middle School Band Festival Sno-King Music Educators Association Shoreline Center, Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Thank you for joining us today as performers and audience members!

    Please remember the following guidelines:

    -no food or drink in the performance halls

    -do not talk during a performance or following clinics

    -never enter or exit during a performance

    9:00 AM Auditorium Maplewood K-8 8th Band

    Lance Ellis, Director

    9:15 AM Shoreline College Place MS

    Kate Labiak, Director

    Perseus and the Sea Monster Michael Grady

    Portrait of a Clown Frank Ticheli

    9:30 AM Auditorium BTMS Concert Band

    T.J. Seiber, Director

    9:45 AM Shoreline Voyager MS

    Michael Clark, Director

    March of the Irish Guard Arr. James D. Ployhar

    Drums of the Daruma William Himes

    10:00 AM Auditorium Meadowdale MS 8th Grade

    Bruce Laven, Director

    Circus Bee Fillmore

    Arr. Custer

    Amazing Grace Arr. Frank Ticheli

    Canto W. Francis McBeth

    10:15 AM Shoreline Einstein MS Symphonic Band

    Frank Halferty, Director

    Newcastle March Jonnie Vinson

    Creed William Himes

    10:30 AM Auditorium Olympic View MS 8th Grade Band

    Jeff Ray, Director

    10:45 AM Shoreline Maplewood K-8 7th Band

    Lance Ellis, Director

    11:00 AM Auditorium Alderwood MS Symphonnic Band

    Ron Madden, Director

    Celtic Air and Dance Arr. Michael Sweeney

    Old American Songs Aaron Copland

    (Simple Gifts, The Little Horses, Arr. John Moss

    The Golden Willow Tree)

    11:15 AM Shoreline BTMS Cadet Band

    T.J. Seiber, Director

    11:30 AM Auditorium Kellogg MS Symphonic Band

    Alec Wilmart, Director

    St. Petersburg March Johnnie Vinson

    Images of Ireland Brian Balmages

  • 11:45 AM Shoreline Meadowdale MS 7th Grade

    Bruce Laven, Director

    Knights of Destiny Michael Sweeney

    Chanson John Kinyon

    March to Castle Rock Steve Hodges

    12:30 PM Auditorium Harbour Pointe MS Symphonic Band

    Steve Moody, Director

    A Childs Lullaby James Swearingen

    Spirit of the Winds Robert W. Smith

    12:45 PM Shoreline Langley MS 7th Grade Band

    Jessica Foley, Director

    Three Pieces for American Band Timothy Broege

    I. Fanfare II. Pavane to a Ground III. Fantasia

    Creed William Himes

    Bonds of Unity Karl King

    Arr. James Swearingen

    1:00 PM Auditorium Voyager MS

    Michael Clark, Director

    Ashland Park Overture Ed Huckeby

    Chant and Jubilation John Kinyon

    1:15 PM Shoreline Kellogg Wind Ensemble

    Alec Wilmart, Director

    Bosnian Folk Songs Fred J. Allen

    Toccata For Band Frank Erickson

    1:30 PM Auditorium Einstein Wind Ensemble

    Frank Halferty, Director

    Omaha Beach March John Edmondson

    Beyond the Clouds Brian Balmages

    1:45 PM Shoreline Harbour Pointe MS Concert Band

    Steve Moody, Director

    Shanandoah Robert Sheldon

    Entrance of the Tall Ships James Swearingen

    2:00 PM Auditorium Madrona K-8 Wind Ensemble

    Matt Edwards, Director

    2:15 PM Shoreline Olympic View MS 7th Grade Band

    Jeff Ray, Director

    2:30 PM Auditorium Explorer Concert Band

    Anita Valdez, Director

    2:45 PM Shoreline Langley MS 8th Grade Band

    Jessica Foley, Director

    Overture for Winds Charles Carter

    Larghetto Ludwig van Beethoven

    Arr. William Bellis

    Ghost Fleet Robert Sheldon


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