Six great and free apps for freelancers

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Time management, marketing, keeping track of finances, and communicating with clients are only a few tasks a freelancer has to manage daily. This can be very time-consuming. This is why, freelancermap recommends six apps for free, which will help you to be more organized.


<ul><li><p>FREELANCER TIPS</p><p>Six great and free Apps for </p><p>Freelancers</p><p> 24.07.2013 Contact:</p><p>More freelancer tips on</p></li><li><p>Six great and free Apps</p><p>Freelancers have to juggle a lot of tasks at once. Time </p><p>management, marketing, communicating with clients and </p><p>keeping track of finances are all key to a successful freelancing </p><p>career. Managing all that can be quite tricky, especially since you </p><p>need to have leftover time to actually do your work as well.</p><p>Fortunately enough, there are some great smartphone and </p><p>tablet apps out there, which will help you be more organized </p><p>and efficiently handle everything your business life throws at </p><p>you. This article introduces a list of six helpful apps available </p><p>across most platforms to get you started.</p></li><li><p>1: HoursTracker</p><p>There are lots of great apps that help you keep track of the time </p><p>you spend on certain tasks and make sure you dont slack off. </p><p>HoursTracker, for one, is great for freelancers since it not only </p><p>tracks the time you spend on a particular project, but calculates </p><p>the pricing for you as well. You can set up an hourly rate and </p><p>multiple projects, allowing you to easily switch between what </p><p>youre working on at will. The Lite version of HoursTracker is </p><p>free, while the full one comes at a price of $2.99. </p></li><li><p>2: Toggl</p><p>Toggl is another great time tracking app, which has the option of </p><p>team work included in it as well. That being said, it is a very solid </p><p>app for a one-man team. It can churn out insightful reports, </p><p>which give you an overview of how you spent your time on a </p><p>project, helping you analyze your workflow. The basic version of </p><p>Toggle comes for free while the Pro plan costs $5 a month.</p></li><li><p>3: Mint</p><p>Managing your expenses can be time-consuming and extremely </p><p>hard to do at times, but there are apps that make it much, much </p><p>easier. Mint, for example, is an awesome app that helps you </p><p>keep your budget just where you want it. You can create a </p><p>personal budget, designed for your lifestyle and financial </p><p>situation. Mint will even alert users in case their spending habits </p><p>exceed their budget. It is free as well, but is unfortunately </p><p>supported only in the US and Canada as of now. However, </p><p>freelancers outside these regions have nothing to fear there </p><p>are lots of options for them as well. </p></li><li><p>3: CurdBee</p><p>CurdBee is another amazing app that has tons of features. With </p><p>it, you can not only track your spending, but send out estimates </p><p>and invoices and get paid online as well. All of these features are </p><p>already available in the free version of CurdBee. You can also </p><p>pay $5 or $20 monthly to get a more complete accounting </p><p>package.</p></li><li><p>5: Dropbox</p><p>Having an easy and fast way to share your files is essential when </p><p>working as a freelancer. Whether youre working on a big </p><p>project and have to share an important piece of information </p><p>with your team, want to access it from anywhere or you just ran </p><p>out of space on your computer, having an online platform where </p><p>you can easily store your files fis a great thing indeed. Thats </p><p>probably why surveys have shown that Dropbox, one of the best </p><p>file-sharing apps out there, is the one most popular among </p><p>freelancers as well. Storage space starts at 2GB with more </p><p>available as you invite friends, connect Twitter or Facebok </p><p>accounts, or participate in special events. </p></li><li><p>6: SpiderOak</p><p>If you dont want to use Dropbox for whatever reason, </p><p>SpiderOak is a decent alternative. It promises a high level of </p><p>security and the ability to restore deleted files to sweeten the </p><p>deal.</p></li><li><p>Six great and free Apps</p><p>Those are just six basic apps any freelancer can use to better </p><p>manage his business. There are tons of others on the market, </p><p>many of them free of charge. So feel free to explore and find the </p><p>apps that will help you organize and improve your work while </p><p>sparing you lots of time and trouble.</p></li><li><p>Further freelancer tips available on</p><p>Contact</p><p></p><p>Contact person: Doreen Schollmeier - International Affairs</p><p>Mail:</p><p>Skype: doreen.schollmeier</p><p>Phone: +49-911-37750286</p><p>facebook:</p><p>Twitter: freelancer_INT</p></li></ul>