Six great and free apps for freelancers

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Time management, marketing, keeping track of finances, and communicating with clients are only a few tasks a freelancer has to manage daily. This can be very time-consuming. This is why, freelancermap recommends six apps for free, which will help you to be more organized.

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    Six great and free Apps for

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  • Six great and free Apps

    Freelancers have to juggle a lot of tasks at once. Time

    management, marketing, communicating with clients and

    keeping track of finances are all key to a successful freelancing

    career. Managing all that can be quite tricky, especially since you

    need to have leftover time to actually do your work as well.

    Fortunately enough, there are some great smartphone and

    tablet apps out there, which will help you be more organized

    and efficiently handle everything your business life throws at

    you. This article introduces a list of six helpful apps available

    across most platforms to get you started.

  • 1: HoursTracker

    There are lots of great apps that help you keep track of the time

    you spend on certain tasks and make sure you dont slack off.

    HoursTracker, for one, is great for freelancers since it not only

    tracks the time you spend on a particular project, but calculates

    the pricing for you as well. You can set up an hourly rate and

    multiple projects, allowing you to easily switch between what

    youre working on at will. The Lite version of HoursTracker is

    free, while the full one comes at a price of $2.99.

  • 2: Toggl

    Toggl is another great time tracking app, which has the option of

    team work included in it as well. That being said, it is a very solid

    app for a one-man team. It can churn out insightful reports,

    which give you an overview of how you spent your time on a

    project, helping you analyze your workflow. The basic version of

    Toggle comes for free while the Pro plan costs $5 a month.

  • 3: Mint

    Managing your expenses can be time-consuming and extremely

    hard to do at times, but there are apps that make it much, much

    easier. Mint, for example, is an awesome app that helps you

    keep your budget just where you want it. You can create a

    personal budget, designed for your lifestyle and financial

    situation. Mint will even alert users in case their spending habits

    exceed their budget. It is free as well, but is unfortunately

    supported only in the US and Canada as of now. However,

    freelancers outside these regions have nothing to fear there

    are lots of options for them as well.

  • 3: CurdBee

    CurdBee is another amazing app that has tons of features. With

    it, you can not only track your spending, but send out estimates

    and invoices and get paid online as well. All of these features are

    already available in the free version of CurdBee. You can also

    pay $5 or $20 monthly to get a more complete accounting


  • 5: Dropbox

    Having an easy and fast way to share your files is essential when

    working as a freelancer. Whether youre working on a big

    project and have to share an important piece of information

    with your team, want to access it from anywhere or you just ran

    out of space on your computer, having an online platform where

    you can easily store your files fis a great thing indeed. Thats

    probably why surveys have shown that Dropbox, one of the best

    file-sharing apps out there, is the one most popular among

    freelancers as well. Storage space starts at 2GB with more

    available as you invite friends, connect Twitter or Facebok

    accounts, or participate in special events.

  • 6: SpiderOak

    If you dont want to use Dropbox for whatever reason,

    SpiderOak is a decent alternative. It promises a high level of

    security and the ability to restore deleted files to sweeten the


  • Six great and free Apps

    Those are just six basic apps any freelancer can use to better

    manage his business. There are tons of others on the market,

    many of them free of charge. So feel free to explore and find the

    apps that will help you organize and improve your work while

    sparing you lots of time and trouble.

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