Simplicity - develop modern web apps with tiny frameworks and tools

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You have learned for years how to do big enterprise applications with big enterprise frameworks. Sometimes it was good, but sometimes it was over-engineered, rarely fun. It changed a lot a few years ago with Asp.Net Mvc and with a lot of impulse of the community. But today, the web moves faster and faster, and people want tools that do the job in a simple way and that just works. Today we have these tools in .Net and they grow every day for our pleasure. Get an overview of why you should care about Simplicity and how you can build great web apps in a simpler way with small frameworks and tools "that just work" (with pieces of NancyFx, SimpleData, RavenDb, Nuget, jQuery, Markdown, Bootstrapper, ...) Slides of my #Web.Net conference 2012 in Milano cheers!


<ul><li>1.SimplicityCompose modern web apps withefficient tiny frameworks &amp; tools Rui Carvalho/@rhwy</li></ul> <p>2. Thanks to the sponsors 3. WebPatterns Tools Frameworks 4. Less Pain &amp;&amp; Get theControl back! 5. Background Should I really care? 6. The natureof the Web how desktop techniques doesnt fit interconnected application needs 7. The web is documentsThe web is not objects 8. The Domain Problem how humans need to talk more 9. Customer needs Foo 10. You think schema Bar 11. Dont think schematoo hard 12. Over engineered? 13. Hexagonal, Onion? 14. ConcreteApplication? 15. I misunderstood Architecture is about an intent, its not about a technical framework 16. Node 17. So, what is 18. Responsive 19. Cross Media 20. Patterns of Modern Web Applications 21. SPA* *Single page application(ie : gmail) 22. SPA 23. SPAA 24. REST Your API Is your APP 25. REST 26. Tools! (for what?) 27. Get the shell back! 28. CurlEverything you need to test your app is here!-X [GET|POST]-I (include headers)-d key=value 29. NugetPackage management is essentialEnterprise grade =&gt; build your ownQuite multi-platform 30. Nuget (for Mac lovers)curl -L -k -o nuget.exe#!/bin/shPATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATHmono --runtime=v4.0 /usr/local/bin/NuGet.exe $* 31. (nuget powered)Chocolatey@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicyunrestricted -Command "iex ((new-objectnet.webclient).DownloadString(" &amp;&amp; SETPATH=%PATH%;%systemdrive%chocolateybin&gt; Cinst ruby 32. See what append(live) 33. Chrome dev tools 34. Editors WebstormChose a good tool also for the client side! 35. Online web 36. Frameworks! 37. Frameworks ? 38. Frameworks ? 39. OSS ?oss projects -most of the time-fits real user needstiny oss projects usually fitone need, but do it well. 40. jQuery 41. jQuery 42. Angular Html enhanced for web apps! 43. Angular 44. Less css dotLess for .Net 45. Nancy fx 46. RavenDB 47. Simple.Data 48. SignalR( like framework for .Net) 49. So what? 50. if you dont love it, it gonna fail!stay foolish, stay hungryJobs 51. Get moreFun 52. Please rate this sessionScan the code, go online, rate this session 53. All sketches are by me with the help of the fabulous iPad applicationPaper by 53 and can be reused underThe creative commons licence </p>