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Sign language Interpreters. The best way of dealing with sign language interpreters as a justice system. Best practices concering sign language. Introduction Some history Deaf culture and the interpreter Sign language, something goes wrong What do the interpreters need? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Best practices concering sign languageIntroductionSome historyDeaf culture and the interpreterSign language, something goes wrongWhat do the interpreters need?Special groups withing deaf cultureBeste practices, yet again

  • Me, Suzanne Heuft. Interpreter since 1996, member of NBTG/EFSLI

    Teacher of interpreters since 2001, post Doc level

    Workshop leader and trainer at EFSLI, SIGV and deaf communictie.

    Certified (one of 4) Judiciary interpreter in Holland

    Part of the national police register being an interpreter of covert videos with a team of lipreaders

    Dutch,(grand) mother of 2

  • History facts language interpertersCourt interpreting as a profession started at Nuremberg

    Bilingual person is NOT perse interpreterBP1 use trained interpreters

    Training in language is possible

    Professionals and seen as such

  • History facts Sign Language interpretersTHE oldest profession in the world

    Language very young (1960 W.Stokoe) and hard to study

    DO HAVE: code of ethics!! BP2: code of ethics

    SLI is young profession in a visual language

    Looked upon as HELPERS, part of the communityBP3: set us free

  • Bonding?

  • The language Visual languageBelongs to the deafUp and downsideBP4:seating is very important, across of deaf person

  • something goes wrong....

  • Training, schooling and preparationThe interpreters want and need schooling BP6: train the interpreters The interpreters needs preparation BP7: prepare the interpreter and give them all the materials they needCourts should make lists or work together with a register.

  • Special needs within deaf community Cerebral palsyDeaf BlindForeign sign languages

  • Deaf interpreter

  • Som it all up:Use a trained justice interpreter for all situations.Make, borrow or set up a code of ethics. Communicate about the reason the JUSTICE SYSTEM has the interpreters working for THEM. (set us free)Right seating for the interpreterMake sure the client drinks the coffee you serve work together with your interpreter. Expect professional conduct and invite it. Train the interpreters you want to work with and make a list of trained interpreters.Give the interpreter time to prepare and give them all the materials they ask forSpecial needs and situations need special interpreters. Ask the deaf or interpreters who would be the best for the job. Payment should be coming without problems, it is a JOB not a hobby.

  • Thank you.