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SharePoint high availability

SharePoint Real-World Governance ScenariosRon Charityroncharity@gmail.com416-300-60331Read mePractical examples or SharePoint governance issuesAudience includes architects, consultants, developers, administratorsHolistic view of SharePoint GovernanceThis is not a product review products will be mentioned but only fraction of the solutionThis topic isn't for the meek thats why so many get it wrongSeveral topics covered people, process, policy and technologyRecommended reading and other materials provided40 minute presentation time 20 slidesNote left blank intentionally

2BIORon CharityA published Technologist with 20 + years in infrastructure and application consulting.Experience working in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. Has worked with SharePoint technologies since 2000.Currently he is responsible for a large global SharePoint environment consisting of several farms that service 140 countries.Plays guitar in a band, rides a Harley Nightster, owns a Superbird and enjoys travel especially beaches.

Note left blank intentionally

3SummaryPractical SharePoint governanceThe intended audience is ITThe examples are common problems experienced - when governance isnt in place or not functioning properly.Ill highlight roadblocks my clients have experienced and a prescriptive approach with references to further study.Upon completion, attendees will have practical examples they can apply to their circumstance.Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

This webinar provides attendees withexamples of SharePoint gone wrongpractical approach for overcoming them using GovernanceThe intended audience is ITPMs, architects, operational staffThe examples are common problems experiencedwhen governance isnt in place or not functioning properlyIll identify the roadblocks my clients have experiencedprescriptive approach with references to further studyUpon completion, attendees will have practical examples they can apply to their circumstance.

4AgendaStakeholder alignmentRoles and responsibilitiesFostering communitiesGovernance controlsCustomizationsUser Interface ConsistencyPage load performanceLarge lists5AgendaProvisioningComplianceInfrastructure problemsSQL Server healthCapacity management Additional readingQ&A

6Before we startThis is a complex topicYou shouldnt tackle it on your ownIts about people, process, policy and toolsOrganizational structure and politics will be a major obstacleThere are quick wins but they depend on what resources you have available to you and buy inDont get discouragedPerseverance wins

Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

Do you need governance? See the need?For those with new deployments this could be your future if not managed we'llFor small deployments you may never experience thisFor large deployments I feel your painThis is a complex topicBigger the companythe more farmsIf it was easy it would be fixed by nowYour not the only one strugglingGenerally IT doesnt do a good job of explaining, the business doesnt care how do you bridge that gap?The less fingers in the pie the more successful you will beThe more resources you have available the better you areThe less outsourced you are the better as wellYou shouldn't tackle this on your ownThis is bigger than you thinkYou need a senior sponsor and coachAim for someone that is higher up the food chain than your stakeholdersGet to know your stakeholders they are your core teamIts about people, process, policy and toolsWatch out for vender hype - governance isn't about toolsPolitics = disconnects = communication break down = lack of trustOrganizational politics will be a major obstacleThis is your biggest risk coach will helpPerception is everythingCommunications plan is key success factorThere are quick wins in some casesDepends on resources available to you ($$$) and buy from stake holdsQuotas predictable growth and ceilings on usageProvisioning maintain IA and prevent sprawl and duplication nav and content degradationCaching - speedQuick server upgrades add processor, ram and nicsDepends how much autonomy you have death by consensus? Outsourcing contracts slow and create roadblocksDont get discouragedPerseverance wins


Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

I think the problem with most governance is many omit the people side of the equationThey focus on tools and settings without stakeholder buy in you wont get farAlso having a solid technology platform that isn't brittleMost dont understand tech and see it as easySharePoint's power is its Achilles heelPeople have the power and have expectations that its all easyThey are just trying to their job done


Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

Disconnects are your enemyThey cause you painYour level setting expectationsBuilding trust and understandingImproving communicationSurfacing the costs and risksEnabling team workRemember site admins and users have a full time jobFrom their perspective they just want it to workThey want it to be simple

9DefinedGovernance for SharePoint is aboutCIO its about service delivery and cost containmentIT its about control, provisioning and stabilityHR and business it is about defining what the users can do and cant doIts a plan for managing expectations Managing and containing costsFacilitating user adoptionWithout it conflict is certain, expected improvements delayed and service quality a concern

Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

Governance for SharePoint has many perspectives or points of viewFor CIO its about service delivery and cost containmentIs the bus getting what they paid for?For IT its about control, provisioning and stabilityCan we sustain and meet SLAs?For HR and business it is about defining what the users can do and cant (shouldnt) doDo we get the functionality and value?What policy must I comply with?Where to get help and mentoringEssentially its a plan for managing the expectations of the parties involved in delivering and consuming the SharePoint serviceLevel of serviceRoadmap for improvements etc.Without it conflict is certainStakeholder frictionexpected improvements delayedservice quality a concernUI and Search issuesCost containmentYou wont win!

10Where to focusWhere are you experiencing the most pain?What are the biggest and consistent complaints?What do you have control over?What resources do you have? People? Tools?Where have others failed and why?Do you have a sponsor and team lined up?Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

Where is most the pain?The visibility might help with funding and buy in to proceedE.g. Failed audit >> records mgmt in bad shapeE.g. search not effective >> content types and lingoE.g. SQL disconnects >> storage upgrade for IOPsPick the areas you know you can succeed.Whats in your realm of control?Some areas may require executive sponsorship or money you dont have, address those longer term.Work with sponsor to address fundingIf you dont have control over it, leave it until later.If its high on the pain list and you require sponsorship thenlook for an senior manager/executivethat has the organizational savvy to help you.You cant do this alone especially in a large company.Assemble a team of stakeholdersBusiness, architects, support, applications/infrastructure, third parties, PMO and purchasing.It will take time to fully implement governancemonths and or years depending on organizational complexityresource availability and level of sponsorship and funding


Mental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

You will need a strategy to be successful.An executive sponsor is key to your success.

12Stakeholder alignmentIslands of power / M&ALack of understandingMultiple view pointsService quality inconsistencyKey actionsSenior sponsorCommittee of stakeholdersDocument and agree on rolesSolid communications - documented decisions, ownership, actions, priorities and reportingMental note >> What's the point? Why should they care?

SignsIslands of power, M&A, Infighting and lack of understandingThis is a sign of expectation issues, lack of communication, disempowermentLack of understanding between stakeholdersMore so in distributed corporationsDistributed office and outsourcingMultiple views of expectations and problemsExecutive alignment missingExpectations not documented and agreed toLack of proper funding so people fight to deflect blameStakeholder representation no committeePowerful stakeholders with political tiesStakeholders with no political allies and no supportService quality inconsistencyUI and search issuesInfrastructure issuesDifferent views depending who you talk toProblemPriorities not agreed toLack of understanding regarding problems and prioritiesLack of funding due to executive priorities and visibilityTight budgets, other priorities consuming resourcesLack of communication amongst stakeholdersTalking, documenting, agreement and communication (Aggressive get in writing)Obtaining funding stating case properly/effectively (know your audience)Reporting getting facts to people in format that triggers them to actLack of resource commitment for governancePain me now or laterSolutionSenior sponsorBudget influence, alignment of goals and prioritiesCommittee of stakeholdersRepresentation of all stakeholders equallyCommunicationsQuarterly reviews establish quarterly reviews of priorities and issues face to face is betterUse SharePoint and email have a scheduled team meeting, communicate priorities and issuesDocumented expectations, success criteria, decisions, issues, risksPost for all stakeholders to seeGuiding principlesHow will you make decisions?Efficiency, cost reduction, improvements, simplificat