Setting up the Android SDK

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to download, install, and configure the Android SDK. This tutorial will also be available on at the LESS Dev Center soon.

Text of Setting up the Android SDK

1) Download Android SDK

2) Once you click the Download button, installer_r20.0.3-windows.exe file will begin to download

3) Run the executable you just downloaded **Note you may need to authorize the installation as an Administrator

4) The installation wizard will pop-up. Read the information and click Next

5) The wizard will check to see if you have the Java JDK installed yet. If not, you will get this error:

a. You can download the JDK here:

b. Run the JDK executable - If you get this error, it means you need to download the Windows x86 file rather than the x64 one

c. The JDK installation wizard will pop-up. Click Next

d. Choose the features you would like to install. We suggest them all.

e. Pick your directory


You have successfully installed the Java JDK!

6) If you have the Java JDK set up, you will get the following message:

7) Click Next and then choose if you want to install the Android SDK for everyone that uses your computer or just yourself

8) Specify your Install Location

9) Choose what you want to call your Start Menu Folder and click Install

**Note you can opt-out of this by clicking the Do not create shortcuts box 10) Once the installation is complete, click Next

11) You have installed the Android SDK!

12) You now will need to install the ADT plugin for Eclipse. a. Start Eclipse b. Select Help > Install New Software

c. Click the Add button in the top-right corner

d. Choose a Name for the plugin, and enter this into the Location input box

**Note - If you the plugin location isnt working, try using "http" in the Location URL, instead of "https". e. Click Ok. You will now see that a few items have been added to the Available Software section. Check the box next to Developer Tools and click Next


The next window shows the software that will be installed. Click Next

g. Accept the License Agreement and then click Finish

h. Wait for the software to install


You may get a security warning saying that the software is unsigned. That is alright. Just click Ok


Once complete, restart Eclipse

k. If you get the following error after restarting Eclipse, you will need to install the SDK Platform Tools


Open up the Android SDK Manager. Select the checkbox next to the Android Platformtools. Click the Install (x) Packages button


Accept the License Agreement and click Install

13) Time to Configure the ADT plugin a. Select Windows > Preferences


For MAC OS X users, select Eclipse > Preferences

b. Select the Android option on the left sidebar


If the following pop-up comes up, click Proceed

c. Locate where you downloaded the Android SDK and click Apply, then OK 14) You have successfully download and installed the Android SDK! - For troubleshooting, visit the official Android SDK page: