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September 2017 Liam Macintyre, Managing Director · PDF file2017-10-03 · 28th September 2017 Liam Macintyre, Managing Director . 2 © Swagelining ... 5x service life of CS, reduced

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Text of September 2017 Liam Macintyre, Managing Director · PDF file2017-10-03 · 28th...

  • Swagelining - 2017 1 Swagelining - 2017 1

    LinerBridge A polymer pipeline connector to eliminate CRA in polymer lined fabrication

    28th September 2017 Liam Macintyre, Managing Director

  • Swagelining - 2017 2

    Benefits that add up

    Corroded carbon steel pipeline

    Polymer lined after 13yrs service

    Swagelining - 2017 2

    Superior Life cycle cost 35% reduced EPCI cost of CRA, comparable cost to corrosion allowance, knock on reduced capex, 5x service life of CS, reduced opex

    Reduced operational costs $2m annual OPEX savings from improved flow assurance, reduced inspection and reduced use of chemical inhibition

    Designed for life 7yrs is typical life expectancy of an unlined WI pipeline vs 50 yr qualified design life offered by Swagelining

    Reduced weight allowing lower cost installation vessels and reduced top tension on offshore installations

    Enhanced oil recovery through ensured water cleanliness

    Enhanced flow assurance gained from excellent surface roughness properties of polymers and thinnest engineered liners in the industry

    Reduced operational complexity through no requirement for minimum velocities, routine pigging, inhibition uptime etc

  • Swagelining - 2017 3

    Technical overview connection systems

    Tried and tested

    Since 1995 over 60 subsea flowline projects completed using welded CRA clad connectors

    WeldLink Connector Hub Connector

    Innovation driving cost and risk reduction

    Why does the industry need an alternative to CRA Connectors now?

    High cost - Effectively kills S-lay and J-lay Supply schedule challenges Complex CRA welding



    CRA Welded

  • Swagelining - 2017 4


    A polymer connector removing the need for CRA connectors Simple, Yet Ingenious Offers a step change in project economic and risk profile, through CRA removal

    Proven Technology Utilises robust and proven electrofusion welding technology, from utilities industry

    Size Range Qualified connectors from 8 16 Swagelining - 2017 4

  • Swagelining - 2017 5

    Total installed cost - CAPEX Swagelining - 2017 5

    * All savings based upon 15km 10 pipeline

    35%* cost reduction between CRA mechanically lined and polymer lined solution for reel-lay

  • Swagelining - 2017 6

    LinerBridge qualification

    LinerBridge connector is currently at TRL5 in line with DNV and API guidance

    Robust Qualification Process Electrofusion welding qualification completed in line with SWL internal procedures. Installation trials completed in 2G, 5G and 6G orientations (including spool base tie-in and subsequent reeling). Carbon steel girth welding trials completed to confirm connector integrity post welding.

    Simulated Service Testing Simulated Reeling Trials Hydrostatic Testing (320 380bar(g)) Cyclic Pressure Testing (1,000 cycles; 0-250bar(g)) Accelerated Age Testing (50yrs @ 50degC)

    Higher Product Temperatures Development of PE-RT LinerBridge connector for higher temperature applications,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNE7lB2-AJNXFOTcKDY6DsC-ITEqXg&ust=1478619179333188,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNFkwujxo3i-pmI5Ll8u8U7uy6jmmg&ust=1478619213036930,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNG0n6n0oi7BlqDPR_BhCG7waS9Jbw&ust=1478619637734655,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNGcwFFCFNFhIqW25kkMD9lnu7j66g&ust=1478619290690797

  • Swagelining - 2017 7

    Integrated liner system

  • Swagelining - 2017 8 Swagelining - 2017 8

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