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Sensory Awareness Trail Project 06209. Tony Wong Luke Hogan Rich Adams Chiedu Monu Tim Mugwanya. Mission Statement. To provide sensory stimulation by implementing various sights and sounds that incorporate physical presence of the environment. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Sensory Awareness TrailProject 06209Tony WongLuke HoganRich AdamsChiedu MonuTim Mugwanya

  • Mission StatementTo provide sensory stimulation by implementing various sights and sounds that incorporate physical presence of the environment.Sponsor: Everybody Rides Program located in Newark, NY

  • BackgroundEverybody Rides is a non-profit therapeutic horseback riding program that serves over 400 riders with developmental disabilities annually. Uses Hippotherapy, or therapy on horseback. A physical therapist and riding instructor work as a team to provide exercises which positively impact the rider's physical limitations.

  • StakeholdersPeople with Developmental Disabilities Employees and Volunteers of the Everybody Rides programMaintenance Personnel Physical Therapists

  • MarketPrimary Market Riders, trainers, and other employees of the Everybody Rides Program.

    Secondary Market Other therapeutic horseback riding programs and sensory trails.

  • Needs AssessmentStimulate the motor skills of participants.Incorporate sensory stimulus for all participants especially those who are visually-impaired.Help participants understand their surroundings and its features.Projects shall require little maintenance and should be easily accessible to maintenance crews.All projects shall be safe for all ages and abilities.The project component shall not cause a disturbance to all users including humans as well as horses on the trail.

  • Needs Assessment (cont.)Any required electrical energy shall be generated on site using a renewable power source.All project components shall be weatherproof.Constructed stations shall not be easily accessible to small animals. Project components shall not obstruct the pre-existing trail.Anything built shall look as natural as possible.Develop a plan of unfinished projects for future design groups to undertake.

  • Design RequirementsMechanicalAll projects require maintenance less than 3 times annually.Electronics are enclosed in no less than one layer of weatherproofing.All electronic enclosures are screwed shut.All wood is pressure treated and/or sealed with water repellant.ElectricalNo more than 300 mA on any circuits.All power sources must be renewable/rechargeable.AestheticsAll installed objects are off of the beaten path in locations agreed upon by Everybody Rides.All projects external parts are colors or materials found in nature.

  • Design Requirements (cont.)Activity1/3 of devices installed stimulate the motor skills of participants either by using the device itself or by doing as it instructs.100% of devices installed stimulate the sense of hearing when used properly.If all devices are used on the trail:Sense of smell is stimulated at least once.Sense of touch is stimulated at least once.Sense of sight is stimulated beyond the normal level on the trail at least once.At least 4 narrative boxes highlight different aspects of the trail.SafetyAny edges on devices are no sharper than anything found in nature.Load bearing projects have a factor of safety of 2 or higher.No device uses flashing lights.Decibel levels of all installed devices, when used as instructed, do not exceed 85. All open containers intended for storage (baskets, buckets, etc.) have openings of 12 diameter or greater.GeneralPlan includes top 4 ideas not installed on the trail as agreed upon by everybody rides.

  • QFD

  • QFD

  • Assessment of Existing Designs

  • List of Ideas

  • Feasibility5 = most feasible, 1 = least feasible

  • Feasibility5 = most feasible, 1 = least feasible

  • Preference List

  • Feasibility5 = most feasible, 1 = least feasible

  • Selected Projects

  • Narrative Audio BoxesOperation: The hand-crank powered speakers will highlight exceptional nature specimens.

    Playback ButtonSpeakerHand-crank Generator Handle

  • Animal Silhouettes StationOperation: Informative audio clips combine with animal silhouettes to create a matching game

  • Audio Circuit Block Diagram5V Regulator (LM340/LM7800C)2-Watt speaker with 8-ohm impedance

    Charge CircuitRecord/Playback ModuleAmplifierInputOutputGeneratorRectifier/Regulator

  • Operating SpecificationsHand-Crank GeneratorPower Amplifier

  • Charging Circuit ChallengeRechargeable Battery-Advantage: Very Reliable and convenient.-Disadvantage: In case of battery leakage, internal materials may be hazardous to environment.Capacitor-Advantage: Stores voltage over long periods of time.-Disadvantage: Discharges very rapidly on its own.

  • Recording Module

    One button is pushed down to record the message. The LED turns on during this time.The other button just has to be momentarily pressed to replay the message. All you have to add is the speaker and 5V power. Duration of Playback: 20 sec

  • Bamboo ChimesOperation: a giant bamboo chime, that is struck by riders and walkers of the trail, to create a melodic sound.

  • Bamboo ChimesInstallation4 ft. Frost DepthAnchored by Concrete

  • Bamboo ChimesFS: 69.6FS: 19.32 x 4

  • Trail BridgeOperation: Horseback and walking clients will be able to safely cross this bridge where a creek intersects the trail

  • Trail BridgeProperties of Eastern HemlockRelative Humidity Properties Worst Case Humidity: 88% in September ( Content: 21% (from chart in The Wood Handbook) Properties were adjusted:

    Values at 12% obtained from the Wood Handbook

  • Column Buckling AnalysisRESULTS:

    Critical Load = 186940.3 lbs Critical Stress = 5192.8 psi Slender Ratio of Short ColumnEquivalent Length for fixed-fixed supportCritical StressCritical Load

  • Top & Bottom Beam

  • Top BeamBottom BeamSafety Factors

  • Cross Plank & Ramp

  • Center Loading of Cross PlankLeft Loading of Cross PlankSafety Factors

  • Worst Shearing Stress CasesRamp( upper load, closer to middle)FS: 1.47Ramp (middle loading)FS: 1.28Ramp (toward bottom)FS: 1.49

  • Stress Analysis for Bridge

  • Load Analysis of Bridge Joints

  • Solar-Powered Fountain and Pine Cone Bucket

    Cost: $39.97Cost: $39.88

  • Total Cost

  • Future Ideas Packet: Squirrel ChasePull Rope DownSquirrel Moves UpMounted to Tree or PostUser Pulls Rope to Move Squirrel

  • Future Ideas Packet: Woodpecker

    Pull Rope DownBird Rocks ForwardMounted to Tree or PostUser Pulls Rope, Bird Pivots to Hit Wood

  • Future Ideas Packet: Hand Powered AnimalsRotate HandleMounted to PostUser Turns Handle, Animals Bob Up and Down

  • Future Ideas Packet: Water WheelBevel GearsMounted to Post at Waters EdgeUser Turns Handle, Causes Wheel Spin and Splash Water

  • Future AgendaOrder Parts by Week 4Construct Stations by Week 8Test Stations Weeks 8-10Develop Ideas Packet Weeks 8-10

  • AcknowledgementsDr. Elizabeth DeBartolo Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of TechnologyDr. Daniel Phillips Professor of Electrical Engineering at the Rochester Institute of TechnologyBob Brewer Chief Engineer and Department Manager, NTID ITV at the Rochester Institute of TechnologyJeana Sansocie Student of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Rochester Institute of TechnologySue Epstein Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator for Everybody Rides in Newark, NYLisa Williams Riding Instructor for Everybody Rides in Newark, NYJo Anderson Riding Instructor for Everybody Rides in Newark, NYRon Mamroe Barn Manager for Everybody Rides in Newark, NYMark DeCracker Recreational Therapist for Everybody Rides in Newark, NYBob Whitbeck Recreational Therapist for Everybody Rides in Newark, NY

    This material is based upon work supported by the national Science Foundation under Award No. BES-0527358Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.